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For Businesses. Write a Review. They have an extensive interview process and while I was a bit nervous about them not guaranteeing me a date, I actually liked it because I felt like they wouldn't send me on a date to check a box. I tend to be busy with work and I don't have the time to be going on lots of bad dates, so this turned out to be much more aligned with what I was looking for. And things are moving well with someone they introduced me to! Simply Matchmaking is only interested in getting your money. This system does not work as they don't have a strong pool of people that is interested or use their services.

About VIDA.

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I'm a woman, take me to the site for women! Download Your. Do You Qualify? What's your current relationship status? What country are you in?

Previous Next. What city would you like to find dates in? Which city do you live in? What kind of relationship are you seeking? What's your current age? How old are the youngest women you'd like to meet?

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow more. Susan Trombetti, the go-to millionaire matchmaker in Seattle, offers access to upscale and elite singles through personalized, exclusive matchmaking services and relationship coaching. Inquire today, . See why It's Just Lunch is the world's #1 matchmaker and dating service. Our Seattle matchmaking experts provide an enjoyable alternative to online dating websites. Skip to main content Seattle, WA. Get Started ? Chemistry happens face-to-face. It's just lunch. Or maybe the best date of your life. the It's .

How old are the oldest women you'd like to meet? Which of these best describes your current dating situation? What's your current income level?

What's your current income level CAD? What's your current income level GBP? What's your current income level AUD?

Best matchmaking service seattle

If selected as a VIDA client, are you ready to try a unique approach to dating that has been proven to create high-quality matches?

What's the best email address for our matchmaker to reach you? Which 2 or 3 types of men are you most tired of meeting? What would i have done without Matt. He took the time and interest in my life and quickly introduced me to the man I have been seeing for the past 3 years. I never imagined how lucky I could be Simply Matchmaking is everything and more We recently moved back to my hometown of chicago I would see if having the "interview" before giving them money is an option.

For my interview, they asked me to be completely honest - that they would not judge. During my interview there were several times that I felt judged. I was set up on one date by them.

The guy was so off the mark it made it very apparent that they had not listened to a word I said.

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After my membership was over, I got several messages asking if I would like to stay on free of charge - I did not want to be another number so they could say they have such a large database to choose from. I received 5 dates between August and April of before I terminated the service. The 5 first dates which were about months apart each led to zero second dates, which is much worse than I've done on online dating services. Not only were these a waste of my time, but a waste for my matches too not to say that I met their requirements either, but I wouldn't know that and it seemed like I didn't multiple times.

For example before my 2nd date I asked Ali paraphrasing"does she have x and y?

I think for that kind of money all my dates should meet all my preferences and if my preferences were unreasonable or unrealistic Ali should addressed that before taking payment. Also I found 3 of 5 of my matches post date currently active on online dating websites anyways. They seem to be still active as of the time this review was written.

She denied my request stating the non-refundable clause in the contract, which is fine, but in other review responses left here she has also reimbursed members for their remaining matches. I terminated the service anyways. As a young man looking for a serious relationship, Simply Matchmatching has been a godsend! Their services, advice, and insights helped me grow as a person and as a man, and I learned a great many things about dating in general. Beyond just setting up dates, the folk at Simply Matchmaking really do care about each client and finding a good match for each client.

Their interviewing process is very in-depth and thoughtful, and if you open yourself up and really divulge who you are as a person and who you're looking for, then they will work tirelessly to find matches that are right for you. I must give a big shoutout to Ali, Molly and everyone in the team who helped set up the dates and worked ever so patiently with me in both good and difficult times.

I have nothing but great things to say about Simply Matchmaking!

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I'm in a new relationship with a match who I met within his service. I'm excited to see where this leads! The experience was super helpful to me overall and gave me a super boost of confidence moving forward.

Stay away from sketchy online dating sites.

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I would save your money. One of the annoying things that they do is give feedback after the date. Often times my dates would say things that were untrue or make up some story as to why they did not want pursue a second date. Of course Ali bought into all of their stories I believe she is biased towards men and tried to "lecture" me on what I did wrong even though these women weren't being honest. I also found it annoying how she bragged about being married and having a perfect relationship with her husband.

Kinda made me feel like shit. These folks were very eager to interview me and take my money, but now only a few weeks later, they won't even return my emails. They were very clear that they make no promises to actually set up anyone for any dates-and I guess that is what they deliver. Back to the dating apps I had hoped to ditch This is clearly a scam. I feel as if I've really found the perfect partner and cannot thank Ali and Kristin enough for finding the perfect match for me.

I recommend them to literally everyone I know or talk to who are looking for a better, more personalized way of meeting people.

Don't envision myself needing their services again she's the one but if I did I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to them again : Sorry, not for me. I fired Simply Matchmaking with about a month left on my membership. My experience is clearly different from those of other folks. I met a lot of nice people, maybe even connected a couple of times.

But for some reason Ali and company were just not listening to me at all.

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I had some pretty solid "no thank you" preferences that they asked me about and I swear wrote down. The final straw for me was when they set me up with a nice person, but that person was yet again, 2nd time on that solid "no thanks" list. I'm being incredibly vague, I know.

I don't want to offend any of my dates, none of them did anything wrong. I know what works for me and what doesn't. I really do feel like I wasted a great deal of money and time with SM. Your mileage may vary, but obviously I ran out of gas pretty quick.

The Millionaire Matchmaker in Seattle

Also, when I signed up Feb their published pricing scheme was rather deceptive and it looks like it still is. What they won't tell you until you're in the office is that the lowest tier price level isn't available to you unless you're a single woman between the ages of X and Y. Now since they don't list this fact on the website, I can't tell you if that's the case, because they've changed their membership structure.

I have only been with this service a short while, but I have already given up hope that they have a match for me. I paid for the lowest level of service, which has a guaranteed match rate of zero for the year.

So when they matched me with someone within the first week, I was really excited! Alas, I would have rather gone the whole year without a single match than be insulted with whom they did match me. My match was lacking personality, shorter than my average height, obese, unattractively balding, and in possession of appalling manners he didn't even stand up to greet me when I arrived - on time.

I am not a person who is willing to give up their self respect just to date someone with money - I went into this looking for a real match based on compatible personalities and equal levels of attractiveness.

I wanted to take the time to write this review and express my overwhelming pleasure with the outstanding service I received at Simply Matchmaking. Their amazing and heartfelt staff were all so professional, knowledgeable in their field and great fun to work with. Chief and lead matchmakers Ali Migliore and Molly Bales went way beyond my own expectations by providing me with amazing personalized service, support and timely, valuable feedback that added immensely to my own personal growth.

I learned so much about myself and what was truly important to me to find in my mate. And most of all they matched me with the woman of my dreams.

I cannot give a higher recommendation to any company. It was the best decision I ever made and have become their biggest fan. I was told when I joined Simply Matchmaking that I would only be matched with a man whom they felt would suit me. No guarantees of a match but that there were a lot of men on their books in my age range. I am an educated professional woman in my 50's and have a wide variety of interests. I look and act young for my age and I felt I had a chance to meet other professional or non professional men.

Especially since Seattle area is full of single tech men for example. After several months into my one year membership I asked if there was anyone at all for me and was told they only matched me with someone who was a perfect match or not at all.

A while later I was matched with a guy who had nothing in common with me and was a complete mismatch.

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When I asked the company why they put me with such a mismatch I was told that they thought they would try someone totally not a match for a change. They also let it slip that he had been on their books for a long time and they better give him a match. How is that for logic! That was my one and only match for the year. Never heard from them at all until I emailed to ask why I was so unmatchable. The reply was just one long ridiculous excuse.

At the end of my year I voiced my disappointment in their company, and to appease me, I was kindly given the offer for them to keep me on their books indefinitely to be matched at no extra cost.

Two years later not a word from them at all. Simply Matchmaking Loading interface Due to ongoing precautionary measures, please contact the business directly for ated hours and availability. See All We provide men and women who are serious about finding love the stress-free and affordable opportunity to work with an expert matchmaking service.

Chief Matchmaker, Ali, feels everyone deserves a more personal approach to finding love than what dating apps and websites today are able to offer. As most matchmaking fees are too expensive for many professionals to splurge on, Ali wanted to create a dating alternative making it possible for more people to work with an experienced Matchmaker.

Seattle, WA Serving Seattle Area. Edit business info. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Learn more. Share review. Embed review. Comment from Ali W. Business Owner. We are so incredibly happy that you trusted the process so we could help you find your perfect match! We truly enjoyed working with you as much as you enjoyed working with us!

Read more. Thank you so much for being such an awesome client of ours! We appreciate the kind words and positivity you always share!

We are so happy that you found your person and wish you all the best!!!! As you stated, we were VERY honest and transparent with you about our memberships and the fact that we do not guarantee matches in our service. We discuss all of these details before anyone decides they want to sign up with Simply Matchmaking, so that their expectations can be aligned with their experience.

Considered by many to be the best Seattle matchmaker service, Kelleher International specializes in introducing prominent singles, including business executives, millionaires and celebrities. So why .

You interviewed and joined our database with an option to become a full client if that was something you were interested in down the line. This is part of the process we outline and describe to everyone before they make the decision to join Simply Matchmaking. Every single person we have ever worked with is unique and individual, and we think it is important to truly listen and understand them, rather than to take the approach of just sending people on dates for the novelty of it.

We need to listen to both sides for there to be potential for a long-term, successful connection.

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Only when we are convinced that there is the potential for that mutual connection is when our members hear from us to schedule that match. We will not knowingly waste your time or his time scheduling a date just to 'check a box'.

With so many Seattle matchmaking services to choose from, deciding which one is the best fit for you can be as difficult as getting past the "Seattle Freeze". If you want stop being single in Seattle, start with this list of 6 top Seattle . Proudly named the #1 Matchmaker's in the Pacific Northwest by The Best of Western Washington. Proudly named the #1 Matchmaker's in the Pacific Northwest by The Seattle's A List. The Simply . 18 nominees for Best Matchmaker in the Seattle area. Nominees like Sophisticated Matchmaking, Inc., Equally Yoked Christian Singles, Simply Matchmaking.

We are sorry if you feel this transparent approach was a waste for you but we could not have done a better job explaining this to you before you joined. We are a matchmaking company focused on making genuine, quality matches rather than a mass quantity of poor ones.

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We are sorry your experience thus far has not been what you had expectations around. Please know that we will always listen to both sides and will continue searching, screening and interviewing clients and hope to come across your perfect match soon. You joined in June and by December you decided to freeze your membership as you entered into an exclusive relationship with Tsanai, just 5 weeks after our team introduced you to her and then you two continued to date for 9 months.

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We consider that a success over here! We are sorry that the two of you did not work out as a longer term match, but are happy you found love during your time working with us. We are also genuinely happy for you that you have met your current special someone online, that is wonderful to hear.

There are many things in your review we'd like to touch upon and mainly it is that this review should be taken with a grain of salt as it has been written by a client who found love through us but things did not work out long term and we are very sorry that this happens sometimes.

We arrange all dates in our service as just one coffee or one drink so it is quick if you want it to be and not overly expensive for our members to meet one another. Our hearts are very big over here and if anyone told us they were going to a funeral we certainly would add on any additional time for that person. All of our memberships allow for a freeze period as frequently as our clients want and for as long as they want each time and the time DOES get added onto their membership.

Since you joined our service in June of many things have changed in the past 3 years and one of them would be around our membership freeze policy.

All of our memberships allow for a freeze period as frequently as our clients want and for as long as they want each time they freeze and the time DOES get added onto their membership.

We are sorry that you were disappointed with the overall experience, but again are happy that we did successfully find you love and wish you all the very best with your current relationship. Figured I'd post an ate.

My partner of nearly 9 months is moving in Free of charge. Save your money. I joined SM in Jun I went on about 9 first dates with a handful of follow up datesthe last of which turned into a roughly 8-month long relationship. My belief throughout my membership and still today is that, for guys, Simply Matchmaking simply can't offer enough value to justify their membership fees ladies, you pay much less and can partially recoup the cost through your dates, so this ct may be less applicable to you.

I turned to SM to get away from online dating, so my perception of their value is in direct comparison to that. It is, however, very inexpensive. If you look at the negative reviews for the service, they have a consistent theme: clients were routinely matched with people who did not meet their criteria. I experienced this similar frustration for at least half of my matches. In fact, casually polling some of my dates, that was a very common response, so I think that phenomena may be under-reported in the reviews here.

This suggests to me that either SM doesn't really have the broad pool of clients they profess to have they deliberately dodged my question during the initial interviewthat they are deliberately choosing to challenge your expectations of what constitutes a must-have which may be since many of their rebuttals talk about imploring people to keep an open min or that they are matching you because they feel the other party will be very happy with the match even though you won't be after all, they are a client too.

Regardless, I couldn't help but feel that I would have saved a tremendous amount of time, money and frustration had I simply come across their profile online and swiped left. I truly began to regret the word unlimited in my contract. It was presented as a word indicative of value, and it if were unlimited high quality matches it would have been, but it quickly came to represent unlimited potential time wasted, unlimited potential money wasted.

The only ct in which SM was better than online dating was that, at first, I was very happy I didn't need to swipe through a billion profiles like it was a stack of resumes. I was open to the blind date concept on the faith that the matchmaking process would yield better quality matches than I could do on my own. From the preceding paragraph, that clearly didn't happen, and in hindsight, I had no objective reason to expect that it would.

We get to know you How it works. Go on a hand-selected date How it works. Tell us how it went How it works.

Meet Seattle's Own Millionaire Matchmaker, Susan Trombetti

We bring the right people together. Our professional matchmakers love what they do - and that's what makes them great.

Two great people. One great matchmaker.

Professional Matchmaker Seattle

We've been making sparks fly since Our story. Two great people One great matchmaker. You're making us blush. In the news. ConsumerAffairs' highest rated dating service. The It's Just Lunch team is dedicated to you, and this is our commitment to our clients: To guide you through the It's Just Lunch dating process so you can have a fun, successful dating experience.

To understand your relationship goals and work closely with you to achieve them. To work with you to identify and provide you with the types of matches that could be right for you. We will honor your preferences for age, religion, and parental status as we personally select your matches. To only take on those clients we believe we can successfully match-we don't take everyone on as an It's Just Lunch Client.

To quickly respond to your questions and needs. To communicate with you in an open, honest way. To treat you in a caring, sincere, empathetic, and professional manner. To maintain the highest ethical, personal and professional standards possible and follow all applicable laws. In short, if we take you on as a client, we guarantee you will go out on dates!

Its Just Lunch. We'd like to get to know you! Talk with a dating specialist now to start your IJL dating experience.

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