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It may seem awkward to discuss that chlamydia infection you had in college and downright scary to tell your partner about your most recent trip to the doctor, but honesty is the best policy and keeping each other safe should be top priority. A herpes diagnosis may be one of the most difficult to share because the virus never goes away and symptoms can reappear at any point. There is unfortunately a lot of fear and shame surrounding herpes. While we can appreciate the initial shock of being diagnosed with any long-term health issue, we want everyone to understand that having herpes is not the end of the world or even the end of your sex life. Moreover, finding out that your partner has herpes does not have to be the end of your relationship. We think some basic information can go a long way in quelling some of the alarm people frequently have about what, exactly, it means to be with someone who has herpes.

Although individual symptoms depend on your overall health and the strain you carry, for many folks herpes is an uncomfortable initial outbreak and mild recurrences, if any. How did my partners after my diagnosis make the decision of whether or not to sleep with me? Sure, they did some Googling. One talked to his doctor about how it might impact an existing condition he had.

But mostly they looked at me, and thought about the fun, challenging conversations we had, and remembered how gorgeous my thick hair is. In the past I have made room for the discomfort of strangers who do not want to date someone with an STI.

I am afraid of being that ranting feminist with herpes who seems to think herpes is great. Hah hah, herpes is disgusting and hilarious. What a slutty joke.

Dating Someone with HSV 2: How to identify if your partner suffers from HSV-2?

Feminists these days, am I right? Screw that. At the end of the day, STI stigma is a form of prejudice. To you it may seem reasonable, a matter of self-preservation. But to us, it is dehumanizing. But in asking me this question, an actual person with herpes, you are shaming and insulting me in the name of needing help deciding. Yeah, you can read that again. If you are not willing to brave the risk of getting herpes, you are not worth my time.

If my STI is a deal breaker for you, your ignorance and cowardice is a deal breaker for me. One of the most romantic moments of my life was when an old partner told me that I had so thoroughly de-stigmatized herpes for him that he saw contracting from me as an inevitability he chose, rather than a nightmare I should have panic attacks over and although I continued to have said panic attacks, I never did transmit to him. A true partner, a true best friend, accepts all of you. They do not barter or keep score, or make a pros and cons list when it comes to asking you on a third date.

Hi Ella, Thank you for your vulnerability on here. I truly appreciate it. I had such a horrible experience this week. InI was told by a doctor in an email versus a result ugh that I had been exposed to herpes 2 not verbatim I had it. I was with a long term partner. I recently began dating again after 7 years and did the whole sti panel with this partner. He and I touched one another naked, made out, with some saliva exchange obvi.

I then went on to gain more clarity with a doctor that it means i have it. I was in disbelief and angry.

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I get it!!!!! I turned that hate at situation inward and got really depressed and luckily have a great social support group and amazing therapist.

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He and I have since talked and came to more closure which I am so thankful he was open to. I just may not have gotten the closure and would need to forgive myself for an honest mistake. I have a lot of anger at doctors for not being explicit and towards myself for my ignorance. I get it! The rejection sucks!!!!! I mean obviously your story speaks to it. When we are kissing? This process is so new to me so any support and guidance is appreciated.

Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring me to do the same.

Around 75of Americans carry HSV 1 or HSV 2 somewhere on their body. That virus can (but may not) be transmitted to any surface of someone else's body, via physical contact. If it does transmit, there's an 80chance that they won't recognize any symptoms from the infection. Oct 12,   The infection, which is caused by the herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2 viruses and passed via skin-to-skin contact, can show up as a cluster of sores on the mouth area or genitals. It can. Oct 21,   HSV-1 and HSV-2 are spread when cells from infected skin come in contact with either broken skin (like a cut or a sore) or mucous membranes such as the lips or genitals. HSV-1 primarily causes oral herpes - sores on the lips or in the mouth. We sometimes call these cold sores or fever blisters.

I hope this can be healing. Your story has really impacted me for the better and my shame is slowly diminishing.


This was a good, interesting and funny read. Ella, So beautifully well written. I have Herpes 2 and am currently dealing with shame around it. Just gotta say fuck it and move on then! I feel you.

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At a point I stopped divulging my situation until I was sure I could trust my partner with my humiliating reality. I was always careful, never sex when I get that tingling, had to lie on my menses sooo many times.

Someone just broke up with me after 5months of dating. We moved kinda fast but I knew him from my past and thought it was safe to tell him right away. I had already had sex with him when I told him about my condition. He stayed for a few months but eventually left, said he fell in love with me before I told him. I get his position. We just have to be strong and patient. My heart is with you. Risk his life?

Oh please!

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This is the kind of hyperbole we should check them on for the sake of being factual and not allowing ourselves to be demeaned. Your awesome girl.

I really admire youWe need more voices more people to speak about Herpes honestly and openly. Thank you!!!!

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You are amazing. Do you have any more blogs? Thank you a million times over for being the voice we all have, but feel too stigmatized to use. The world needs more people like you. Thank you! I just met a beautiful, amazing girl that makes me truly happy but she shared she contacted herpes as a kid, HSV Your blog reinforce my decision.

Thank you!!!!! This post has really helped me form my decision when it came to dating someone with genital herpes. My head was spinning when I first told to say the least. My girlfriend opened up to me after a month of dating and copious uthefoodlumscatering.comotected sex that she had genital herpes, that she was on suppression medication and that she had not had an outbreak for 3 years.

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I myself have cold sores and to be perfectly honest I definitely did not know as much as I do now about the disease. I thought it to be very very contagious even when dormant. So, she told me and I freaked out.

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I was torn because I do love her and I could see myself spending the rest of my life with her but, even the best laid plans go awry. I would then have to try and find love with an STI which frankly scares a lot of people away. These scenarios are still a possibility but after reading your personal experiences about opening up to potential partners before you slept together has made me feel much better about taking the risk.

In the past I thought I would have ran away from someone who were to tell me this, but in reality it did not phase my attraction to her at all what so ever. Yes I did have questions and concerns but I feel we are closer now than ever and are able to talk about anything without criticism or judgment from each other. I have never experience this type of relationship before and perhaps that is why so many have failed for me in the past.

I care about her deeply and hope to continue to grow our relationship much further. Thank you. But, in reality, it is no big deal. The chances of their having something passed to them from one of these other women is probably better than from me, because I take suppressive drugs and am careful. Good for you for educating yourself!

Dawson, Well written think these and I applaud you for tackling this head on. As a person with HSV1 common cold sore i. Herpes I believe I most likely contracted it from my mother as a child.

I am obsessive about protecting my partners. I would not rule out a partner based on an STI. Your observation about distilling someone down to an infection was spot on. Thank you for taking the time to write this piece it was insightful. I have cold sores to and I afraid talking about it with my partner and on dates. How and when do you tell them about it? Oh, I hate to see you limiting yourself like that! For me I hated that it looked like someone had given me a fat lip.

But I see no more reason to tell someone about cold sores than anything else.

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You know herpes is the virus behind lots of things, right? Chicken pox, shingles. To manage your cold soresask your doctor for a valcyclovir or acyclovir prescription.

It cures them fast. I think the way nick handles his outbreaks makes a lot of sense. I think that in addition to the social stigma, there is this very lizard-brain level fear response to the idea of infection, even outside of a sexual context. That tension and desire to hold my breath I get when I hear some kid coughing in the supermarket.

The visceral horror people have about leprosy, which is also sort of a skin condition. Even the whole genre of zombie movies. Something about contagious disease itself is inherently frightening. To clarify this a bit!

Dating Someone with HSV 2: How Safe It Is?

I also have HSV So does my mom. She got it from kissing family members at a Christmas party. There was nothing remotely sexual about it for me, and most of this was before I even knew what sex was.

I just found the idea of catching something you have for life scary. I later had outbreaks, as an adult. I could have had it from years, from some asymptomatic shedding kiss. But it did upset me a lot at first, and I did feel dirty and tainted. Not sexually, but rather more generally than that.

I felt unfit for even platonic human contact. This was also many years ago and I was pretty ignorant about not only this particular virus and how common it is, but how our bodies in general are full of all kinds of viruses and bacteria and assorted passengers. The microbiome is truly huge and complex: we have more non-human cells than human cells in our bodies.

Many, many microorganisms we encounter in our environment enter us and change us. Some help us, some hurt us, many are entirely neutral.

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We all have microscopic mites living in our pores and on our eyelashes too. And while it upset me to know I had it for life, I also have the chicken pox virus which is another variant of herpes for life-I contracted it before the vaccine existed. Age and experience also taught me that everything changes. Things break, things go wrong.

So many things in my life have turned out for the worse, or left lasting scars. Some of the changes have even been positive, or at least things that eventually brought me somewhere worth going. I understand why a younger me was afraid of change, and why change for the worse was a terrifying concept, but I also see now that herpes or no herpes, change for the worse was inevitable. To change is to live. Most of what we experience we carry with us in some way. But my animal brain is freaking out about the possibility of infection, and sexual desire is a very fickle feeling.

No one wants to get sick, really. I also have eczema, which is a skin condition.

it's not likely you contracted hsv2 from her from 2 encounters. Honestly you are much safer with someone who knows that they are hsv2+ than you are with someone who doesn't get tested to know that they are infected. With 1 out of every adults having hsv2 in the US, it's really not the drawback you are envisioning it to be. grace. Why Should I Date Someone With Herpes? Ella Dawson herpes dating, featured, herpes, herpes stigma, relationships, sexual health 65 Comments Here's another pet peeve of my email inbox: when a man (because it's almost always a man) asks me if he should continue seeing this woman he's been dating who just told him she has herpes. Aug 27,   Mysore says genital herpes can be caused by HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus) or HSV "HSV-1 is most commonly related to cold sores, which a .

The more stigma and shame there is, the more people will be afraid to get testing, and afraid to disclose. They can act on that fear, or they can research and see if their feelings change with more knowledge. And yeah, asking you in particular about it is callous and insensitive.

We all bring our full personhoods to our relationships, and that includes emotions like fear. It is contagious. It can look awkward. But it is a skin condition that comes and goes.

Make the Big Decision. Now, you'll have to decide whether to stay with and continue dating someone with herpes. If you love this person, the decision should be easier.

Dating someone hsv 2

In the grand scheme of relationships, herpes is a "little skin condition". Your love will be more powerful and more meaningful. Love does conquer all. Here's the tough news: if you don't care too much about your new partner, and they have herpes, maybe you might want to end the relationship.

It's a pain to live with herpes and it's not worth contracting the virus for a quick fling or just to get "laid". Make sure that your partner goes on medication. This dramatically reduces the chances of transmission.

Okay, so you think your partner is worth it. And you want to get sexual and intimate. What's next? Make your partner feel comfortable. Take things slow and lovingly. Be careful. Enjoy every little kiss and caress. Breath together. You'll have to do a few simple things sexually to prevent transmission of the virus:.

Enjoy your sex life together. But, there's still that chance of getting the virus if you are dating someone with herpes. Top of Dating Someone With Herpes. Back To Dating With Herpes. Watch me get herpes tested at STDCheck.

Yes, the results were positive. Read my review of Herpes Dating Sites. Been diagnosed with Herpes and need Herpes Support Groups?

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Read More. Watch me get a herpes test to see how easy it is. See how to get a low cost, confidential herpes test in your neighbourhood. I was devastated, this thing just kept getting crazier. I felt so out of control. Happy with Herpes. Helpful advice for diagnosing and living and loving with different types of Herpes virus. Home Do you have Herpes? How you can get Herpes tested.

Continued Finding Help and Support. There are dozens of web sites that provide online support and information for people with herpes. Many feature chat rooms, bulletin boards, treatment. Oct 03,   Dating Someone with HSV 2: How to identify if your partner suffers from HSV-2? The partner may carry certain specific signs and symptoms which may indicate the presence of an HSV-2 infection. The most common sign includes presence of blisters in the genital region.

What Causes Herpes? Dating Someone With Herpes?

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