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Matchmaking is the activity of trying to arrange marriages or relationships between other people. Matchmaking has a long been a tradition in many cultures and countries, the most prominent of which are the Jewish and Irish cultures, though it also played apart in arranging many marriages for Russian peasant in the nineteenth century and for many Chinese individuals up to the modern day. Though the results, or, at least, the desired result, of matchmaking is the same across each of these cultures' and countries' matchmaking traditions, the traditional ways of practicing matchmaking are different. Despite some differences in the traditional practices of matchmaking, the original purpose of matchmaking remains nearly the same across each of these cultures. For those of the middle and lower classes, marriage meant bringing a new source of labor into the family which, for those who were farmers, would help further the families endeavors, or otherwise to help provide care for the family and its household. Matches among the middle and lower class also often sought to provide each family with a some form of social security, which would be attained when the matched couple was married and their families thus bound together.

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