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Hundreds of gallons of rain hits your roof in a mild 1-inch rainstorm and your gutters and downspouts divert it away where it collects in storm drains. Instead of letting all that water go to waste, you can install a rain barrel or multiple barrels to store some of the rain for use during periods of drought. Instead of a downspout that runs to the ground, you can cut the downspout to fit and connect it to the rain barrel. The best downspout to position a rain barrel is one on hard ground and in shade to reduce algae growth. Level the ground under the downspout to make room for the rain barrel. Use shovels to dig out the soil as needed; place a carpenter's level on the ground periodically to check for level. The rain barrel should be positioned about 1 foot out from the house to prevent water from accumulating around the foundation.

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Adding a 4 channel amp is a great idea. Very nice! It means 2 channels are sharing the workload of one speaker between them and therefore and drive it with more power. A 4 channel car amp is basically an expanded version of a 2-channel amp. This saves installation space and makes it easier too.

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