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When I power it on, it hums very loudly. However, when I leave the speaker unplugged from a power source, and just hook up the black and red speaker connections to my receiver, I get no sound from the speaker. The other speaker, the non powered one hooks up to the reciever just fine. I figure I might as well get some use from these instead of just tossing them out. Any ideas?

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In the span of a few years, the iPad has gone from a novelty used to consume music, video, and the web to a device that creates those very things. With the iPad Pro models , it's as powerful as a laptop or a desktop PC. To use the iPad as a PC, pull up the on-screen keyboard and type away. However, if you do a heavy amount of typing, the tactile feel of a real keyboard might be preferable. The most simple and direct approach is to use a wireless keyboard.

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In fact, in a recent study it showed that on average there are 2. So how do you connect multiple TVs to one antenna? To answer this we are going to look at three different ways this can be accomplished:. A splitter is a small device that has been deployed for years to connect and distribute cable, satellite and OTA over-the-air television broadcasts throughout our homes. Splitters come in a multitude of configurations:. This sounds easy right?

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