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Many viewers have their favorite couples on We Got Married. Since starring on the show, some idols or actors are still in a relationship as friends and greet each other when they are meet. Yonghwa invited Seohyun to visit the music studio where he practiced at the FNC building. Their first interaction was quite awkward. Sometimes they both get the same project, so many thought that they were involved in the love of location, but they both denied it and only mentioned that they were friends. They met again in at the GDA Awards.

Their episodes aired from April 7, - July 14, Both succeeded in stealing attention because of their sweet interactions, even though they spoke different languages. They both still managed to establish communication until now, and have become mutual supports in their careers. Even though the couple lives in different countries, Taecyeon and Emma keep on communicating.

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Their marriage ended in January 4,after 36 episodes. There are some who disagree about this couple because they are still very young. Even though there were problems, Taemin and Naeun displayed their funny character as a married couple.

There are still fans supporting this couple for a relationship. Being young makes no reason to know about marriage. On January 11,Wooyoung and Park Se-young met for the first time and they had different jobs. They often did joint activities, such liked cooking.

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Wooyoung was always paying attention to Se-Young, which made fans carried away. The couple was called the 2Young Couple because their names were so similar.

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They wre together for 33 episodes. They look like a real couple because they look mature. Woonyoung and Se-Young are already a married couple.

Dec 15,   #wegotmarried #apink #bomi #kpop #sungjoy #btob #redvelvet. Well maybe they might stay as friends or yes they may be dating secretly No, Jo Jung chi and Jung in got married after they went on the show, but they were . Apr 10,   First Date Of "We Got Married" Virtual Couple Gong Myung & Jung Hye-Sung In a piece of the picture released on December 9, , Jung Hye-Sung appeared in a hat, scarf and glasses, looking shy as she covered her Author: Alvilia.

Jong Hyun is quiet and shy, while Yura is an extrovert and cheerful girl. What made the audience the most infuriated was that Jong Hyun always looked happy every time he was with Yura. Their marriage spanned episodes Even though these two partners have different characteristics, they complement and understand each other.

That was all the information about the couples on We Get Married. Maybe among them have more feelings or not, they are just ordinary people who easily fall in love.

alot of wgm alumni didnt dating after the show, even a lot of them getting married with other people the couple that I suspect dating is Taemin and Naeun LOL level 1. Reality is that we got couples married, dating filipina dating in doha on cheap date. From talking about we got married. Read date your relationship means that were engaged three children. We got married couples dating real life Lena corner meets five couples would date.

Home Entertainment Contact Us. Their relationship lasted for 45 episodes and ended in I always hear discouraging remarks about WGM, that everything is fake.

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