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After all, romance scams essentially originated with Yahoo Messenger and other message boards in the early days of the internet. What makes LinkedIn an idea hunting ground for scammers is that people who use LinkedIn are usually considered trusted sources, so when a user receives a private message he believes that it is legitimate. LinkedIn romance scams usually have very little to do with the fact that it is a site that links together business professionals. The most common way that a LinkedIn romance scam begins is when a user receives a private message or a connection request. In some cases this happens very quickly. All they need is one big fish to stay in production. Shut it down and report it right away.

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Western Australians are again being targeted by what must be one of the most heinous scams to come out of Africa. The Ugandan-based scam attempts to swindle money in the guise of assisting destitute orphans or sick children.

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WA ScamNet and Consumer Protection have previously warned consumers about similar shakedowns emanating from various locations in Africa, with the common theme of these scams being an appeal to people's kind-heartedness and generosity. Hand written letters supposedly from orphaned children in Uganda tell stories of terrible hardship including violence, starvation and death, beseeching the reader to send money in the name of God.

This can be avoided by you who requires the document to ask the processor to present you other than waiting for a ready document even when you are required to present yourself for pick up.

Uganda dating scams

Its common for many old item sellers especially those dealing in used phone and computers to trick people, make them pay and never refund in cases when an item or product stops working and within the guarantee time frame.

M Ltd which never worked for a single day.

Uganda is located within Africa, a country known for elaborate online dating scams (e.g, check out articles on Nigeria, Ghana) throughout the while it is filled with wonderful people, there is always the spoiled seed in the packet. Apr 27, It is so true that Uganda is one country in Africa which is naturally gifted with natural things like lakes, rivers, national parks with animals and birds, landscapes and so many others in addition to the country having many elites and non elites among whom include the consummate scammers and fraud stars who operate both online and offline. Dating site scams This is the most common type of scam in Ghana. The scammer uses a dating site to find potential victims and then uses a fake profile to carry out the scams. The most common websites used include,,,,,, and Facebook.

He returned it and until now months after, he never gotten a refund and nor another working machine apart from the come back tomorrow talk. Facebook is a common market and promotional place for such people so be aware. To stay off from this, you should always ensure that you buy a new item from a real shop not those fake shops around town.

Old and used items are only good when bought from a legitimate seller who can do a refund or exchange a product once it fails to work other than playing around with come back tomorrow or later which will never come.

Always try to be aware and report anything you take to be scam or fraud to the nearest authorities. I am an IT addict who loves playing around with computers and internet. Computers help me try out different things while turning them into reality while the internet powers me stay live online.

Besides computers, I am a project planning and management professional with an Award obtained from MUK, one of the oldest and best Universities in Africa.

Those men alone managed to scam $ million out of people on many big-name dating sites. In the entire year of , authorities have brought over 21, different scams to light, generating almost $ million! While the median loss amount is closer to $2, per person scammed. The Ugandan-based scam attempts to swindle money in the guise of assisting destitute orphans or sick children. WA ScamNet and Consumer Protection have previously warned consumers about similar shakedowns emanating from various locations in Africa, with the common theme of these scams being an appeal to people's kind-heartedness and generosity. Uganda Dating Scams in Things to Know and Protection. How To Spot Online Dating Scams in Top 10 Ways, Things to Know Hello, and Welcome To Romance Scams. Back in , I was scammed by an online "dater" for over $35, and I was heartbroken and almost broke. I created this dating watchdog site to help others like me avoid.

With a passion to Blog, this has helped me create informative content on a range of categories on this site and many others including Hubpages, Medium, Yahooanswers, etc. You can connect with me on TwitterFacebook and Whatsapp so we can talk more! I was victimised in the name of free airtel airtime for a whole month.

Uganda Dating Scams in Things to Know and Protection

I was told to load kyabise and got 75 minutes. They faked me with fake messages nga kati nabitegera.

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Mwana abo abafere ba feke dolla. Fake free mtn airtel and mobile money ongoing scam is common here.

The New Nigerian Scam: Con Artists Finding New Ways To Steal Money - CNBC

I was also tricked and ended up sending mobile money to those scammers who abused me afterwards. Nice info. Scam alert in Uganda ongoing with airtel kika and kyabise promotion. Nevertheless, the victim proceeds to send the money and very likely will never hear from this person again; a double whammy for both heartbreak and loss of money.

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This type of scam involves a person claiming to be a Marine and Military soldiercurrently deployed within Uganda. It will start out as most others do online, using social media or a dating website.

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Initially this individual will claim to have grown a deep love for the victim, also using keywords as we will go over soon. This will all happen rather quickly - within two weeks. Once the scammer thinks that he has groomed this victim well enough and gained their trust, he will explain that he has suddenly been held by Uganda authorities.

A common reason given is not having the proper documents or funds to pass through the territory he is currently in, causing him to be stuck there until he pays a required fee to do so. At this point, he will explain all of this to the victim who has been groomed into a romance trance; and almost every time, the victim falls for the ruse and sends the money. It may not end here, though. This could continue for months, sometimes even years in extreme cases.

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Make sure to watch for grammar too. Most of the US Military service members have at least average English, so if you notice either an overuse of extravagant words or very poor grammar, then you should be suspicious.

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We should also mention that the US Military does not take this sort of stuff lightly - and will take care of this person who is supposedly held captive. Often, online dating scammers forget to strengthen and build up their social media accounts before the fact.

This means that checking it could easily give you the information needed to determine their honesty.

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Lack of structure such as page likes, lack of friends, and poor engagement could mean that this profile was specifically created for you. New accounts are something to watch for as well.

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When you do check, make sure the photo is not connected to more than one name.

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