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If a little sexy time ensues, all the better. Good music sounds even better when you have the chance to hear it outside. Many parks, wineries, zoos, and public spaces host outdoor concerts, so do some research on what your city has to offer when planning the quintessential summer date. Spending time together-while also doing good for others-is a surprisingly strong bonding activity. And in the summertime, there are tons of outdoor opportunities.

Cuties that run together, stay together.

50 FUN and CREATIVE Date Ideas

Cookies are for amateurs. After you get all inspired, come up with a master plan to bake the most extravagant cake EVER. See how it pans out and you'll certainly be LOLing through the whole process.

Summer dating ideas

Nothing is more romantic than a fire, and just because it's summer doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy cuddling by a flickering fire.

Visit your family's fire pit ask your parents if they can set one up for you - it doesn't have to be expensive and sit close under a blanket as you roast marshmallows. If you want to make things interesting, you can also make a fun bet.

Apr 17,   It may not be the most inventive summer date idea, but picnic food is downright delicious. Make your spread as simple or elaborate as you'd like but may we suggest including fresh fruit, cheese. Cute Summer Date Ideas. Road trip to a nearby city for a day. While everyone is vacationing you can pretend you are too for a few hours while catching some new sights and Find the best ice cream shop in your area and pay a visit. Go ice skating on the hottest day of the year, it . Summer Fun Dates With Food. Get the Scoop' Date - Here's another fun and easy ice cream date idea (that doubles as one of our favorite cute summer date ideas!) Hide a Build a Smore - S'mores are the classic summer treat. Make some more s'mores with a fun little game that will help you create.

Loser buys the winner ice cream! Not only is brunch food the best, but it's also perfect for people who like to sleep in on the weekends.

27 Non-Cheesy Summer Dates You'll Both Love

And who knows, it might become your new favorite spot to hang out. But don't take yourself seriously if you're not great at it right away.

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Stick together, support each other, and remember to laugh. But before you go, you should definitely grab food at a restaurant or diner close by. Stadium food and drinks can get pretty pricey.

You two can walk around, take pictures, and learn a bunch about the sea's interesting animals. When you're ready to wrap up, don't forget to grab a souvenir. Not only will you spend quality time with your crush, but you'll also be making a difference in the world. Everything from the rides to the snow cones are amazing. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to get some alone time. If things get awkward, you can laugh about the old man in the purple Speedo.

And since there are a lot of people around, you might feel more comfortable. It might not be the most romantic date, but you'll get exercise and you won't have any awkward or mushy moments! Then offer to start a bonfire together when the sun goes down - it'll give you a good opportunity for some romantic alone time. It's not too hot at night, the tickets are cheaper than movie theaters, and there's always privacy!

It's a great way to get to know a guy! Then you can take a long walk, where hopefully you'll get caught in the rain! The perfect date for animal lovers?

27 Non-Cheesy Summer Dates You'll Both Love

In the mood for an athletic date? Take a surf lesson together.

Spend a lazy weekend morning nibbling on samples of locally grown produce, and then pick up some ingredients to cook up together. Take advantage of it on your next summer date by heading to a rooftop bar and splurging on cocktails. A little bit of wandering, a little of art, maybe a great lunch thrown in the mix?

Gallery-hopping is the perfect plan for a weekend afternoon date. Pick a little, eat a little. Visit a local farm and pick fruit like blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries.

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Look up where the most scenic hikes are located in your area, or just pick a cool new neighborhood to take a long walk around, and pack a picnic lunch. This is self-explanatory: Find the nearest and best outdoor beer garden.

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Catch an outdoor concert. Outdoor concerts are a summer staple - and many of them are freeif Lollapalooza is out of your price range. Drink at a rooftop bar. Eat al fresco.

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Challenge your date to a lawn game. Live out your Heathers or Riverdale dreams with croquet, or give bocce ball a try. See an outdoor movie.

Go camping. Go to the zoo. Go canoeing.

May 29,   1. Go camping. 2. See a movie-outdoors. 3. Go skinny-dipping. 4. Attend an outdoor concert. 5. Volunteer together. 6. Grill it up. 7. Go wine-tasting. 8. Daycation at a hotel pool. 9. Go food truck-hopping. Watch a game. Do some star-gazing. Go boating. Grab a cold treat. May 24,   So rather than just phoning in the whole dating thing, try some of our super creative date ideas specifically for the summer months. And these ideas aren't just pulled out of a hat (aka the internet).Author: Seventeen Magazine. Aug 02,   There's a reason " cuffing season " exists, after all. But there are so many fun summer date options that a summer romance - or a fling - just makes sense. Bonus: it's easier to find a cheap or free date in the summer than it is in the Erika W. Smith.

Ride a rollercoaster. Have a cookout. Show off your grill skills and make some hamburgers or elote.

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Have a picnic. Go to a pool. If the beach is too far, or if you just want to vary it up a bit, hit the high dive or the shallow end at a pool. Go skateboarding or roller skating.

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