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When someone posts one too many selfies or flex pics on their dating profile or talks about themselves constantly during a first date, we might call them a narcissist. But a true narcissist is someone with narcissistic personality disorder NPD. The most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists nine criteria for NPD, but it specifies that someone only needs to meet five of them to clinically qualify as a narcissist. Please avoid diagnosing your partner in conversation. Rather, read on to gain some insight into the health of your relationship. It started as a fairy tale.

This is due to insecurity. Does your date think only his or her school is the best, and require the best car, the best table at the best restaurant, the finest wines, and wear expensive labels, or name drop public figures they know? This may impress you, but will later depress you when you feel ignored or like a prop in their life. This trait is a give-away. A relationship with this person will be painfully one-sided, not a two-way street.

Narcissists are only interested in getting what they want and making the relationship work for them. Hence, they need constant validation, appreciation, and recognition.

They seek this by bragging about themselves and their accomplishments. They may even lie or exaggerate. People who brag are trying to convince themselves and you of their greatness. Narcissists put their needs first. They may manipulate you with flattery, belittling, or threats. Their lack empathy may show when planning a date. Listen to what your dates say about themselves and past relationships. Do they take responsibility or blame other people?

Pay attention if they admit to serious shortcomings, commitment issues, infidelity, criminality, addiction, or abuse. Equally important, notice if you feel anxious or uncomfortable, pressured, controlled, ignored, or belittled. Learn about Dealing with a Narcissist. Darlene Lancer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and expert on relationships and codependency. Lancer has counseled individuals and couples for 28 years and coaches internationally. Psych Central. All rights reserved.

Find help or get online counseling now. Blind Spots When Dating a Narcissist There are unconscious explanations why you might attracted to a narcissist. Here are some reasons why you might not recognize a narcissist: Sexual attraction.

The greater the physical attraction and sexual intensity, the easier it is to ignore red flags. Individuals who can see auras maintain that sexual energy literally obfuscates mental and emotional energy - why lust is blind. Narcissists are skilled manipulators. Some can be quite seductive, and not just sexually. They may be adept listeners and communicators or allure you with, flattery, self-disclosure, and vulnerability - just the opposite of what you might expect from a narcissist.

People with low self-esteem, such as codependents, are more likely to idealize someone they admire. They may be drawn to typical narcissistic traits that they themselves lack, such as power and boldness.

I hope you find the help you need to fight this monster! I nearly got caught! Told me his wife was horrible to him and Oh I am ashamed to admit I believed him. He dumped me 25 years ago out of the blue and it took me 6 years to get over his cruelty. This time it took me 2 days to erase him. In those 25 years I became a doctor and learned all about NPD types.

So when I got with him again I watched him closely. I was on my guard and I cringed at all his love bombing tactics. I challenged him on an issue that hurt me and bang!

He was gone but not before he lambasted my character and made out I was horrible to him. So I sent him the diagnosis of NPD and advised him to get help. Then blocked him from contacting me. I really pity all the people who get caught with this type of sicko. And there is usually no cure as they will never admit they are the problem. Now I can see that his poor wife was probably just another person on his long list of victims.

And what I think made things a bit different is that I never gave in completely because I always had my doubts. My belief is that I became her target because she thought I had money and as my last name is very unusual, confused me for someone with social status. We dated for two weeks before she proposed and I said yes. We got married two months later.

She showered me with gifts, compliments, fliers, etc etc etc. We got an apartment in a fancy neighborhood and at that time I was driving a very recent model European car and she was always showing it off. A year later we moved into a house and she got obsessed on converting it into a magazine- worthy model, which she did at the expense of getting into huge debt for which we fought almost everyday for a long time.

In two years we built a very successful construction business on which at the beginning i handled the administrative part and she handled the operational part but a year later she got sick and I had to learn the trade and take over completely.

It was then that I realized that most of the time she presented herself as the brains of the business and the only owner. We fought for that reason and she said that it was because nobody liked me. She even got the nerve to say that it was thanks to her and that job that I got food in my table to feed myself and my two kids from a previous relationship. It really hit a nerve and started to change my perception about her. Nothing would be good enough for her. Nothing was worthy enough.

I would never work hard enough even when I worked hours a day, I even got called lazy. And after working all that time I was expected to take care of her because she was sick, cook meals, take kids to school, etc. Where I got caught into this relationship was that she was very good to my kids and my family and worked really hard to improve our financial situation, to make everything better for everyone. She always made sure that the kids got some sort of vacation or time away during the summer.

I almost could say that she truly loved us but the disease won her over.

The Expanded Cycle of Narcissistic Abuse

By that time she had already been with someone for 7 months, I found out later. When I told her to stop lying and contacting me she got in a rage. After a few weeks she called crying and told me that wanted to come back, made all the promises she could and sadly, she convinced me and came back home.

I did not believe what she said and did not expected her to change anything but still I tried for a few weeks. Later, I found out that she came back because she needed me to keep working with her and that after he moved back to my house she got back with this lady almost immediately but kept the facade that she was trying to fix things up with me for two more months. Part of what made the decision of leaving her so difficult was that my older son was preparing for his first year of college and she made sure to be present at all times.

She agreed but changed the strategy: this time she started sending me text messages early in the morning, calling me at all times, saying good night, basically being nice. It did not change my plans and finally last Friday I told her that whether she learned or not my part of the business it was my last day at work.

About an hour later apocalypse unfolded. She not only faked the whole fixing things up issue but she had been lying to her current wife. To me she was telling me that she wanted to fix things up, to her wife she was telling her that we had a strictly professional relationship.

Her wife asked me to meet both of them without her knowing to unmask her and so we did. Did I love her?

Yes, with all my heart. Will I ever be the same? Definitely, not. Did I forgive her? I think I did but who I cannot forgive yet is myself. I lost my job, my self esteem, friends my money and myself because of this psychopath. I completely can relate to everything all of you are saying.

I spent 22 years to my Narc,the whole time something always making me feel like I have never been his priority,he was a member of church,very intelligent-engineer,climbed the ladder like a breeze,He got promoted and his job then took him out and town frequently,I had helped him care for both of his parents at their passing, was an amazing stepmom to his older two daughters,treated him like a freaking king.

The two things I have always taken pride in who made a priority is my job as a mother And the other one was, the pride I had and took being a wife. And I have read where if you view guys mentioned you have any friends or anybody else, I wish there was a way we could help each other before the worst really happens.

But if you question yourself as who is the narcissist,You just have to ask him? Did you love that person with everything you were and had and are you the one suffering or have suffered over your heart completely broken and torn apart? He may have been on the receiving end of mine but it was beautiful and amazing the most spectacular and the most wonderful emotion I had ever experienced! Unfortunately people they suck the life out of you,Until they truly get bored with you or they can tell you so you can read them and then they run and find another source, Sad but true.

Bless you all. Greta, I too went through the same exact experince as you 32 years later. It truley breaks my heart seeing her flounder through life.

I can only hope some say there will be a cure. Thank you very much for this article, which describes what I have been going through with incredible accuracy. At first, he was all over me, he kept the conversation going all the time and we had a lot of fun. After a couple of months, he left my apartment after a normal date and literally disappeared from the face of earth.

At the beginning things seemed normal, but after a while he was wishy washy, he even seemed irritated or uninterested at my attempts to contact him, and disappeared for long periods again. He found the way to contact me again and we went back dating in a way that was really nice and fitting for both.

He was so suggestive that he made me believe that there was a way forward and that we would have soon become official. He did so only in words of course, because in practice he was never committed to me.

During what eventually became our last date, we were having a great night and we ended up quite drunk. He asked me for career advice a month later and I agreed to see him.

After that meeting, we only had a brief text conversation initiated by me two days later and then nothing. When we bumped into one another he completely ignored me. I blocked him on all social media, I started therapy and now I am trying to find the strength to move on. And, as you said, he liked me for my external projection, due to the fact that I am generally considered an attractive person and I have a good job in a reputable company.

At first I thought the issue with him was the grief after his previous break up, but now I know that the issue was him. This is a well written overview. Believe me, I Learned the hard way, more than several times in my adult life. Amazing how predictable and exact a romantic relationship with the Narcissist Personality Disordered NPD person relationship phases are described herein.

Keep in mind that genders are interchangeable because relationships with somatic NPD females are essentially the same. It has been said that arguably, the most heart-wrenching element of having a narcissistic partner. Nothing is real. Further, nothing was real.

She makes your memories meaningless. They must always be plotting and scheming to keep the attention going. Often, they fall into the victim role to get what they want when your push back.

They will use the love of their partner to feel sorry for them. They will cheat, lie and regret nothing. These partners blame and project their own insecurities onto their mates as this author states. Narcissists hate to be loved and love to hated.

They are so very cruel during the discard. She gets the greatest NS high during the discard phase when she has more than guy chasing her affections. They are soulless bots with no ability to feel empathy or compassion. End the relationship, go no contact, and never look back. You will get over them, but it takes time.

I am just three weeks after disgard, though I feel now looking back, it was over about three weeks after it started, that was when he strated withrawing. He unfriended me on Facebook, would not respond to texts or answer the phone, refused to take me out after that time, we broke up many times during the 20 months I was seeing him. He would vanish for days, sometimes weeks at a time without warning, he would tell me I imagined thing, misunderstood everything he said or did, misinterpreted things and was crazy and had nutty insecurity.

I kept and keep trying to get him to admit what he did to me, all I would like is a sorry. I know I wont get one, I guess I need to stop. He was in dating sites the whole time he was seeing me, would constantly refere to other women, some from the distant oast some more recently, some even currently. I think he is seeing another, sadly a friend of mine. I read this and it sounds just like the guy I started dating the end of August. It seemed like a red flag. For the 3 weeks we dated he wanted to see me every day and kept wanting me to commit to him.

He was very needy for attention. Then one day he vanished. I was confused how he showed that he loved me in that shirt time to not talking to me at all. So messed up. I have been entangled with a narcissist more than once and every time I think about any of them I am filled with rage so strong my body is on fire.

I finally learned about myself and why I attract such people and then educated myself with anything and everything I could on how these people operate.

think, that

The education I got was so empowering! I can see a narcissist a mile away now, any form of them. No contact is the way to go for sure!

Mar 25,   The relationship cycle typical of extreme narcissistic abuse generally follows a pattern. Individuals in emotionally abusive relationships experience a dizzying whirlwind that includes three. Mar 23,   So if any of these 15 signs that you're dating a narcissist do pop up, please proceed with extreme caution - and remember, from someone . Spotting a narcissist in the early stages of dating isn't as easy as you'd think, which is why so many people end up in relationships with them. Narcissism exists on spectrum; it's possible to have some characteristics of narcissism without having full-blown, clinically .

There is no hope for them, none. You may as well as them to be a foot taller if you ask them to understand you or to change. They can sure try but they can never be a foot taller in reality, it is just how they are. I am no perfect Goddess who has no flaws and does nothing wrong.

Very well written and you certainly have these types sussed. At least you are safe. Imagine all the women who get fooled at stage one. These NPD types should be tattooed with a government health warning as they go around hurting good people.

this rather good

Amazing how predictable and exact a romantic relationship with the Narcissist Personality Disorderd NPD person relationship phases are described herein. Keep in mind that genders are interchagable because relationships with somatic NPD females are essentially the same. Often, they fall into the victim role to get what they want when your push back. Narcissists hate to be loved but love to hated.

The 7 Startling Phases of Loving a Narcissist

They are so very cruel during the the discard. They are souless bots with no ability to feel empathy or compassion. You will get over them but it takes time. What I just read describes my son father down to a Tee! Me too! I just stumbled across this disorder. A divorce group I stay in touch with is having a seminar on this.

But, it got me to look it up. He lavished me with attention before we were married. In hind sight, when we got engaged there were spots of narcissistic behavior and control. I ignored it. I loved him. Twice I thought I was having a nervous break down.

A relationship with a Narcissist always follows three phases, the over-evaluations phase, the devaluation phase and the discard phase. The Over-evaluation Phase. A Narcissist is very careful when choosing a target. Typically, they will choose a victim based on their status. They must be attractive, popular, rich or extremely gifted in some area. Nov 07,   Dating is fun. Dating is also scary and unclear and worrisome and magical and lovely and unique and delightful. There are so many different stages of dating to experience before the partnership stage, and even then, you get to enter whole new relationship stages that each bring their own unique challenges and benefits. Sep 10,   Hi guys, it's been a while since I have posted an article. I have been busy working on my novel but that's hopefully done now. I think that understanding the phases of recovery from a relationship with a narcissist is really important for everyone who is on this painful journey.

Of course the weight gain made me feel it was my fault. He could talk circles around me. Always made me feel like I was a little girl being punished by the principal.

If I did try to defend myself, he would shut down and retreat back into the silent tantrum. All I wanted to do was make it better so I would profusely apologize.

I could go on and on. I have now been separated for over 2 years. I love him. We have 3 grown children together. Now, he seems to be nicer to me. I thought maybe he sees what he missed out on and is remorseful. Five years ago I met this wonderful woman - she was 18 at the time and I was We got together and started a relationship with each other. She was well and truly my everything and from the first few months in, we had started talking about our life together, marriage, kids etc.

She had a pretty horrible upbringing, no father in the picture and a step father who she hated, who hated her and would constantly argue, manipulate and be abusive to her mother. Her mother was very much the same, she would manipulate and fight back and also not be very nice to my girlfriend at the time. When she was about 4, her mother took her to a hotel where she was having an affair with another man.

Fast forward a few years and it just kept getting worse. Her relationship with her mother was always on and off, her mother would belittle her and basically held a sword over her at all times. She lived with us for about three years - during that time we had our ups and downs I just thought that was the normal part of a relationship.

We went away and I proposed to her and we started planning our wedding. We then decided to hold off on the wedding and buy a house.

A year ago we bought a beautiful little cottage and after moving in we bought a puppy, a few months later and things started to go slightly awry - my father is an alcoholic and I work in our family business - it causes me a lot of stress at times but I do love my job.

Anyway, she started to become a lot more mean to me, she was extremely critical and controlling and would lay any relationship issue at my feet, citing that it was all my fault. About three months ago we had a row over absolutely nothing and she got up, walked out and stayed at her friends for two nights.

She then came back and basically said she was going.

Stages of dating a narcissist

I was a wreck, I begged and pleaded with her to stay, she said that no amount of therapy would fix me and I was destined to be depressed for the rest of my life ouch. She left the house and then about three hours later text me and said she wanted to come back.

She came home and then a week later, it happened again. The abuse started - she would text me horrible things, ring me and belittle me and dig away at what little self esteem I had left. It honestly took me to point where I wanted to kill myself and was seriously considering it. Everyone told me being away from her was the right thing, but the way she had been had throughout our relationship had made me doubt every decision I made and would always have to run stuff by her.

It was like being stabbed in the heart. Throughout the contact we had after the breakup, despite her being so hideously horrible to me, I still maintained that I loved her and that we could sort this and fix things I thought it was all my fault - I told her I would do anything.

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I later found out that she had left the house hoping I would come and fight for her, she sat there every night expecting me to fight for her.

She knew exactly how I felt - I honestly would have died for her. Fast forward two months into our breakup and I made the mistake of giving in to one of her late evening phone calls crying and telling me she missed me and wanted to see me.

I went to her new apartment that she lives in with friends and we slept together. I felt anxious the entire night. The next day we met up and spent the day together, she came back to our home and spent the night again, I felt incredibly anxious and spent most of the time crying to her about how depressed I was - I can honestly say I have no clue why I kept crying in front of her.

I think I was so scared of her leaving again. The next evening I stayed at hers and she told me that I needed to fix myself and then we could work on the relationship I felt anxious and worried and so under pressure that I needed to fix myself to save us. The next morning I woke up in her bed with her and burst into tears. She kept texting away on her phone. I have decided that the best thing to do is nothing.

I will not reply. I have been working with a therapist over the past few months and let me tell you this, she has literally saved my life. As hard as it is, as much as I still love her and think about her every second of every day, as much as I miss our wonderful sex life and our home together, I know that if I go back to her, I truly will be signing my own death warrant.

Except for the gender of our perspective mates, you have told half of my story. I have been on a anxiety riddled, non-compassionate existence, longing to be heard, held and understood by my boyfriend for years. The words he strings together for maximum humiliation has rendered me to thoughts of suicide at times. But I am better than that. To NO avail. Last month, I came in to some extra cash. He was here standing on the porch. I have begged him to leave, he refuses. So, now I employ the gray rock method of silence.

I pray I gain the courage to end this facade of a relationship. Good luck in your search for a worthy relationship. Hi there! I read your story and i am happy that you made a way to go out from that abusive relationship.

I can relate to that i am living with narcissists myself. My husband gives so little for our children but would give a lot more to his mother financial manipulation a situation i can no longer take.

Think about your kids think about how would u feel if god forbid that happened to them. Now that is an emotional roller coaster. Glad you made the decision to let go.

Oh God I couldnt bare to read your entry without cringing cause thats kinda how my ex husband was like. I have always had a lot of spunk but over the years he eventually drained me and I had nothing left but the sad, pitiful emotional me.

I finally called it quits but because we have a 3 year old together I still have to unfortunately deal with him. I wish i didnt. I started playing bass guitar again, started gardening and going out doing things independently like i use to do before him. I cant believe that over 18 years he made me lose my self confidence and independence cause he made me fear that if i did anything without him I couldnt handle it.

Well im happy to say Im handeling quite well except i loathe the days we have to meet or talk because just like the article he pretends like nothing has happens, calls me babe, texts sexually innapproprite things and having to see him is like going to war.

After the meeting im exhausted from warding off mind fuckery. Now I hear he might go to jail for something. Hey man, I was with my gf for 9 months only, and it felt as though you litery described our relationship perfectly.

What a world I did not know of sorry for my english. The first 4 months were a dream, I felt hypnotised but did not realize it at that time. Now When I look back that first oeriod was too good to be true, and it was. We were so in love and it was like just the two of us in this world.

There were some red flags he does not have ANY friends, did drink too much alcohol and I felt something was off but I good not get my head around it. If only I knew what I know now. Thank God for the internet. After this period I siad goodbye to him that morning, he telling me he would miss me so much he sent me a text saying that this is not going wel huh?

I got dumped because of something I said the night before. Ofcourse that was total bs but he was acyually goining in fase two againif I just would have known! At that time I was totally shell shocked.

The Stages Of A Relationship With A Narcissist. There are three predictable relationship stages with most narcissists, borderlines, histrionics or sociopaths: Idealize, Devalue and Discard. Eleanor Payson describes this extremely well in The Wizard of Oz and other Narcissists. First, there is the idealization stage in which you can do no wrong. Stages to comes it when narcissism and narcissist a dating about talk will video This woman! narcissist a Dating Attractive be must They popular, Typically, area some in gifted extremely or rich phases, three follows always Narcissist a with relationship A Phase Over-evaluation The target a choosing when careful very is Narcissist A status their on based victim a choose will they phase. Oct 05,   According to life coach Wendy Powell , this can be an excellent way to discourage narcissists from dating you as well. In addition, it can reveal her 'true self' more quickly, whether in a relationship or friendship. A female narcissist's response to .

I did not eat or sleep and cried for days. Then he took me back and forgave me! I did some fine trauma bounding there but at that time I told myself he was just afraid of giving himself and it was going to be OK.

The next months was sort of ok but he changed and I wondered who he really was because he seemed to have more personalities. He seemed jalous of me having a lot of could friends and was saying bad things about them. After 7 months of his unstable behaviour I found out he is having a second child with someone. I confronted him with this and he immediately discarded me.

He told me I should have supported him immediately instead of accusing him. He totally turned tables, he lied to me for a year about this child bit I was being not supportive. I am ashamed to say that I appologized for my bad reaction that is how low my selfesteem already was. After two months we got back together again.

The same pattern showed it self and I started looking om the internet about personality disorders and that is was is saving me now. He discarded me again after he believed I was cheating om him bit now when he tries to return I now what he really is. An empty shell.

I have therapy to recover from this terrible mindfuckpersona. Thank you all for sharing because I really felt utterly alone in this situation which appaerently not so uncommon. I think mine dragged out the overvaluation stage for one pertinent reason; I was NOT interested at first for a variety of reasons, one being I was not ready to date due to issues in my life, the other was I was not attracted, the final being that there were red flags from the start to the level of her interest in me.

So slowly I acquiesced to the constant pressure to have a relationship most of which was her disregarding my repeated entreaties to stop pressuring me as I was trying to get my life back together before I could commit to a relationship. I expected, as a normal person would have, that in weeks she would reach out, apologize, and if not ask for me back at least explain that she freaked out when she got what she wanted and ran but still cared for me as much as she said. That is a normal response, no?

Not realizing I was dealing with a narcissist. And in reply to my email I got a generic pat on the head? That I could not wrap my head around until I found out what I had been dealing with. But I did get sucked into believing I had a relationship with someone who valued and cared for me for the first time in years and did have a connection so having it ripped from my life and finding out it never meant anything was hard indeed. She can return to what turns out to be a string of highly abusive relationships in her past emotional, sexual, physicial and repeat the cycle.

I refuse to. I start to see as I read more how I was just on the cusp of the overvaluation stage into the devaluation stage. I agreed to but came to my senses when i was about to lay down with her after pleasing her for hours and left, returning the key to her doorman. A red flag in a sea of red flags. She assured me they did to her as well, she just needed to be asked officially to be a girlfriend?

Clearly in her mind it way more see below. Rapid Cycle Overvaluation? It worked for a few weeks as I had not opened up to anyone for a long time, but as I said in my letter to her what I am taking from it is that my heart is open. She can live inside that hideous twisted labrynth on her own and clearly she will for eternity.

I too have been in an addictive type relationship, on and off for 12 years. I am in the throw away part right now. I am taking advice to stay away, go no contact. This is difficult as i am a forever type person, who believes in possibilities, and forgiveness. Thanks o a wonderful marriage counselor who forsaw the recent split coming down main st.

Learning to not be a codependent is my new goal. It is not easy. Showing love and caring for someone can go hand in hand. The difficulty grows as age and medical problems begins to creeps into ones life. I have had a small stroke. I also have seizures, related to multiple back operations. I did feel like i was being used, like a throw away item to be discarded,unwanted, unloved. My best wishes of many thanks to all who write here.

This is a wonderful place to learn and to see first hand what others and self are going through. Thank you all. Thank you for writing this article. You hit all the pertinent points, I can see clearly now. I met her online around 10 years ago. We texted all the time. We talked all the time.

Eventually, for reasons that always eluded me, she just stops talking as much. Always busy. Always an excuse.

So she goes cold. Inevitably she hits me up X months later on. Never says a word about the prior engagement, even if I bring up things that happened and want to talk about. She agrees with every word I say. She loves talking to me. And goes cold again. This last time was very troubling and depressing for me. I am stupid and start talking to her again, thinking she might have changed. So it begins again. We text all the time. We talk on the phone all the time.

She says she loves me - well, at least when I tell her first, she agrees with it. As we have not met in person prior to this, I suggest we do, and she agrees. She agrees and does so - at least, she tells me she does. So, we meet, and seem to get along fine.

When I fly back home, she and I continue to talk for a while and even plan to meet again after a month or so, this time in my city.

Hours long convos at night. Always has an excuse. The more I try to talk to her, the more distant she becomes. I walk on egg shells. I try in vain to get an answer, a response, anything, which only gets me silence. I apologize. I still get nothing from her. I closed my email account after this last time and blocked her number so she cannot hit me up again. All I wanted was to be with her and make her happy. I should have known about the gigantic red flag from the start - the mere fact that she always comes back to me, despite being in a relationship already for numerous years.

The fact that she always wants to be in control and that everything needs to be her way. This sounds like my exact situation Is this woman from Texas?!

Torture, but is I that need to stop drinking from the poisoned well. I had been there maybe a few months when I notice a woman walking toward me, I had never seen this woman before, I know people laugh but it was like cupid had actually shot me through the heart, I walked by her and my heart was literally pounding and felt like it was going to burst through my chest, as she walked by not even noticing me I stopped and turned to look as she now walked away, I thought is she visiting?

Not long after she came to work at the same branch as me, now normally I would have just left it at that and for my part I did, however I could not get this woman out of my mind and it was like she had thrown a hook in me and I was done for.

I did get to know her and work with her from time to time but I never ever let on about my feelings, fast forward a few years and we both find ourselves working within the same office, actually opposite each other. So here I am now so close to this woman I had admired for so long and she is basically telling me she is unhappily married also saying at some point when the children are older she will leave him for a new life and close enough with me now to discuss her unhappiness and her longing and need for a loving man to share her life and give her the happiness she craves and it seemed I had peeked her interest as she had also started to heavily flirt with me, so I am now evaluating my own circumstances of the distance relationship to which my partner found it difficult to remain faithful and now the game had changed and here was the woman of my dreams giving me the signals that she wanted me or at least the flirting indicated she wanted me physically and have me wondering does she see me as the man who can make her long term dreams come true.

Although she has no formal education other than basic secondary school ed, she is quite a clever and can take to and complete her tasks both professionally and to a competent level. In all this time I never complained or put her under pressure to leave him as he had quite a temper and could turn moods at the blink of an eye and no matter who iin over 3 years she has never admitted to being in the wrong and has therefore never apologised for anything she is never at fault for anything and she has a way of blaming me and believe it or not making me feel guilty and doing all the apologising.

I immediately forgot all about what happened earlier and my heart over ruled my head and I believed her, she said she she was only flirting with him to take the heat of us, and yes you guessed it I swallowed the lot. And so the relationship continued with evidence cropping up from time to time that she was still in contact with him even after he left to go back to his original branch, she eventually took another job but insisted we stay in the relationship but this is were things really got bad, she hardly ever came to see me and the phone calls, video calls both chat and sexy stopped, the horny texts and loving txts stopped, said she was too busy in new job then I find she has been having cybersex with an ex colleague, this caused a break-up for a few weeks in which time I ACTUALLY TOOK THE BLAME FOR and ended up the one begging to give us another chance, the contact with me stopped yet she found time to have cybersex with this guy?

I already knew that my aunt has NPD but reading this made me realize that I was in a relationship for many years with someone who has NPD. My self-esteem was quite high when I met him. It was dragging the ground by the end of our relationship. I thought I was targeted because of low self-esteem. Reading this article let me know that it was the opposite. Thank yo so much! Thank you. I will not be a victim!!!! I always thought I knew what narcissist was but thought it was self-love on a rather banal level.

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Until one day my daughter called my husband a narcissist while speaking to me. I looked it up and found many articles on NPD. I was floored as it is my husband to a tee. He is also a pot addict. I cannot say this article follows our situation exactlythe discard phase is different. I want to leave. He bombards me with texts, never accepting responsibility for any problems. I am called every name in the book, shamed and embarrassed constantly.

The way I was raised, the way my children were raised, that I am a liar I am notthat I am this that and the otherand I am not. He has walked a close walk with physical violence. I have left for a day or three a couple of times now.

I go back because it is easier than dealing with his constant texts and arguing. My friends would see some of his texts and warn me not to marry him. I thought they were not the normal and blew them off as a one-off here or there. He tells me I waste money I rarely spend on myself and once lit a dollar bill to make a point and threw it at me. Of course he claims he did not throw it at me and I was stupid for standing there like I would expect such a thing to ever occur.

As usual, my fault. He has me begging God every night to take me, please. I cannot stand this any longer. I have two adult daughters both happily married and 6 grandchildren.

I too have described him as a Jekyll and Hyde. I have said he turns on a dime his moods. She told me when I moved in with him that she would keep a room for me if I needed a break. I should have seen that as a red-flag; instead I saw it as an odd statement. I am 58 and know now that I am old, ugly, disgusting, unloveable, a liaryou name it.

Even my own family hates me he has told me. Everything in the world is my fault. I make twice as much money as he does. His mom buys his groceries and his mom gives him money every month. She seems caring about me but then he tells her his bitches and she becomes appalled at me. And his bitches are distorted. I cannot stand it anymore. I called a domestic violence hotline and they told me that for him it is about control.

They said in these cases it can rapidly escalate into violence. Am I strong enough to leave? I am tryingbut I remember how he used to be for the first two years I knew him and we were just friends. The two since marriagea nightmare. I cannot please him. I iron his clothes for work for him and he complains about the color of shirt I chose.

I can never do enough or be enough. I am sick at heart. My kids want me to leave. My mom wants me to leave.

I just want to die in peace. If he calls you a liar, it is HE who is the liar. There is so much more. This is the only way to make the break from him Change your number, move to an undisclosed location, and do not allow him into your life.

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Get away. That was after a quick phase 1 and into phase 2. Luckilyi was aware of narcistic traitsbut not NPD and did some research which saved my day! I re-read these articles to keep it fresh. This is what my son dad tells me. This man is never wrong about nothing. He definitely dont mind revisiting past relationships. I know I cannot go back to him. He uses our son as an excuse to get to me. I am so thankful to know what he really is now.

I personally suggest meditation, meeting the few honest friends you might still have and doing the 5 tibetan rites whenever you have 20 minutes by yourself, once a day. Be courageous and leave. Its never too late. Start by planning a safe place to move to then move away suddenly.

Get a protection order and all legal help you can. Get a proper divorce straight away. Always seen my mum be a victim like this and never been able to accept it. This is the kind of situation which can seriously end in a murder.

I also have wanted to just die and get it over, make it stop. How can anyone human being be so crule and less? He just absolutely does not care. I am scared that if I let them make him leave and not come back he will come in the night and set fire to my home which he has threatened or do something to my car, or come in and hurt me bad or worse. Everyday is like walking on eggshells. It is not as easy as just making him leave as I mentioned.

It seems like there is no hope. I feel what was written is a story about me and my partner. I was with him for 39 years and separated from him 3 years ago. It did take me a long time to feel confident and happy again. I am new getting on with my life and enjoying it.

Thank you for writing this piece as it explains a lot to me. It was a year yesterday since our reunion in the UK after 30 years living separate lives. This anniversary had me once again thinking about him constantly, but I am resolved to stay strong and not make contact. It helps that I have suspected he is actually doing the same to another woman, who just happens to be another old school friend, I have noticed a similar pattern on Facebook to the one he used with me.

I am definitely doing better thanks to counseling and also anti depressants. There has been a seismic shift in my happiness with my life and a part of me is always going to love him, despite what he did to me.

My advice to others is look after yourselves, Take the time to heal but you should probably expect he will never fully recover from such a blow by someone you have loved so hard. Found your site a couple of months ago and have been absorbing tons of information that has helped me a lot.

My narc encounter was 31 years ago. Started with meeting at our workplace and relationship to marriage of 4 years. When she ended it the what did I do wrong was so overwhelming that was the hardest part still to this day but after reading I understand better. You must remember back then no internet search!!!! I went to the library and found a book on called coping with shyness and in the back was a description of narcissism behavior and then things she said and did fell more into line giving me some solace.

I never had the blaming and shaming part but the false image and entitlement ,grandiose postering were all evident. It also brought out a instance she asked me while we were passing windows showing our reflection she asked if I liked seeing my reflection in the windows?

I did not think much of it at the time but after knowing more what a red flag. At the end the discard was quick and heartless my downfall was not wanting to be out at clubs and needing to be at the gym 4 days a week, silly me I wanted to start a marriage not just have a wedding. To further verify my situation the person she moved onto was quickly douped as well convinced to move across country to be with her only to be devalued and discarded as well. The reason I know is that he called me looking for advise.

His sister and I were friends and she told him the best way to get through a minefield was to follow someone who made it through. I guess it must have looked like I made it through. I really thought I had until 2 months ago when I had to call her to tell her a former boss had died, this person was also a grade and high school personal fried of her father and I wanted him to know the day of the visitation.

It was no contact for 27 years and just the sound of the voice brought back the immense pain and emotion that I thought was put behind long ago. I should also add the fact that I had remarried and have 2 great children with a wonderful caring woman but it seems like having this much pain form hearing a voice from that long ago only shows that they take somethings from you that is hard or impossible to replace.

I guess my situation was better than others her view is to not look back when it comes to relationships so the no contact part fairly easy. In searching for her phone listing the internet shows quite a train wreck of a life many jobs second husband bankruptcies another divorce second husband earns 2 DUI charges in 14 months and is deceased one year later.

Since that she has another husband being subjected to devaluation and most likely discard. I have read on other sites also about the great damage that narcs inflict on their partners and i totally sympathize with the women who are subjected to the male counterpart but the woman who uses her tools to this end are quite manipulative and leave long lasting damage.

Frankly I blame her mother for the way she isI think she was the 3rd child that was unwanted and a inconvenience to her plan. She also is a unemotional person. Hopefully more people will become educated about the signs of this and these people are left to the lonely existence they deserve but technology feeds them with the never-ending selfie and other apps and sites promoting self absorbing activity.

Knowledge is power over these people and more need the knowledge about what to look for and understanding the damage that they will do and how to avoid it. Thank you for helping people. I am a gay man who is currently and unfortunately living with the narcissist I broke up with only 3 weeks ago.

Nov 27,   If you're in the early stages of "exclusively" dating a narcissist, you might notice that he or she tends to disappear often without a word or cancels plans last minute (or makes plans with. I don't know what the official stages are. I can only tell you my story. A year and a half before we officially split he stopped being affectionate in any way and he stopped sleeping with me in our bed. No matter how much I begged or pleaded for h. Jan 29,   Closing the stages of a relationship with a narcissist is your new-found addiction. You now have developed the need to satisfy every demand of your narcissist partner like a form of addiction that you can't rid yourself of. You no longer see your relationship as it is - a parasitic one.

His growing coldness and contempt - all while insisting he was committed and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me - became too much to handle. I finally realized that it was a waste of time trying to recapture his initial feelings for me. All sexual contact ceased - reflecting on our sex life, I realized that he had never once initiated sexual contact with me, or told me I was attractive or paid me any other compliment, for that matter.

He listened blankly, and off he went. If anyone is in danger, it is me. Learning about NPD and its victims has been a tremendous comfort and restoration to sanity. I am shopping for a therapist to get over the obliteration of my self-confidence, and to discover why I am attracted to such destructive charmers.

I fell in love with mine and it was heaven until things went down hill. So fast i went to jail and it took them one month to totally fall in love with someone else. It floored me.

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How does that happen? I know right? His mother told me he was a narcisstic socialpath, its too bad at that time I had no idea what she was talking about. I do now. I cannot believe how much this sounds like my ex.

Its as if I read my whole relationship written here. When i bought up issues he would turn it on me and say it was my fault and get angry at me for no reason. He stopped being attentive. So in the end after feeling like i wasnt enough I ended it when he again turns it on me I asked him to fight for me he told me i had made the decision and that I should stand by it if I could break it off I should be willing to be able to do it.

I still have to collect my things from him and have immense feelings for the guy I thought he was in the intital phase. It hurts so much. I too have had a relationship with a Narcissist. We met and the conversation was endless, how much good he has done in the past present and in the future, how he was wronged by so many women and he was heart broken. The daily communication was out of this world the lovely texts and the wonderful promises of having a loving long life together.

In the end, he lied to me about a few things, still took him back, he was abusive when he exploded at the end of our relationship, still took him back, he ran my name through the mud and I still took him back. He wanted things done his way, not really at the beginning but towards the end it was all his way. And it was always me who had the issues, I was insecure, I was crazy, I needed mental help.

He had a lot of women in the picture, where he said they were just friends or just talking on sites and not to worry. But I was just another notch on his board. But he did hurt me and alot. I took the time to rebuild myself and got to a state where I thought I could handle communication with himof course, he was on my mindbut he reeled me in again and did what hes done from day one.

I had no idea that I was dealing with someone like this till my therapist told me. I was talking to a guy for 2 years. He rarely took me places or bought be things, and never heard him tell me I was pretty or nice etc. After asking him recently if he was interested in talking to or seeing other girls, he said no, but recently discovered he was seeking out other women behind my back.

I confronted him with this information and he could have cared less. I was blind. My friends saw it but I was in love. He did everything to me that this article states. I am disappointed in myself that I allowed a man to do this to me. Red flag number one, he told me he was a master manipulator when we first started dating.

I should have ran. But I stayed for a year and a half. I lost who I was, I lost my voice. I was scared to ever say anything to upset him.

If I did I got the silent treatment. He asked me if I would let go of my best friend of 20 years for him. He wanted me to move away from my family, kids and soon grand babies due tomorrow. He was never wrong. If I confronted him by the end of the conversation I was confused and apologizing for suggesting he was wrong. I gave everything in fear he was going to leave me. Slowly over the last few months he stopped responding to text, barley called. I saw him 3 days in 6 weeks.

I have not had one friend sorry that he is gone.

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They are all truly sorry that I am hurting but all saw the signs. I blocked him every way possible. And I truly feel better after reading so much the last few days.

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