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As a follow up to my recent article, How to Spot and Get Rid of an Energy Vampire , there were some requests from people wanting to know if they in fact where one of these creatures. Energy vampires are people who lower the vibration of others. That would suck. You might be an energy vampire if. An opinion that does not empower someone is an energetic attack on that person. You complain endlessly about your problems When you manage to get someone on the phone to talk to you, or someone to dine with, what comes out of your mouth? Do you share the good news and positive things going on in your life or do you drive right over to complaint city and pick up a six pack of grievances to share with your friend?

They are negative thinkers and they complain about everything.

Signs Someone Is An Energy Vampire

They are very powerful in their negative thinking. Even sometimes to the point of being overbearing. Negative people like to be argumentative, and they love to bring people down to their level, or bring other peoples vibration down. They same way in which negative people become very apparent on your radar, when you begin to raise your vibration. Positive people are also very much on the radar of negative people, so if you are positive or becoming enlightened, or more spiritual, you will stand out to them, making them uncomfortable.

How To Know if You Are an Energy Vampire

Since they are also very aware of any mismatched vibrations, they pride themselves on being able to bring other people down to their level or vibration. This may not be something that they say verbally, but internally this is something they seek and strive for. It makes them feel more comfortable. This is similar to number one, however, instead of being overbearing, they have more of a victim undertone.

Everyone has felt this way on occasion, and experiencing these emotions from time to time is totally, and completely normal.

Nov 14,   The last energy vampire I interacted with made me uncomfortable after telling me how much she liked me as a person. To be clear, this isn't my Author: Rosey Baker. Oct 07,   An energy vampire is someone who is so entrenched in survival, victim conversations and just all around negative thought processes that are not healthy for them and for the people around them. As a follow up to my recent article, How to Spot and Get Rid of an Energy Vampire, there were some requests from people wanting to know if they in fact where one of these creatures. Energy vampires are people who lower the vibration of others. In other words, they're an emotional drain, a buzz kill, and are usually avoided if possible.

However, what I am talking about are people who chronically feel this way, with only brief bouts of happiness. These people are not hard to spot; in fact, you probably can name all of the people you know like this in under a minute. Now granted some of these people do need to be on medication, or need professional help. But others do not. They are just cranky, needy people!

7 Signs Your Partner May Not Be Emotionally Complex

They do not think there is anything wrong with them, and make this behavior a lifestyle. These types of people will most likely never change, even when you sit down and try and help them find a way out. You must always be there holding their hand, telling them that things will be okay, guiding them towards the right direction.

They are incredibly draining and frustrating to deal with, because they are also very deceiving. They appear to be a little bit better, and they express eternal gratitude for you having helped them. So you leave their presence, feeling like you did a really good deed for the day.

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When you were not around, they went right back to square one. So you start over again, trying to guide them towards a better life again. Because, this is who they are, a better life is unreachable.

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You cannot, and will not, ever be able to help someone in this situation. They need to find it within themselves to want to make a change in their life and you cannot do it for them, it has to be an internal wish.

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These types of people tend to be very comfortable where they are at in life, we are just uncomfortable watching them stay there. This is no joke.

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People many times resist with all of their might moving out of their comfort zone, and this is a comfort zone for some people. Do you share the good news and positive things going on in your life or do you drive right over to complaint city and pick up a six pack of grievances to share with your friend?

He asked me to stay late one day this week to finish something that I was supposed to have done earlier.

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What does he expect? And when I asked for a raise, do you know what he said? If your friend is nodding politely while desperately ordering a third martini, you might be an energy vampire.

Aug 26,   10 Secret Ways To Crush An Energy Vampire - Duration: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) , views. 5 Signs That Tell You're Not Upper-class! - Duration: Author: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).

Think back over your interactions with others and see if you use others as a complaint department. If so, try to see the bright side of your life and only share that which is empowering to you.

It can turn your life around and save your friend from a life of alcoholism. Ever hear something like this coming out of your mouth? No one even stopped to help me.

This is terrible. How long do you think your friends will be willing to do that when you drain them so badly? You can ask your friends for help, but you must accept their help. You wield guilt like a weapon of mass destruction A Jewish man calls his mother in Florida.

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And that my friends is how you wield guilt like a weapon of mass destruction. If you seek to lower someone to the vibration of shame or guilt, on purpose, you are engaging in energy vampirism. If you need someone to feel guilty so that you can feel good or justified then you are using emotional manipulation to take energy from others.

If you want to make a point there are other ways. What do you say?

Signs youre dating an energy vampire

Is the government out to get us? Is the economy going to hell in a hand basket? What do you think? Are they always complaint sessions? If this is the case, try to look at the bright side and talk about things that are empowering for both you and your friend.

Most of us like to use guilt as a weapon to get what we want. If you do this all the time, people around you may feel as if you are taking away energy from them.

If you need to make others feel guilty so you can justify what you do, feel good about yourself or achieve a certain goal, then you are using a form of emotional manipulation that takes out energy from other people. Do you throw pity parties all the time?

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Ever get into a fight with your significant other and post less-than vivid details about it on social media, making you appear like the martyr? Do you regularly talk about unfortunate events in your life and overplay it, waiting for people to jump in and tell you how they feel sorry for you and how everything will be okay? Playing the victim is basically asking other people to lift you up by using their own energy.

How long do you think can people continue to do that before they feel drained? It is okay to ask friends for help from time to time, and when they do offer help, you must accept that. Many energy vampires think of themselves as stars of their own show. A sign that you are one is that you always make everything about you.

Conversations with friends always end up with your experience, your life, your dog, your cat, your work. You spend countless minutes about what you did, what you would do, what you think is right, without giving the others the chance to share.

With this, they end up nodding their heads, finding it difficult to enter your one sided monologues.

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