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We all live on our own schedule. Ideally, it would be nice if everyone accommodated our own schedules, but in reality , not everyone we meet will have the same sleeping schedule as us. It is especially difficult to keep adjusting your schedule when you are living with a person who seems to be in a separate time zone than you are. Even though opposites supposedly attract, having different sleeping schedules could be a deal breaker for some people. Actually, any meal is problematic. As a morning person, you will most likely eat breakfast alone because your partner is going to be sleeping till lunch.

Sure, most people are cranky at in the morning, but not you!

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Cancer, your mood tends to change with the time of the day, when you feel most awake early in the morning and more tired as the day goes on as it should be, too. Your mood can also change depending on what the weather is like that day, with sunshine making you happier than rain.

Night owl dating an early bird

Not only do you have about 20 alarms set every morning, Virgo, but you also have a TON of reminders and calendar events on your phone. While you might hate yourself for waking up every day at AM sharp, you have a schedule to keep and coffee will help fuel you and keep you awake.

As a methodical person, it makes sense that you would want to stick to your early morning yoga classes so you can get to the office on time.

Jul 24, Whether you are an early bird or a night owl may not only determine when you prefer to sleep- it can also affect your personality and quality of life. And it looks like night owls may have it. Mar 13, Night owls were found to be shy and sarcastic, more likely to use Instagram and to believe in ghosts and cryptids. They were also more likely to be single, whereas early birds Author: SWNS. Every person belongs to a certain "chronotype", or sleeping pattern. This chronotype is often linked to certain cts of your personality. Take the quiz to see if you're a night owl or an early bird! Every person belongs to a certain "chronotype", or sleeping pattern.

You like being an early bird not because you like getting up early, but because you like cramming as much into your day as possible And also because by the time the sun goes down, you have to drag yourself into bed. You like waking up early and getting the day started as soon as possible, but you also like that every day is a new day. Pretty deep, huh?

Bonus points when you wake up early and do something worthwhile like buy a friend coffee or take a long walk.

You LOVE experiencing new things in life, Scorpio, and nighttime feels like a totally different kind of world to you.

"The human clock is about 24 hours, thanks to Earth's hour light-dark cycle," Sharkey says. "But some people have a slightly longer natural cycle, and some are slightly shorter.". If your circadian rhythm is on the long side, you're more likely to be a night owl. If it runs short, you're probably an early riser. Nov 19, Being an early bird or a night owl is more than just preferring to wake up early or stay up late, it might have something to do with your zodiac sign. At least that's what the science of astrology Author: Emily Ratay. It turns out that there may be bigger differences between Early Birds and Night Owls than just the time they go to sleep. A new study reveals that bedtime might also be linked to relationship.

Your entire workweek could be boring and predictable, but you live for the weekends when you can let loose and have fun with friends. What you love most about being a night owl is meeting new people and exploring new places. That might be a new nightclub that just opened up or just a trip to Taco Bell at 2 a. You also love being able to put on some music, uncork some wine, and get dressed with friends as you prepare for the night ahead.

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You also feel like the only interesting and fun things happen at night, and nothing good ever really happens during the day especially at work. So, you opt for the next best thing, which is to party all night and sleep in at a reasonable time.

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Capricorn, you're an early bird for the simple fact that it's responsible. You don't really see the point of sleeping in late and staying out all night when you're trying to be a grown-up.

Night Owls Become Early Risers LIFE/CHANGE

Plus, how are you supposed to wow everyone at work if you can barely keep your eyes open, right? Another reason you're an early bird is because it makes you feel like you're "adulting" correctly. By leaving behind that old you and being the adult you have to be because being an adult isn't always funyou feel more mature.

Early birds were more likely to be light sleepers and always feel well-rested in the morning.

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They were also more likely to identify as clean and organized, and it shows - early birds were more likely to make their bed in the morning than night owls. They were also more likely to dream, and to always remember their dreams upon waking. Night owls, on the other hand, were more likely to have trouble falling asleep, and then perhaps unsurprisingly, were less likely to report high-quality sleep.

On the subject of sleep, early birds were also more likely to talk, snore and move around in their sleep, and were also more likely to prefer sleeping with music on or window open. On the other hand, night owls were more likely to prefer having a fan on, and enjoyed sleeping with a pet or a significant other in the bed with them.

Night owls and early birds have different personality traits

In the study, researchers looked at the lifestyles and personality traits of Spanish psychology students from two universities. The subjects ranged in age from 18 to 32 and included slightly more women than men.

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So where do these differences between night owls and early birds stem from? There are two possible explanations, the researchers said.

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One is that people's genes play a role in determining their circadian rhythm - the inner clock that regulates sleep and other physiological processes. Study author Ana Adan at the University of Barcelona told CBS News in an email that "several studies have linked different circadian rhythm genes with the development of mood disorders, schizophrenia and drug consumption.

Larks and owls

Another possible explanation is related to so-called "social jet lag," which is a term used to describe the lack of synchronization which can occur between a person's biological clock and the society around them, Adan said. And if evening types struggle to adapt to this kind of schedule, they may develop symptoms of depression and anxietyAdan said.

Evening-type men in the study were more likely to suffer from mental disorders than evening-type women, which surprised the researchers, Adan said.

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