Share my daughter is dating my best friends son and too

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Too many times people confuse narcissism with ordinary abusive behaviour or someone with an inflated ego. A true narcissist is cruel beyond comprehension and can cause immeasurable emotional and physical damage. They will stop at nothing to control their victim and that could include death. By saying things like: I would never have stayed, I would have seen he was an asshole a mile off, he was attracted to your co-dependency, etc No one knows what it is like to be manipulated by a narcissist unless they have been there. Withdrawing your support is giving the narcissist exactly what they want - total control over their victim and makes the victim dependent on the narcissist and reinforces what the narcissist is telling them; that they the narcissist is the only one they can rely on, the only one who truly loves them and that they are flawed in some way, why else would someone they cared about turn their back on them?

My daughter is dating my best friends son

What has helped your children adapt? Michelle is a life coach specializing in eating disorders. You can read more about her practice at her website and follow her Unlock Your Possibility blog.

Follow her on twitter and Facebook. Your email address will not be published. I love how she encourages her children to be responsible for their relationship with their father.

I believe this is good for both sides. And thankfully, her ex is a man who respects what his children have to say. Great point T. This way she teaching her children how to self-advocate - a very important life skill. I can so relate to all of this.

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My FH former husband started dating his girlfriend two weeks after I moved out. They are still together and my daughter - who is 18 - has really bonded with her and her family. She seems like a great person and so I hope the relationship lastshowever, I certainly have had some feelings about how quickly he moved into a new relationship and how that affected my daughter.

I know initially my daughter was feeling badly for me and guilty that she liked the new girlfriend. You just have to put your feelings aside and do what is right for your childrennot always easy but the best behavior will always win in the long run! The dating other people that you endorse, on the other hand, would more likely lead to pairings based on looks or physical chemistry vs.

And I also get that a relationship between your kids could someday strain you and Kate. But this thing is happening, like it or not, and so trying to stop it will only backfire on you, possibly hurting your friendship with Kate more than the romance itself would have, certainly damaging your relationship with your daughter, and most likely having the ironic effect of stoking this romantic fire.

Treat him and the romance as I hope you would any other: Give them warmth, reasonable limits and whatever leeway their behavior warrants. Re: Colorado: I don't understand how the risks of irresponsible dating are significantly different for boys than girls.

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Yes, the girl can get pregnant. But I would be as concerned about a young son impregnating his girlfriend as I would if I were the girl's mother.

Of all of the double standards, this one galls me the most. Dear Anonymous: Often it's the fear of the effects of the double standard, which, of course helps perpetuate the double standard. Re: Colorado: Put it this way: If you wanted to be able to vet any of your daughter's boyfriends, is there anyone you'd have more info on than Kate's son? As far as "the risks of irresponsible dating" go, is her dating Kate's son any worse than dating a boy you don't know?

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Dear Anonymous 2: Well, the risk to her friendship is greater, but that's Colorado's problem, not her daughter's. Catch up on North Texas' vibrant arts and culture community, delivered every Monday.

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By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. And, I found out from the school that they had to call protective services and his dad for constant threats of suicide. Lately she will text and then rages.

I want to tell her something. I will text a message but then I end up not sending it due to I fear it will be twisted and I will get more raging. Thank you all for listening. Most days I want to give up, some days I can rationalize and know that this is happening because of what she is experiencing with both of them abusing each other and his father in denial, and other days I have no clue as what to do or think. Patty, my deep apologies for my slow reply. My life has gotten so busy I find it hard to keep up with the blog these days.

You and your husband have done all you can do. To try and make your son see the truth would only drive your son away. He us in denial, clinging to the fantasy of what he thinks he has found and transferring blame to you and your husband in hopes of finding happiness that has become elusive.

At this point all you and your husband can do is speak your truth and protect yourselves. I have had a similar situation with my own son and what I did was say my peace and then left it in his hands.

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Example conversation went something like this. I took them aside and said. If he is fine with being disrespected by a woman that is his choice.

But when I am present it becomes my business. When I am disrespected, it is my business and I must do what I feel comfortable with.

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I will not allow my son to be disrespected in my presence and I most certainly will not allow anyone to disrespect me. If my son has issues with me, he can talk to me in a respectful way and I will always listen and will always love and support my son.

I can not tell him how to live his life though. Then I dropped it. I never mentioned it again. My son thanked me for speaking up on his behalf and gave me a hug but he did what he wanted.

Later he came to me with complaints about her and I gave my honest opinion. He has a child with her so she is still in his life to some degree and he is terribly forgiving. I give my honest advice ONLY when asked and bite my tongue in between times.

Apr 16,   My daughter and I are dating a father and son. I feel like I am in a horribly-written daytime soap opera. Several of my friends think this is . Nov 25,   So dating a friend's daughter is a big no no, if you want to lose your friends then by all means go for it but the relationship will never last anyway so it wouldnt be worth the damage you will cause to your friendship, and the relationship between father and daughter. Oct 22,   Dear Carolyn: My friend Kate and I have known each other for years. After essentially growing up together, Kate's year-old son and my year-old daughter have become interested in each other.

I only address issues that concern me directly and draw a very clear line when it comes to disrespect. My son is not your son of course but my son has never made plans with me and not followed through but your husband was well within his rights to voice that he was upset your son cancelled their plans. Only address issues that directly concern you. I have continued to invite him to things like Christmas etc and if she comes I have gifts for her, I welcome her as I would any guest in my home.

I speak my truth about MY feelings.

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That way no one can argue with me. You can not tell me how I should feel about anything. My feelings are my feelings, my boundaries are my boundaries. They are mine. You can not argue with his and what he is willing to take or not take. You have to find your own happiness and it can not be reliant on his happiness. You have to find a way to let it go.

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It is not easy to stand by and watch your child be abused but he has to come to the realization on his own. Hugs to you and your husband.

Is it ok to date a friend's daughter?

We are convinced he is projecting his miserable life onto us as he has twisted facts to serve his own agenda. His excuses are nonsensical and blatantly false, so much so that it would be easy to disprove, but why bother. His objective is to win and take no prisoners. Were we blind to this all his life?

I frequently checked the bottom of his email to see if it was his name attached to what we were reading. Not once, ever have we called out his covert-aggressive-manipulative-narcissistic wife on her behavior.

We expect respect and we will always reciprocate.

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Life without little human pawns is truly peaceful. The supreme irony here is that you actually sound like the problem. You need to get in there first and start your smear campaign in order to rally the troops. The fact that you have several other narcissists replying to and feeding this madness is quite tragic. The worst narcissists on earth are the mothers. Please go get some help. We have been through the same.

My brother married a narcissist and it ruined our beautiful family. My mother is losing her health because of this situation. Sounds like the exact same story. Lies lies lies. His idea of who we were and are is completely distorted.

Let me know if you ever get a tip on how to help your son. I enjoyed going to your webiste. I leave comments rarely, but you definately deserve a thumbs up!

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My Teen Daughter is Dating My Son's Best Friend The boundaries in my family are confusing. Posted Aug 18, A couple times my daughter's N has sent me awful, hateful texts - me, not my husband who has been the one to state the boundaries, like "you shouldn't be on our property when we get home." I feel like he sees me are his adversary, because I am the one connecting with my daughter the most and having an influence on her.

This is very helpful for me. So sorry there are other parents dealing with this. I have a daughter living with one and l am trying to educate myself on helping her for not only her sake but my two granddaughters that are living this hell.

He recently tried to isolate me,which almost worked because she said things to me that no mother should hear! I was ready to throw my hands up as painful as it would have been,but l started to research and pray for God to lead me to some understanding. Thank you for sharing your experiences and ways you found to deal with them.

I will never let her down,or my granddaughters. They are my life and he will not scare me away! Never realized how they can manipulate and control things to go their way! I never knew these demons existed because l always tried to see the good in othersno more!

Because men get involved with female narcs who are just as manipulative and dangerous as the male versions You have to walk a fine line, maintaining contact while having your personal boundaries. You have to live your life also and it is difficult. Come here for support when you feel like throwing your hands up. I never knew these soul vampires existed either until I got involved with one.

The best reaction with a narcissist is no reaction at all. Deadpan, one word responses, unemotional. Good luck. She is expecting his baby in Aug. He seems to be working on the next discard, which I hope is bad enough that she will finally see his true colors! I am praying for the latter. I really need help understanding what I need to do to support my gf who was in a relationship with a narcissist. I have met her ex who decided to randomally come over and she let him in a long with his friend.

She was clearly not herself and allowed him to take control of her and myself. He tried everything to bash me and get me to lash out at him. I did nothing even though he put his hands on me. She stood there and did nothing.

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I understand that she cares for him still and that she was protecting him her kids. The main thing is she becomes a whole different person when he comes around. Our relationship will be fine for weeks on end then it get ruined by him. She states she needs closure but im worried she will run back to him when they are alone. I know I have no control over who she chooses.

Mar 07,   One of the times I blew up at my ex was right after he went public with his relationship. He told me on a Friday that they were together, and then on Saturday, my daughter had plans to go to the movies with this friend, and I was under the understanding that the mother was picking them up and taking them to the movies. Dear Dr. G, I have boy/girl twins.I'm having a bit of a trouble with my daughter dating her brother's best friend in which I have accepted like my own son. The thing is I love this kid as my very. Apr 18,   I Found My Daughter's SECRET PHONE and What I Found Will SHOCK YOU!! Best Friends Forever DaPandaGirl 1, views. I Caught my Son LYING using my new SECURITY CAMERAS.

Also she tends to blackout mentally and just the other day she was telling another guy a supposed friend that she wanted to kiss him and that I her bf was crazy. We supposedly resolved it and I forgave her and I am giving her another chance. I have a big heart and a lot of patience and it can only be taken so far. Someone please help me to understand what I need to do.

Can someone help me explain what happened? I dated a guy who has a wife who is a narc - his was kind of separated living in different house in the same property for a few years with her keep coming to his side to bugged him. She had asked for a divorce - but when he already prepared the papers and when she realized what then impact financially and what and that she has a competitor aka me - the reason why he want divorce she flipped - she wanted him back and put a crazy campaign that confused him, He put our relationship on hold but promised to be friends.

Then he cut me off completely and block me from all connections.

DATING MY BEST FRIEND FOR 24 HOURS (w/ MyLifeAsEva) - Brent Rivera

Within 6 months of dating him, she accidentally fell pregnant to him. She had two children to her first husband, who walked out on her after the birth of their second child. Two years later, whilst I was working away at the time, she began dating her now narcissistic husband. When he asked her to abort the pregnancy, she refused.

Near the end of the pregnancy he asked her to marry him. I only met him on a handful of occasions prior to the birth of their first child. By this time, both myself and my mum could see him for who he was and begged her not to marry him. He would put her down and say it was a joke, as they do! I fought with him continually about the way he treated her and her two children. The last argument I had with him was 12 years ago, when she came to me and begged me to find a way of getting along with him, because he is the father of her child, and she refuses to have another failed marriage.

She begged me to do it for the kids. I reluctantly agreed for her sake. I did everything the books tell you to do!

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