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Like with most sports, there are some gorgeous athletes competing in the world of mixed martial arts. MMA fighters have great bodies and lucky for us, some of them like to share it with the world. And not just fighters, even ring girls too. We think after going through this compelling list of some of the biggest UFC stars who have stripped down to pretty much nothing, that Google searches should be in order. Leah is a model, actress, and television personality.

There's no word as to when we can expect to see Robb competing again. She may get handed another loss, but will look very pretty doing it. Goodwin is a 23 year-old Invicta prospect with a ton of upside. She is a considered a submission fighter and displayed a lot of potential in her three amateur fights, winning two by submission.

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She will be a force to be reckoned with if she can sharpen up her striking game and utilize her reach advantage. There were a lot of eyes on Goodwin when she made her Invicta debut this past November, but her opponent, Kelly McGill, was having none of it as she won a dominant decision. No disrespect to the vet Esparza, who is still a heck of a fighter, but Joanna way easier to just write her first name winning the belt is the best thing for the division going forward.

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There's a shortage of "personality's" in the UFC right now and Jedrzejczyk provides plenty of it. Her trash talk leading up to the Esparza fight was very entertaining and it also paid dividends in the fight, as she clearly got in her head. She also is constantly sporting a cheeky smirk, as if she's up to something.

Joanna might have some company atop of the of the Straweight division as this hottie is certainly making a case for herself.

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Look for Joe Silva to give this 24 year old prospect from Moscow a step up in competition next time out and expect her to be up to the challenge. While women's MMA is new to the UFC, Ovchynnikova is considered a grizzled vet in this sport, boasting a record, eight of those wins by way of submission. Torres might be the most underrated fighter in the UFC's Straweight division. She has taken down some major names so far in her young career.

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She's also one of the most underrated looking women in women's MMA. It completely flies under the radar that she's beaten the three fighters named above and that she's within striking distance in the looks department. Jessica Penne is tough.

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The word "tough" is overused in this sport but if you witnessed her three round war with champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk, you would certainly concur with that assessment. She definitely went out on her shield as she slugged it out with the champ, ultimately getting TKO'ed in the 3rd round.

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Penne is a veteran of the sport and has taken her fair share of damage, but still sports a pretty face. At 5 foot 1 and pounds, to steal a line from Rachel from Friends : "she's so cute! You could fit her right in your little pocket!

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Since then, she's sputtered a bit, dropping three fights in a row. She's only 27 and still has a lot of potential, but it will be tough for her to end up in the UFC at some pointm as they have no plans to add an Atomweight division.

The 10 Hottest MMA Fighter Wives and Girlfriends

Felice may never be the queen of the Straweight division but she is the undisputed queen of "the selfie. While a lot of the women that have been named so far like to fly under the radar, Herrig is the exact opposite. On The Ultimate Fighter last year, she'd either deliberately walk away from the camera's so they would get a good shot of her rear-end or the camera guy was creepy and would follow her around. If it was the latter, Herrig seemed to welcome it!

Mma fighters dating celebrities

Poor Cat has had it rough over the last two years. First, she blew out her knee and was forced to pull out of her title fight with Ronda Rousey and ultimately had to give up her coaching spot on The Ultimate Fighter to Miesha Tate. Her Husband Mauricio Zingano then committed suicide, which made her absence even more prolonged. When she finally got her title shot against Rousey, she was steamrolled in 14 seconds.

All this aside, Cat is very She does not have a Barbie approach like Felice Herrig either, they call her "Alpha" for a reason.

Sep 30,   10 MMA Stars Who Dated A Celebrity. By. ideal career path to be a success on the dating scene, but there's plenty of evidence out . Sep 30,   10 MMA Stars Who Dated A Celebrity. By. Ross Cole MMA fan Lovato off as it was revealed in August that the two are currently dating. News, Muay Thai and mixed martial arts from around. Top 20 Hottest Women in MMA | TheSportster.

This addition was borderline because she hasn't competed in two years, but we'll let it slide. There's been a few Gracie's lately that have made underwhelming debuts.

May 07,   Four female MMA fighters, three of which currently fight for the UFC, have become the latest targets of the online nude photo leaks that have been happening for months. Angela Magana, Tecia Torres, Raquel Pennington, and Jessamyn Duke are the newest victims in a series of x-rated web leaks of famous female athletes. Promoted Content. In recent years, there have been several MMA standouts who have been romantically linked to some very high-profile celebrities. In many cases, the . Six UFC Stars Who Posed Naked for Magazines By Atilano Diaz. Like with most sports, there are some gorgeous athletes competing in the world of mixed martial arts. MMA fighters have great bodies and lucky for us, some of them like to share it .

Kyra was looking to break that trend but unfortunately her MMA debut has been pushed back because she took some time off to become a mom. Gracie draws a lot of similarities to current champ, Ronda Rousey, due to the fact that they both mastered one art Rousey with Judo, Gracie with Jiu-Jitsu and won at an international level before entering the sport of MMA.

Considering her family name, looks and most of all, fighting pedigree, Gracie has all that it takes to be a star. You could consider Cummins a freelance fighter, as she's fought for different promotions in all of her professional fights. She's been impressive of late as well, as she's won three of her last four and she may be close to a shot in the UFC. Standing at 5'9", she has a very impressive frame for the Bantamweight division and could make an impact.

She's also got a body that resembles a super model's rather than a fighter Everyone keep your eyes on the screen as the ravishing Michelle Waterson makes her first walk to the UFC octagon this Saturday night.

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But then avert your eyes to the beat down that will take place as poor Angela Magana has been selected to be the sacrificial lamb for Waterson's first bout.

Waterson is an Invicta veteran and boasts a record. Only two of those 12 wins have gone to the judges scorecards Magana, on the other hand, was far from impressive on The Ultimate Fighter and didn't look great at the Finale, as she lost a decision to Tecia Torres. She's as cute as a button and he's just hilarious. Leah is a model, actress, and television personality.

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She came to fame at years old when the UFC signed her as an Octagon girl. Apart from her UFC stint however, Leah has also appeared in numerous magazines. In however, Leah gave in and went full Hollywood, posing nude for Playboy. The MMA chick bared it all in a photoshoot where else?

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In the cage. It was a good twist of art for what normally would be a place where fighters throw down. For a day at the very least, the cage was the backdrop for a stunning nude shoot.

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