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And that guidance was not affected by the White House action last week. Bob Jones University and Liberty University, both conservative private institutions, have codified prohibitions on transgender identities and sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage of the Christian variety. And while many religious colleges since have secured partial Title IX waivers from the U. Department of Education - citing religious freedom as a reason to ignore cts of the Obama administration LGBT guidance - neither Bob Jones nor Liberty has pursued that option. Liberty University and its president, Jerry Falwell Jr.

Congress should be consulted in determining what constitutes a violation of Title IX. The department has limited enforcement options for any Title IX violation by a college. As a result, the political "win" for an administration comes in issuing a guidance document, or rescinding one, said Alexander Holt, a policy analyst for New America's education policy program.


Enforcement, however, is much trickier. But both Obama and the religious schools seem to have calculated that a legal fight was a bad idea," he said via email. For the schools, my guess would be that in a world of declining enrollment for privates, strict exclusion is not financially viable.

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So better for everyone to keep their decrees while treating enforcement quite differently. Plenty of federal aid dollars flow to the two universities.

Liberty is one of the largest online degree providers in the nation, according to federal data, enrolling more than 94, students online and 15, at its campus in Lynchburg, Va.

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Bob Jones, which is located in Greenville, S. Liberty President Falwell, an early Trump supporter, had a prominent speaking slot at the convention and says he will lead a White House task force on higher education, with a purview that remains unclear. Critics, however, said the White House was unfairly attacking religious colleges with its guidelines. Despite the controversy and uncertainty about whether the guidelines would hold up if challenged, several religiously affiliated colleges decided not to take any chances.

George Fox University was one of the first. The Christian college, which is located in Oregon, was granted a waiver to discriminate against a transgender student by denying him the housing he requested.

No Dancing or Kissing at Liberty University By Josh Glasstetter | May 11, pm [ This is part of a series of posts on Liberty University's student handbook, "The Liberty Way," which governs what students can say, do, read, and watch - both on and off campus - and sets out a regimen of reprimands and fines for violators ]. Liberty University requires all unmarried students under the age of 21 to live on campus. On-campus residents must be currently enrolled in a residential program . Feb 27,   Students and alumni have accused both universities of being unwelcoming to gay and transgender students, although perhaps more so for students at the smaller Bob Jones, which has previously acknowledged that its policies "forbid homosexuality" and until had barred interracial dating. Liberty University and its president, Jerry Falwell.

Other colleges quickly followed with exemptions to cts of Title IX that the new guidance covered. Several experts said they were aware of no cases where a request from a college had been rejected.

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Gay rights groups have fought the department on exemptions. Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride, which advocates on behalf of gay, lesbian and transgender students, has called it "extremely problematic" for federal-aid-eligible colleges to get exemptions that allow them to punish transgender and gay students for simply being who they are.

Campus Pride, with help from congressional Democrats, successfully pushed the department to publicly post its correspondence with colleges over religious exemptions to Title IX.

Title IX Enforcement and LGBT Students

As the fight played out over the last couple years, some accused gay rights groups and the department under President Obama of unfairly attacking Christian colleges. For example, Andrew T. Liberty and Bob Jones both have received federal waivers. Liberty requested its waiver a few months before the department released its guidelines.

Last year Bob Jones requested an exemptionwhich the department granted.

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The university requires that its president and other administrators be ordained preachers. Likewise, under the waiver Bob Jones may require that preachers who speak on campus be men. Bob Jones lost its nothefoodlumscatering.comofit tax exemption after the U. Internal Revenue Service in found that it was practicing racial discrimination with a ban on interracial dating.

May 25,   Surprises from Liberty University: What I Learned as an Undercover Evangelical 06/05/ am ET ated May 25, When I stepped on to the campus of Liberty University for my first day as a new transfer student, I thought I knew what I . Aug 07,   Why Liberty University is requiring its students to attend a Bernie Sanders speech Interracial dating was briefly banned (by it . Last week, students at Liberty University arrived on campus for the fall semester and found that their conservative Christian school-the , evangelical powerhouse that was started by Rev. Jerry Falwell and has become a routine campaign stop for GOP candidates like Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush-had turned into a den of sin.

After a long court battle, the U. Supreme Court in upheld the IRS's decision. Bob Jones dropped the dating ban in and later apologized for practicing racial discrimination. It became eligible to receive federal financial aid in and just announced plans to regain its tax exemption in March. Camille Kaminski Lewis is a Bob Jones alumna and former faculty member at the university. Lewis last worked at the university in At Liberty, Falwell in recent years has pushed back on perceptions of anti-gay bias.


Be the first to know. I remember opening my first Creationist Biology exam to find the question: "True or False: Noah's Ark was large enough to accommodate various species of dinosaurs.

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He suggested that they could have been teenage dinosaurs, so as to take up less space. Also troubling was Liberty's extreme social and political conservatism, which made for classroom lessons like "The Consequences of Immoral Sex" and textbook chapters like "Myths Behind the Homosexual Agenda.

A few surprises were strange but harmless.

Liberty university interracial dating rules

I'm thinking of my spring break mission trip to Daytona Beach, Florida, where a group of Liberty students and I tried and mostly failed to convert drunken coeds to Christianity. Or when I paid a visit to "Every Man's Battle," Liberty's on-campus support group for chronic masturbators. Insert your own "hands-on research" joke here.

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But many - maybe even most - of the surprises I encountered at Liberty were much more pleasant. For starters, I learned that my stereotypes about evangelical college students - that they were all knuckle-dragging ideologues who spent their free time writing angry letters to the ACLU - were almost entirely wrong.

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Far from crazy, the friends I made at Liberty were some of the warmest, funniest, most intellectually curious college students I've ever met. After a few weeks of frantic acclimation to life in the dorms aided by a Christian self-help book, 30 Days to Taming Your Tonguethat helped me kick my cursing habitI began to fit in on my hall, and I found that Liberty students had a lot of the same day-to-day anxieties as my friends back at Brown. They gossiped about girls, complained about their homework, and worried about their post-graduation plans.

Many even doubted their faith. I was also surprised to learn that Liberty's strict religious discipline can actually be a good thing. I've always assumed that college students and freewheeling social climates went hand-in-hand, but most of the students I met were thankful for Liberty's rules. A sociologist named Margarita Mooney has shown that college students who attend regular religious services report being happier, more diligent, and more satisfied with their college experience than students who practice no religion.

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I still don't consider myself an evangelical Christian, but I can understand now what millions of Christian college students see in faith-based education, and why Liberty's enrollment has grown at a rate that few colleges, secular or religious, have ever matched.

Since the book came out, I've taken some heat from people who have argued that, by going to Liberty with an open mind, I was turning a blind eye to intolerance - or worse, that I'd been brainwashed by my time under Rev. Falwell's tutelage.

But no community is all bad, and to dismiss Liberty as a place of wall-to-wall insanity is to reduce it, and the evangelical movement that birthed it, to a lazy caricature.

Liberty university interracial dating - How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and seek you. Oct 30,   Liberty, the largest Christian university in the world, has relaxed its rules this semester to give its students more freedom. AD The university has simplified the Liberty Way, its code of conduct. Sep 13,   Jerry Falwell Jr., and the allegations against him, explained Why one of the best-known American evangelicals is facing big-time scrutiny.

I still disagree with a lot of the values Liberty stands for, but seeing the human faces on the other side of the American culture wars made me question my own assumptions and realize that, in some ways, I had just as much to learn about tolerance as the most hard-line fundamentalist. Do you have information you want to share with

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