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Remember me? Living in the land of great-looking oppas and unnis -more so, being a celebrity in it-comes with a price. Sure, you get the envy of people around the globe and earn millions or even billions of Korean won, but you have to deal with the setbacks of being famous. For K-Pop stars and Hallyu idols, it includes having your love life become like a plotline that fans and the media get obsessed with. More from Candymag.

Thank you Yoo Ho-kwang for loving me! Ex-member of Wonder Girls, Sun Ye, decided to leave the entertainment industry after she confirmed her marriage with James Park in January James Park is a Canadian missionary who lives overseas. Their relationship was one of the loveliest couples among the others. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in March Both of them are still living in South Korea.

Korean celebrities dating chinese

Both of them lived in America with their beloved daughter Gloria. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in after 10 years of marriage.

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There are was official statement from both parties, but since Dispatch revealed it then it must be true. They had a baby boy named, Jude Malcolm Yeun.

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Love on an airplane! Comedian Jung Joon-ha was captivated by the beauty of a flight attendant, Nina Yagi.

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They exchanged email addresses, which lead to marriage in From their marriage, they had an adorable baby boy, Ro Ha, in They met on a Chinese drama set where they played a married couple. They are one of noona-dongsaeng couples, like the popular couple Jung Suk-won and Baek Ji-young. Some of insiders said that they have already broken up.

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In many cases, however, it's the celebrity's personal choice not to date someone or to hide the news as long as they can because some fans love their idol too much and take it to the extreme by hating the partner. A few referred to as sasaeng fans are even so obsessed and bitter that they turn to harassment and hacking. For example, there were three instances when the Instagram account of Super Junior Sung Min 's wife got hacked.

TOP 13 Korean celebrities who have been in an international relationship

She had to make a public request for whoever's doing it to stop bothering her. These incidences make it understandable why many Hallyu idols still choose to keep their relationships under the radar and why they are so concerned about how the public will react and treat their loved ones.

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Remember how Song Hye Kyo said she didn't want her fans to think she didn't respect them? Or how Song Joong Ki declared that he wanted his fans' blessings?

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo 's Lee Joon Gi -who recently confirmed that he was dating actress Jeon Hye Bin his co-star in Gunman in Joseon -is another actor who apologized to fans who criticized him after he spilled the beans. TBH, these celebs don't really have to be sorry because it's their personal lives, but they're very considerate of their fans. So sweet of them, right?

Jul 07,   Here are 10 korean celebrity couples who fell in love on set. Korean Actors Who Are Dating Fellow Celebrities. Images: TPG/Click Photos Celebrity. Chinese Netizens Boycott Thai Drama Because Of Lead Actor's GF. Celebrity. 10 Things To Know About Korean Heartthrob Actor Lee Min Ho.

Because at the end of the day, they're just human. As you can observe in celebrity or agency statements, the Korean stars are also just mainly concerned about their privacy.

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Most of the cts of their lives are already for public consumption, so you'll get why they want to keep their love life intimate. Some speculate that dating in secret even make the celebs' relationships more thrilling!

Shoo from the '90s group S. Of course, you can only imagine those exciting moments behind the paparazzi shots of Dispatch. A few Korean celebs also admit that they help their friends and fellow celebs date in secret.

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For instance, in one Running Man episode, singer and variety star Kim Jong Kook admitted he has helped a celebrity couple date by using his car to pick them up, parking somewhere secluded, and leaving them alone for a moment. There are also upscale restaurants that ensure the privacy of celebrity couples, such as the one owned by TV star Hong Suk Chun but it became too popular that celebs have boycotted it alreadyaccording to him.

Here's Why Korean Celebrities Find It Hard to Admit Their Relationships

And there are those exclusive parties and several overseas trips that help couples escape the public's prying eyes as much as they can and enjoy their intimate time together. Obviously, the lives of Hallyu stars can be difficult, especially if they have sensitive fans.

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For most Filipino fans like us, however, we're just happy that our idols are happy and when our OTPs get confirmed. We just can't help but squeal with kilig and celebrate together! So chukahaeyo to all Song-Song, Nam-Lee, and other celebrity couple shippers! May the couples we're rooting for confirm their relationships without suffering next! Thank you for submitting your post. You will be notified via email once your entry has been approved by the Candy team.

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Love is in the air for these Korean celebrities! When you're a Korean star, your dating life becomes public fascination. So if you're still reeling from the Song-Song couple split last year, these Korean celeb couples may give you a bit of hope. Check out the Hallyu stars who are confirmed dating (or even married!) in Jul 11,   However, some treat these dating news as scandals, which explains why several Hallyu celebs make intense efforts to hide their relationship until they (and their agencies) are ready for a big reveal. The same struggles also happen to other Asian idols like some stars in Japan and Singapore. WAE?!Why are Korean celebrity relationships so controversial. Mar 08,   Korean actor Song Seung-hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei were confirmed to be dating in August They both speak in English for daily conversation. They are still dating until now. Choo Sung-hoon and Yano Shiho Korean Japanese MMA Fighter, Choo Sung-hoon married Japanese Model Yano Shiho in

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