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The examples go on! This problem is not uncommon among otherwise happily married couples. Dates should be fun! Sometimes we just need reminders for how to keep them that way. Today we discussed exactly that! We tried this experiment, it was awesome, so you should try it too. We made out way too much and for too long when we were dating After my.

This simple gesture is far more important than many imagine, in an age when parents are more likely to yell at each other in front of their children than show affection. Kiss in public because the world needs to see evidence of lifelong, loving marriages, rather than just marriages of cool toleration.

How To Date Your Spouse : 10 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Fun!

We need to prove them wrong. The other day I saw an elderly couple, probably in their 80s, walking near our house hand in hand. It was a silent witness to the loving bond they shared.

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Shortly after that, I saw another couple, probably in their mids, kissing and hugging like they were a young, college aged couple newly in love. Again, it was a witness to a faithful marriage-a witness the world desperately needs today. A couple in our church, he is 91 she is 76, walk hand in hand to and from the communion rail.

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In Defense of Gentlemanly Things. So with that said, here are 25 ways to tell your wife you love her. There are hundreds more! Liked this post? Take a second to support us on Patreon!

20 Ideas for Dating Your Wife Attend a a list of ten things your wife loves to up a new hobby with your wife; do something new that you're both excited the classic date: dinner and a a twelve-month honeymoon with your wife. (more items). Sep 23,   Dating will keep you both engaged and gives you something to look forward to. It breaks the routine that all married couples fall into. A good and regular date night will breathe new life into your marriage. Your marriage has to be your top priority - over the kids, over your job over your hobbies. Dating is a funny thing. It's not overtly discussed in scripture, and those living somewhere between single and married often ask us for advice. So, I figured it was time to write a post specifically for those who are in serious dating relationships, or want to learn principles for dating .

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Sep 18,   In short, keep dating your wife. Once upon a time, your chief preoccupation was winning your wife's heart and securing her affection. Establish a date night with your wife and treat this time with her as sacred. When you plan your week, block out an hour each week during which you'll be taking your wife out. If a meeting comes up, reschedule the meeting. If you have kids, find a Brett And Kate Mckay. Sep 02,   Read on for all the reasons why two people should keep dating long after they're considered boyfriend-and-girlfriend, or even husband-and-wife.

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Keep dating your wife

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20 Ideas for Dating Your Wife

Women may start to wear less makeup or dress more comfortably, while the men may pack on a few pounds. Whatever it may be, toss it for the date night. Shave, spray on some cologne and dawn something snazzy.

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Everyone loves surprise giftsespecially your wife. Maybe daisies were part of her bridal bouquet ; bring her those.

Or her favorite author just wrote a new novel; surprise her with that book. Even something as simple as a quick note will make an impact. What Color Matches Your Personality? Take The Test Now!!


Make the extra effort to open the door for her or pull out her chair. And it will make her feel even more special. Ask about her interests. While this lesson is clearly valuable, it can also be extended to those individuals already in a relationship. Whether you think you and your significant other are in a rut, or whether you simply know the importance of there always being so much more to learn about each other, dating your significant other is equally important in maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship.

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Getting out of the comfort zone of your apartments and dressing up in something other than PJs will serve as a reminder of the perhaps slightly-more-exciting people you guys were before becoming mutually exclusive.

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