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Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. I only saw what I wanted to see and only heard what I wanted to hear about all that she was dealing with as the mother of our seven kids. Finally, I took the helmet off and learned how to really hear and see her. Had I only had this book ten years ago, we could have saved countless disagreements and discussions!

She taught me patience, loveand the fact that I need to stay in shape if I ever want to keep up with her fast little legs.

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Here are 3 tips on how you can start dating again, add a little spark to your marriage, and enjoying your alone time wink wink with your spouse. I strongly believe that planning date nights in advance is important to your marriage success.

You can plan your dates weeks in advance or months. Just you two lovebirds. You can go to the movies, out to dinner, walk in the park while eating ice cream or frozen yoghurt, or go to the spa together and release some stress while sipping on some fine wine or champagne. Whatever works for you two. And to make sure this is a success, make sure you get a babysitter, close family member, or the godparents to watch your child while you go on your date.

Sometimes we allow our everyday life to affect our marriage. We bring work home, stress home, frustration home, anger home, and tiredness home.

And sometimes it affects how we respond and react to our spouse. But we cannot let what happens Monday through Friday affect our weekend plans with your spouse. I realize that stress can paralyze your ability to date your wife and even love your spouse.

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That is why dating is so important, it gives you free time to appreciate your spouse, love your spouse, and acknowledge your spouse, and sometimes spoil your spouse. Get excited about date night! Wives, get a new outfit, get your hair and your nails done. Get creative! Spice up your date life. It will improve your marriage. Erin and I only dated for three months before marrying. Yep, three months.

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Actually, we had only known each other for three months before marrying. We are about to celebrate 17 years together. We had kids immediately after marrying so our dating life ended quickly. I Erin always knew that I wanted to date Jason after marriage.

Please note, I would say those things to myself and rarely to Jason. So neither of us ever saw our parents date. So much of the irritability, stress, discontentment and frustration in your marriage possibly stems from the fact that you have stopped doing the very thing that brought you together in the first place. The preparation.

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The anticipation. The butterflies?

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It was usually a call, a text or depending on your age, a page yes, Erin had a pager when we first met. But regardless, it was exciting. It was intentional. You would spend days thinking about what you were going to wear. Where you going to go.

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What you were going to talk about and how the night would end. As our kids got older we had more time to be together. But at that point, we were in a serious rut of the occasional dinner together, maybe even a movie but our dates were still an afterthought and only happened when we had time. Because when we did go out, our conversations were reactive. Talking about the kids, family, finances, etc.

Going out to dinner once a month and talking about the kids is not a date. There are several reasons but here are seven 7 for you to consider:. Dating will rekindle that spark and remind of you why you fell for one another in the beginning.

Planning a date tells your spouse that they are still special to you.

Oct 25,   I realize that stress can paralyze your ability to date your wife and even love your spouse. That is why dating is so important, it gives you free time to appreciate your spouse, love your spouse, and acknowledge your spouse, and sometimes spoil your spouse. Get excited about date night! Wives, get a new outfit, get your hair and your nails done. Dating Your Spouse I Love You I Just Don't LIKE You Right Now. If you'd rather be at work than at home, then you may not LIKE your spouse or, if you'd prefer to spend time with others over your spouse, then you may not LIKE each other as much as you realized. Sometimes we just need reminders for how to keep them that way. Today.

Just the idea that you took time to plan a night out or even a night in provides a sense of desire for one another. Getting dressed up or even getting dressed down for a night out or in with your spouse is a lot of fun!

The concept of justification is covered with great detail and theological precision. Unfortunately, the resulting process of sanctification is not explained well and comes across as deficient. Fearing a label of legalism, the book simply asks husbands to live in the grace God has granted. Therefore the chapters simply ask husbands to create a big dream for their marriage and pursue it.

The Biblical pattern for growth and sanctification is ignored. The Bible is very clear in its expectations of God's role for the husband.

Why You Should Keep Dating Your Spouse

It reveals to us what actions and behaviors are proper and fitting for a growing believer. These verses are omitted and the result is a pragmatic list of things that secular books could provide. Spend time with your wife. Take her out for a weekend away. Give her time away from the kids. These are all good suggestions, but lack the great impetus found in the passages of scripture that lead to spiritual oneness. The deficient view of sanctification leads to some problematic passages, but does not detract from the book having some value.

Better resources exist, but some gleanings can be made from the content provided in this particular literary work. The premise of the book is quite simple: men should date their wives.

Before marriage husbands often pursue their wives, once they are married, as Justin points out, we often stop dating and pursuing our wives. Once we "have them" as it were, we stop pursuing them and cultivating a relationship with them. We often leave our marriage in maintenance mode. While the premise of the book is simple and straight forward as the title suggest, the path by which the reader is taken is one that we often would generally not expect when it comes to most treatments of the topic of dating.

Justin is thoroughly gospel centered. I never thought I would see a book that expounds how and why to date one's wife so undergirded with a basic "two-Adam" scheme that is central to the gospel story line. To this I cannot say "Bravo" loud enough. Justin writes out of a rich theology that is found in the pages to Scripture yet his style is conversational, down-to-earth, and pastoral. This means those who like theology will be enriched, but those who rarely read books and hate theological tomes will find this book winsome, applicable and engaging.

The basic plot line of the book is creation-fall-redemption-restoration although the actual divisions are titled: "Good" two chapters on God's creation of marriage"Bad" three chapters on what's wrong with husbands"The New" six chapters, first with the gospel, then with practical applications for action and "The Perfect" a final chapter on the goal of marriage and the future of our glorification.

Oct 11,   The bottom line is dating your spouse is only as beneficial as a person makes it. Marriage requires work both individually and as a couple. While there is no quick fix, dating is an excellent. Feb 28,   Keep dating your spouse. Yes, I know that advice is so common that it's a cliche at this point. But many pieces of advice that have lasted long enough to become cliches reached that level Author: Dan Seaborn. Dec 26,   Dating your spouse helps to keep the romance alive. Here are just a few practical and affordable ideas for romancing your spouse to help keep your marriage alive and thriving. Invest in Experiences Instead of Objects.

If you are expecting a book that makes you feel guilty, this one will but not in a legalistic sense. Most relationship books make you feel guilt for all you are not doing by telling you everything you should be doing.

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This book gets right to the heart of the problem: the problem is sin. The problem is that every husband is in Adam.

Keep dating your spouse

The problem is every husband has a "religious" view of marriage. We think if we just try harder God will bless our lives. Justin Buzzard challenges us to find our sufficiency and identity as men and husbands in Christ and his work. The best part about the book is how it takes you back to the gospel at the core. So when Buzzard convicts you and motivates you it is always with an eye to Jesus. As I read this book, I was impressed by how personable and relatable the book was.

Often the basic content is wrapped in a story or example. The book is also quite practical with actionable solutions to build an "air war" and a "ground war" in cultivating your marriage. Each chapter concludes with a series on introspective questions. There is an appendix of suggestions for dating your wife. The creative husband will be pushed to think of more in order to tailor things to his marriage. I highly recommend this book.

I would give it 4. This is the kind of book that you can give to husbands but pastors can give in the expectation that it not just builds husbands but will build disciples.

This is also the kind of book you can read quickly without getting bogged down but you can also read richly finding deep gems to ponder. Justin's first main goal is to make you love Jesus more-and the book accomplishes that task while it teaches us how to date our wives. Three minor theological points of question or disagreement: 1.

How to Date Your Spouse

Buzzard makes Genesis as central to the husbands mission that he guard and cultivate his wife. Technically though, Genesis is not instructions for how we relate to our wives but how Adam and humanity relate the the Temple-Garden and exercise vice-regency.

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The wife is the helpmate to that mission not the object of it. That said, husbands should guard and cultivate their wives. One would probably be better making the point from Song of Songs or Ephesians 5 since Genesis relates to the garden of Eden. Buzzard confused me with his imprecise notion that there was "gospel" given in the pre-fall state. He writes the following: "Adam's Genesis calling was meant to flow out of Adam's Genesis identity. God told Adam what he thought about him; he gave Adam his approval-before Adam lifted a finger in the garden.

Adam received his God-approved identity before he had a chance to do anything to prove himself. This is what we call grace, or the gospel-the good news of receiving favor from God that we don't deserve or earn. Adam had an identity in God. However, Adam was, I think, put on probation. Not all theologians and scholars agree with a covenant of works, but if true Adam was certainly not created in the eschatological glory state.

His full identity was not there yet. Adam didn't have it all and even then failed. Thus, Christ had to be second Adam passing the covenant probation by offering Adamic-obedience as well as atoning for sin. Buzzard seems to have a notion that Adam's fault was he tried to earn his identity, a salvation by works.

But this to me misses the clear covenant probation in the garden. More important, while Adam was gifted with a role in the garden, and that was from the kindness of God, it was neither grace nor gospel. Grace should clearly be seen as post-fall.

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Grace is generally defined as favor extended where wrath is deserved. There was God's favor in the garden on Adam pre-fall but not grace, which is post-fall. There is certainly not gospel until Genesis That said, Buzzard's over all point seems true that Adam should have believed and accepted his identity as an empowering to do the task he was given.

Sep 23,   And intentionally dating your spouse is great way to keep you marriage at the top of your priorities list. Dating does not have to expensive, in fact, you can plan and go on an incredible date and not spend a dime. The quality of your date has nothing to . Apr 12,   That is enough evidence to start dating your spouse more! In an article about the study, W. Bradford Wilcox and Jeffrey Dew highlight five reasons why date nights have strong correlations to healthy marriages: date nights provide opportunities for communication, novelty, eros, strengthening commitment, and de-stressing. Date Your Wife encourages me to man up, trust Jesus, and love my wife well. I encourage all husbands to go grab a copy." ?Trip Lee, hip-hop artist; author, The Good Life; Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Atlanta "Don't you dare think Date Your Wife is a 'been there, done /5.

In his attempt to get sinful husbands today to stop thinking they will "earn" their marriage's health and cultivate it in religion's 'salvation by works,' I think Buzzard pushes the "we can't earn it" paradigm too far back into the garden where clearly covenant works were both possible and noble.

Buzzard states the following about God's resolution in Genesis 3: "God listens. Then God curses. God doesn't curse Adam; God curses the Serpent" p.

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