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Investment banking is one of Wall Street's most coveted roles. It is also one of the hardest. It is no surprise that the average day in an investment banker's life is long and stressful. Those who manage to survive the adjustment period often go on to have long and financially rewarding careers. According to Andrew Gutmann, a former investment banker and author of How to Be an Investment Banker: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Landing the Job , the typical investment banking associate or analyst "can routinely expect to work hours per week or even more. A typical workday during the week might be a. Investment banks help companies and governments raise capital by issuing stock or borrowing money.

Come clean from the start, otherwise there could be bumps later down the road. Your bonus could be reduced or you could be sent to a different department or continent.

A Day in the Life of an Investment Banker

You could also be fired if there is a consistent pattern of inappropriate behavior. On the other hand, take heart that many bankers meet their spouses at work and married couples are viewed favorably by firms. Timothea Xi has been writing business and finance articles since She has worked as an alternative investment adviser in Miami, specializing in managed futures. Xi has also worked as a stockbroker in New York City. No man is an island, and investment bankers are no exception in feeling the pinch, even in romance.

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May 02,   Meanwhile my male colleagues told me: 'I'd never date an investment banker.' They know what kind of life a female investment banker lives, how she would always be . Investment Banking recruiters use assessment centres in addition to the application, online tests and traditional interviews to find out how the candidates react and perform in variety of "real-life" situations that are similar to what you will encounter as an investment banker. Feb 27,   Expect not to see your boyfriend often; maybe once every few weeks if you're lucky. He generally won't have any weekdays free and may have the spare friday/saturday night off to go out with you for a late dinner/clubbing. Or you could just live wi.

Step 2 Don't always expect your investment banker date to be a meal ticket. Step 3 Tell the boss. The vast majority of jobs out there involve copious amounts of BSand don't pay you nearly as much for handling it.

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Sounds like a spoilt little girl who threw a tantrum after 4 months cos she couldn't get along with her co-workers. Not everybody is done for this work and there is, in my opinion, no shame to say "Well, I thought I could make it, but it is not for me" instead of "Dreaming her life as an Investment Banker and finally get burned". Obviously hours are brutal for analysts and associates. I'm sure someone else could offer more detail.

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Hating on the I-Clicker "If you go to a college or university that requires the use of an i-Clicker, I'll say it right now: I feel your pain.

What is the point exactly of these phalluses of cheating, absenteeism, and general injustice in the classroom? How to Get a Job in Finance "It's not easy to get a job in finance, especially with the recession.

However, with perseverance, organization, and confidence, you can do it too with these five steps. Happy searching! Don't pass the blame or make excuses for your shitty gpa. It's your fault you were out getting shitfaced before an exam. The ability to down shots does not correlate with intelligence nor social skills. What's up with nerds vs jocks, party-animals vs bookworms? There are students who both party like animals, and then set curves on calc midterms, and there are jocks who set the records, and have stellar grades.

Those are the students you should be afraid of the most. She looked like a typical sorority girl. She also had a 3. I am a female I-banking associate and let me start by saying that women can handle the schedule, if they have common sense. The only reason why people like that get their feelings hurt on Wall Street is because they want to make 40k a month and work 40 hours a week.

Oct 24,   I'm writing here to ask for help from people working in the investment banking industry. I'm a 25 year-old guy and I've been dating a 23 year-old female investment banker for the past six Lawrence Dale. Tell the boss. If you are dating an investment banker and you are also an investment banker in the same firm, observe the policies of your company about disclosing your relationship. Come clean from the start, otherwise there could be bumps later down the road. Your bonus could be reduced or you could be sent to a different department or continent. Aug 09,   I dated an investment banker, who I called H, for 4 years. We were together through his intern, analyst and associate days. Read our full roller-coaster of a story where I take you through the all-nighters, the trips, the fights, the good days, and the horror stories. More recently, you'll read about my new life post-investment banking.

She needs to get real or go teach third grade. I have to disagree with your statement around working hours.

I am an analyst and I have never been out of the office by 7pm or 4pm at Friday's. It will of course depend on the bank, but to all you prospective bankers expect to work at least hours on average everyday in BB banks. I've been on Wall Street since 04 and the working hours are very inflated. I maybe work hell weeks once every 2 months, other than that it's and out by 4 on Fridays. Most people that work 18h days are including their 2h client lunches and 2h happy hour and 90 minutes they spend cheating on their signifant others in that workday.

Cut the crap people. BornAgainBanker is probably right, believe it or not. The asians I've seen that have really succeeded are the Americanized type-that is, born and raised in the U.

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The ones that are asian or semi-asian cultured have not done so well-in my observation-in the work world. But I have seen some very successful Americanized Asians.

But yes, I do agree that more social Asians tend to perform better in finance. It's the same with any race though Well, jackass, starting Monday I'm switching jobsI'll be working with the one of the strongest banks on the planet as an associate in its commercial real estate capital division. You bleeding heart jackasses think you're entitled to jobs because of your grades or school prestige-the rest of us Americans know that we are entitled to nothing but to work hard and produce results.

I'm not xenophobic per se. As a white American, I'm probably more anti-European than anything else. It's a typical liberal tactic-ignore the argument-that cultural asians don't do well in American corporate business-and attack the messenger. If you disagree with the assertion, argue the point, don't attack my GPA. It's foolish. Dude, you went to a shitty state school and your grades put you near the bottom of your class.

You got a job in a booming economy at some boutique firm in Washington. I've done extremely well both on the job and in school; I've shown results when given the opportunity, and unlike you don't have "failure" stamped on my college transcript.

I'm not a liberal by any means, don't go to a crap school like Vanderbilt, consider a 3. Furthermore, I actually agreed with your assertion; I believe that being social is a key to succeeding in the corporate world and that nerds don't get very far. Perhaps your 2. I was only attacking your claim that you worked for a variety "very elite" shops with a 2.

joke? Magnificent

And, I was right to do so. You're starting Monday at a supposedly "top" firm. Since you didn't say you are coming from a "top" firm, I can safely assume that you don't have the experience you claim you've had. What does being American have to do with it? It's not like it's the only culture that believes in meritocracy. You're the one that sounds like a xenophobic jackass. Are you equating a 3. My retarded cousins gay niece's sorority sisters could get a 3. You need to chill out. If you got a good offer despite a shitty GPAgood for you.

What is an investment bank modelling test?

I'm happy. His point was not that you have a low GPArather he made the assumption that with a low GPAyou did not work at a high-tier representative firm, and thus your observation was unreliable. If it doesn't apply to you like you say, that's great.

Why are you so fucking defensive? Did you consider that your GPA is a result of your intelligence and effort? You don't receive it. And nobody says they are entitled to a job if they have a high GPA. Everybody knows you need a solid experience and that GPA is not the be all end all, and I don't know why you brought this up.

And what the fuck do Europeans have to do with this? Bottom line, GPA helps your chances a lot, but does not define them. Wow, did you guys completely miss everything that was said? I, as well as a few others here, made that assertion based on our WORK experiences. To rebut that assertion, some schmuck said I obviously have no experience to compare it to because of my college GPA.

So, instead of debating the point, I was called out for my GPA -which is totally irrelevant and has had no material impact on my life whatsoever except for when my friends rip on me when hanging out.

I couldn't give a flying phuk about your GPA or who earned it or the fact that I was lazy in college-or that 3. I don't care. That wasn't the point. The point is-when you're years-old and have zero real world experience, you need to think twice about the knee jerk politically correct reaction because you have NO idea and NOTHING to compare it to. In addition, if my GPA had been 1. It's a horrible-and often used-debating mechanism of bleeding heart liberals.

I believe the term is ad hominem attacks which are totally invalid arguments. Or even Indra Nooyi at Pepsi. So there you go VTech, solid proofs. Exceptions don't prove the rule. You really think I believe that there isn't a single non-US asian top performer in corporate America? Come on. Where do you work?

The research lab at Northeastern? I don't work at a top firm now-you're right. It's a TARP institution that, as late aswas considered a top institution.

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But I'll grant you that it is a shell of what it used to be, which is why I'm bailing out for greener pastures. Nevertheless, the point remains that I can't think of a single cultural asian that I have worked with that has done anything outside of the classroom in my line of work.

I work at a better firm than you'll ever even get a chance to interview at. That's all I need to say. Can someone point out to me the bleeding heart liberals in the room? I'm having difficult finding them. I've kind of lost your point though.

Investment banker dating life

You dislike the asians who try really hard and have no social skills - so what? If I dislike someone, I beat them. Getting a 2. If you're so confident these FOB asians are no good, why are they ahead of you? Dude, what are you talking about? You pretty much have put words in my mouth that I hate asians. One of my best friends in the world is asian. Making an assertion about cultural asians based on observation isn't akin to "hatred" of asians. If I'm so confident these FOB asians are no good, why are they ahead of me?

Who is ahead of what? What are you talking about? I genuinely have no idea what you're talking about. FOB asians I've found to be ridiculously nice and hardworking. Perfect employees. From my observation, however, "FOB" asians are not front-office, client-facing, schmoozing and boozing future executives. That's not hatred-that's a general rule with plenty of exceptions. I don't know how my college GPA from years ago comes into this argument at all.

Va Tech, the 'engineering is more rigorous coursework' argument only works for people with a GPA above Tryna's from Monroe College, and not so much for in-bred evangelicals.

Its clear that while you've supposedly landed at the greatest shop in the universe, you'll last there about as long as your anal virginity lasted in Sunday school when you were Don't be disheartened though, you can always sue your Hokie alma mater for selling you a bill of goods.

I have no idea where this guy is coming from with the whole 'bleeding heart liberal' and AMURRICA crap, but I've rarely come across anyone as easy to dislike on this forum.

Jan 24,   A Day in the Life of an Investment Banking Analyst. The work of the investment banker varies from day-to-day. Some days you'll be preparing a pitch book the entire day; others you'll be plugging away at a financial model. The following is not one of those days. Instead, it's a rather satirical take on the typical investment banker's day.

Completely agree with the latter part of your post. It's so very easy to find reasons not to like this guy. VTech, with all due respect you are an idiot. No, not because you went to Vtech which is laughableor because you got a 2. You probably work at a 'valuations' firm that is 'growing'. You are right though- results matter.

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Here is how you stack up:. It almost disgusts me to type it. GPA - 2.

join told all

I could have gotten a 2. It's just some random ivy, in case you are unsure. Holla back office? Va Tech, while you talk about how easy it is to get a 3. Apart from the Woodford reserve i'd say this is pretty spot on. Banking hours are really 5pm-2am anyways. Hope you all are enjoying the summer. To everyone starting FTcongrats! Does anyone have any tips or advice to share for someone who's completely clueless?

What are some things you wish you'd known when starting off? Also, just learned I have to pass Series 79 and 63 in about a month - any tips for studying for those exams? Will this bank put you through a training program? If so, you really do not need to prepare before. As for the 79 and 63, they're a piece of cake if you study. You will take the 79 first, and then after you pass that, you'll take the When you get the prep books for them, read through them twice and take detailed notes.

Then read through the notes twice. Go through the practice tests and study every question that you miss. Then, read your notes again and take the tests a second time. If you're passing in the high 70s or low 80s at this point, you're good to go. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Yes, the bank does have a training program. People actually greet each other in the morning. I don't get frowned upon when I have to leave for a dentist appointment.

The life as an investment banker is going to be hectic but those who wish to live through dedication, competition, risks and perform well then investment banking is the right choice for them. Hope this article provided you with the necessary insights into an Investment Banker's life. Investment Banker: An investment banker is an individual who often works as part of a financial institution, and is primarily concerned with raising capital for corporations, governments and/or Author: Julia Kagan. Apr 25,   Investment banking is one of Wall Street's most coveted roles. It is also one of the hardest. It is no surprise that the average day in an investment banker's life .

If I have not been well, people will inquire how I feel the next day. Compare that to the front office. One time my superior told me that getting the flu had been 'reckless'.

Professionally, of course: how to handle stress and all the monkey tasks they make you do. But the real lessons were personal: how quickly you can forget yourself, and how easily you become the worst version of yourself.

I was permanently stressed, and this carried over to the rest of my life: the chocolate getting stuck in the vending machine, the taxi showing up late, being stranded in traffic - it took very little to provoke a reaction.

You have to be fast and on the edge and alert all the time in your work, and you begin to expect the same instant gratification from the rest of the world. There are people out there with far greater problems than bankers, who are so much worse off. It helps if you can see that, but somehow people in investment banks lose touch with reality.

The thing is, the life of an investment banker is such that you become entirely self-absorbed and self-centred. You forget there's a world out there with real problems. You find more and more commonalities with your peers at work, which feeds into this sense of living in a bubble.

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The only 'senior management exposure' you realistically get is your own VP or MD line managerand the only jet-setting you do is from work to home and back. So investment banks hire the very best people, then make them do really basic and routine tasks, despite putting them through an incredibly stressful hiring process. Some even said: 'So you have sold your soul?

Mergers and acquisitions is about trying to convince business clients to do a deal and then executing those deals. To gain the initial business - there is a lot of pitching and marketing. And these pitch books are put together by junior bankers.

So what I found myself doing all day was reviewing work of my analysts, formatting presentations, making mind-numbing iterations provided by seniors, doing some Excel wizardry, fixing footnotes on pages A managing director doesn't like the mustard yellow you used in the presentation and now you have to spend a full night replacing it with light yellow.

Or a few hours before the deadline, a director insists that we remove the gridlines behind all the graphs I realised, I have a brain and it's not being used.

simply ridiculous. with

This combination makes it really tough; not only are you dead-tired, you cannot plan your schedule, and hence you cannot work towards a moment when you know you'll be able to relax. This sinking feeling when you see the little red light flash on your BlackBerry. From that moment on, you have to check it, you have to know if something important has come up.

It was all too common to go for dinner with my investment banker friends on a weekday and there would be a moment when all of us would be checking in with our BlackBerrys.

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