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Some entered long-term relationships after linking up in cyberspace, and some even made their way down the aisle. But more than 10 years after the Internet transformed dating, one question remains: Are these couples living happily ever after, or are they more likely to meet with divorce lawyers? Although there are no official divorce statistics for those who met online, one thing is certain: Just as in marriages that began in more traditional ways, love stories created from online matches don't always have fairy tale endings. And the same sites that helped build a love connection for millions of singles are now trying various tactics to ensure that marriages survive past the honeymoon phase. Some sites have brought in love doctors, encourage feedback and provide personality tests for their marriage-hungry couples. But divorces haven't deterred people from scoping out Internet romances.

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Those are the findings of a recent study conducted at Michigan State University which examined recent trends in how relationships that begin on the Internet have evolved since the inception of online dating. The study found that one in ten Americans have used an online dating service to find a partner and two-thirds of these users have gone on an actual date with someone they met on the site. While couples who met online were statistically found to be about as likely to end a relationship as an offline couple, the divorce rate for the couples who met online and then got married was far higher.

Online Dating Causing Divorce Rates to Rise beliefs have made the same claim that internet dating is responsible for the rise in divorce rates. groups revealed a rate of divorce amongst. Mar 23,   The declining divorce rate is among many signs that the rise of this technology is not ruining relationships. I don't know about multiple partners, specifically, but I wouldn't be surprised if. Sep 26,   Couples who met online three times more likely to divorce If you are looking for a long-term relationship online dating should be avoided, a study suggests.

This could be due to the relative newness of the online dating platform as well as the fact that online couples tend to break up more frequently than couples who met offline. Do online dating apps encourage serial dating? Do they make it easier to cheat in a relationship?

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They have been since the s, which, as you would recall, was the time that saw the advent of online dating. According to a report by Time, separations in the United States went from There could be a number of reasons for this, one being that dating apps are connecting us with people we otherwise likely would have never encountered, maybe even considered.

Within that group, nearly half met through online dating sites, "whose number of users has increased dramatically just over the past decade," according to the research. Others reported meeting their spouses through social media, chat rooms, and e-mail, among other online Ashley Rockman. Oct 09,   Couples who get married after meeting online are four times more likely to divorce than couples who meet in a more traditional way. Those are the findings of a recent study conducted at Michigan State University which examined recent trends in how relationships that begin on the Internet have evolved since the inception of online dating. The study found that one in ten Americans have . Oct 26,   Online dating blew up as soon as the internet hit the mainstream-the first online dating site,, went live as early as Now, more 40 million Americans are regularly on dating apps. But how is this figure shaping trends in dating, marriage, and divorce, if at all?

The rise of online dating and social media has effectively opened up a new world of dating possibilities, overcoming barriers such as time and distance in ways never before.

He told Slowey about Mary. According to the online test, the pair was off the charts when it came to chemistry.

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Dimes is a big proponent of finding out everything you can before you get in too deep. Slowey says that if she'd had access to that test several years ago, she may not have stayed in her previous year relationship. Other online dating services are branching out too.

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Most eagerly boast about their success stories, and many are doing more to close the deal and keep it that way. There's also an advisory board of sociologists, neurologists and human relationship experts who offer advice on all cts of relationships.

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Init launched eHarmony Marriage, a separate Web site it calls an "online alternative to marriage counseling. Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine, says more sites are trying to capitalize on people who are already in relationships.

But Houran still believes online dating sites need to do more to encourage satisfaction and longevity.

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As Web sites strategize to find ways to lure in returning customers and attract new ones, it doesn't seem that online dating will be disappearing anytime soon. Whether their matching tactics will succeed in producing long-term marriages is still unclear.

Oct 21,   The overall U.S. divorce rate is 40to 50%, experts say. Dating-site questionnaires and match-making algorithms could play a role in finding a more . Apr 28,   Compatibility and online dating expert James Houran says there's no statistical research that suggests the success rate for online marriages is any .

We still need time to judge and to see if that statistically will be true. Shows Good Morning America.

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