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He told me that is how everyone is and it is not personal. He does it with everyone he is with, even his new girlfriend now. But when I read in your post the vibe I wonder if that is something to look for in other guys as a warning sign. I have a girlfriend who does this all the time - she does it in other ways too, like when people not just me are talking, she just gets up from the table and goes to the fridge. So from my experience, your EUM was telling the truth when he said not to take it personally - but it is his way of controlling situations generally, whether he knows it or not, and a function of anxiety - ie preferring the fun, superficial ego-stroking stuff of texts etc. BUT, this is all pretty irrelevant. What is relevant is that you told him it bothered you and he minimized your feelings and continued the behaviour.

Check their schedule to find out what is on the roster at the moment. Afterwards, the excellent and intimate wine bar of the suggestively named Le Boudoir for an interesting conversation over a glass of red, red wine.

Brent Rivera & Eva Gutowski Pack On The PDA While On A Date At A Spanish Mall In Van Nuys 8.21.19

Take your date to Palais Garnier for a night at the ballet.

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