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Remember me. Photo By Maj. Elizabeth Behring 0 read more read more. Contractor services are a vital part of government business. But, by no means, should contractors be treated like government employees. In turn, contractor employees may not supervise government personnel, supervise employees of other contractors, administer or supervise government procurement activities, perform inherently governmental functions and evaluate, discipline or reward government personnel. Most contracts require contractor companies to provide a trained and ready workforce, and to furnish all property necessary to perform the contract.

In addition, there are restrictions on conflicts of interest, gifts and outside employment in relation to contraction employment.

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Government employees have defined entitlements and duties that do not match those of contractor employees. Matters such as pay, leave, retirement, hiring, firing, promotion, education, training all.

Government contract defines working relationship with contractors. Elizabeth Behring 0 read more read more Photo By Maj.

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INTERACTION BETWEEN GOVERNMENT MANAGERS AND CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEES This paper contains guidance on agency interactions with employees of contractors performing non-personal services for the agency. Topics covered include- Distinctions between "personal and "non-personal" services contracts, and an overviewFile Size: 84KB. makes the contractor employees appear to be, in effect, government employees. 1. If you seek a personal services contract, and are authorized by statute, obtain the review and opinion of legal counsel specializing in government contracts (FAR (e)). 2. Statutory personal services contracts in DoD (a) 10 U.S.C. bFile Size: KB. May 25, I use to be a contractor and now I'm a government employee so this issue always interests me. In the end it really just seems to come down to the people you are working with. If you have a good govie and a good contractor all goes well, but if either one in this equation is weak then things start to fall apart.

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It is the Contractor's, as well as, the Government's responsibility to monitor contract activities and notify the Contracting Officer if the Contractor believes that the intent of this clause has been or may be violated. The notice should include the date, nature and circumstance of the conduct, the name, function and activity of each Government employee or Contractor official or employee involved or knowledgeable about such conduct, identify any documents or substance of any oral communication involved in the conduct, and the estimate in time by which the Government must respond to this notice to minimize cost, delay or disruption of performance.

At all times, government supervisors and employees must remember that a contract employee's business relationship and work load is defined by a signed contract." Contractor employees are not. A Government employee does not have a "covered relationship" with a person he is dating or with the employer of a person he is Size: 69KB. However, there is nothing per se barring a Federal employee and a contractor from dating, marrying, or being married for that matter. Depending on the job related relationship between the two parties, there may be both real and perceived ethical and procurement integrity issues.

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May 18, I used to be a contractor and now I'm a government employee so this issue always interests me. In the end it really just seems to come down to the people you are working with. Since contractor personnel are not government employees, the government cannot grant contractor personnel the same duty time activities as government employees. A contractor has a legal right to establish rules of conduct and attendance for its employees. (c)Employee relationship. (1) The services to be performed under this contract do not require the Contractor or his/her personnel to exercise personal judgment and discretion on behalf of the Government. Rather the Contractor's personnel will act and exercise personal judgment and discretion on behalf of the Contractor.

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