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Excel, a bubbly airhead of a blonde gee, we haven't seen this stereotype before has just graduated from high school. She dances and skips her way into the real world, where the first thing she meets is the grille of a two-ton semi. Needless to say, Excel is one dead blonde. However, the powers that be decide to resurrect her, because it's not yet her time to die: the TV series has barely started! Yes, that's exactly the rationale.

In fact, she's so brainless that Il Palazzo is compelled to use various firearms on her just to shut her up. It's a wonder she survived through elementary school, much less graduation, as she obviously hasn't the sense to look both ways before crossing the street. She gets nailed more than once by large vehicles. And yet, she isn't as annoying to the audience as you'd expect, because she seems to do everything with much the same sort of dumb faith as Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyoor, say, Detective Clouseau from The Pink Panther.

Of course, it doesn't matter that she never really succeeds in what she aims to do, because, well, half the fun of Excel Saga is to watch the utterly surreal carnage she unwittingly inflicts on her environment.

She's a walking natural disaster, and that makes her fun to be around, so long as she stays behind the screen. But she's not the only one infected with this careless, yet humorous attitude to life.

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Even most of the extras seem to know they're not real, so they never take themselves too seriously. And therefore, the jokes fly. One joke includes a several-hundred-foot fall from a building under construction, only to have the fallen characters quickly stand up and say, "Helmets save lives! And this twisted sense of humor simply pervades Excel Saga.

Excel saga dating

What other series could get away with the ritualistic execution of its own manga creator - twice in one episode? By the way, the artist is portrayed as a pathetic girl-obsessed otaku who has not even an iota of a social life.

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Or have the stereotypical "angel" conscience and "devil" instinct of the main character duke it out until one of them actually outright kills the other one and is sent to jail for it? Not to mention Pedro, the hapless migrant construction worker And that's just one episode out of twenty-six!

Parodies fly like there's no tomorrow, as the Excel Saga crew spoof everything from sentai shows to Rambo to dating simulation games to yaoi to the Visual-K rock phenomenon.

The anime series Excel Saga, is an adaption of the manga by Rikdo series was produced by and directed by Shinichi Watanabe and premiered on TV Tokyo on October 7, The series ran for twenty-six episodes until its conclusion on March 30, At the publisher's request, the anime series follows a different storyline from the manga; Rikdo was .

And the whole thing gets even sillier when Excel's foil, the sultry but incredibly sickly Hyatt shows up About the only time that the series really falters is during the snippets involving the Ropponmatsu androids a weak spoof on Cat Girl Nuku Nuku and its ilkbut other than that, the constant struggle between the utterly inept members of ACROSS and their equally inept opponents is often hilarious.

Massive kudos to Mitsuishi Kotono, voice actress for Excel, for, well, basically being completely freaking insane! The final episode gets special mention for being considerably raunchier and more offensive than the bulk of the series which often pushes the limits of even its original midnight run to begin with. It's certainly not the best place to start, to be sure. Excel Saga is a total laugh riot, and even though the end of almost every episode insists that "the experiment has failed", it's a solid watch for those with a taste for black comedy with a pinch of satire.

It's insane in every sense of the word, from the opening song where the main characters sing in various locales, from Ginza, to the inside of a public men's bathhouse, while one of them continually coughs up blood to the ending song a dog singing an enka ballad about how Excel wants to eat it while various condiments rain down at random intervals, complete with Japanese-language interpreter. This show is certainly not for everyone after all, it is pretty sick humorbut if you're game for a show so out-there, you can't help but stare in disbelief, Excel Saga is for you.

Go ahead and remove two stars if you don't like black comedy, or think that humor needs to include bodily functions to be sophisticated.

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Add one star for fans of madcap parody laden with sight gags based on pop culture references. Recommended Audience: Excel Saga is violent in the most unbelievable of ways.

Meanwhile, Excel is searching for Hyatt, but both are caught up in more explosive trouble due to Nabeshin and the Gold Syndicate's new bomb type. In a parody of dramas about social problems, Excel and Hyatt infiltrate City Hall to gather dirt on the corrupt politicians.

In the course of their investigations, they encounter Dr. Kapabuwho controls F City's leaders and has no qualms about removing obstacles with violence. Kabapu creates the Department of City Security in order to defend the city from future threats with embezzled fundsand hires Watanabe, who pins his romantic hopes on a government job, as well as Iwata and Sumiyoshi, who just wanted to tag along with Watanabe.

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ACROSS scores a victory of sorts, with the help of green drink-induced zombies and bathroom scribbles. Snowed under Episode" Transcription: " Samu ga Fuyuize!

Excel becomes an agent of the secret ideological organization of ACROSS, whose plan is to conquer the corrupt world (or at least F City) and remake it in its own image. Lord Ilpalazzo, ACROSS' leader, orders Excel start the conquest by exterminating the world's manga artists starting with Koshi Rikdo, the original author of the Excel Saga manga. Saga Dating is an online dating service that'll help you find and connect with people like you. Our goal is simple - to add love, romance and fun to the lives of single people. We're one of the oldest and best known dating communities on the web, and we have a unique, and very popular, secret weapon - our intelligent two-way matching feature. There's also the Puchuu comment in episode 7 when hit by a mace: "Ahhh! That shattered some bone!" Welcome to Episode 26, Going Too so much an exercise in crossing the line, but shooting the line in the knee, tossing it in a shallow grave, raping its mother and not paying the alimony. Refuge in Audacity Up to us count the ways.

This episode is a parody of the survival movie genre. ACROSS plans to set up a laser Cannon in the mountains in order to terrify F City into submission and at the mercy of the idealist organization - however, due to her usual stupidity and the sub-zero arctic environment, things don't go as Ilpalazzo has planned. Meanwhile, Watanabe, Iwata and Sumiyoshi are sent on a training exercise in the same mountains, and meet their new co-worker, the sexy but fierce Misaki Matsuya, who becomes Iwata's new fetish.

In a parody of monster horror movies. Excel and Hyatt try to deal with the two-front situation at arm's length, but hands-on action is required - including an Alien Queen who breeds more Puchuus as reinforcements.

In a bout of pure fanservicethe girls chill out at the pool.

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Everyone is in their best poolside attire - except Excel, who gets stuck with a decidedly un-stylish high school swimsuit. Things get even worse for Excel when she gorges herself into a bloated, immobile state on free food provided by their new friend, Cosette - who is not quite as innocent as she appears.

No men are fully shown in this episode, except Rikdo, briefly and to approve the experiment, Nabeshin to hold up ending signs to the Beauty Theaters and getting hurtand Pedro, with the rest - including Ilpalazzo - at the end.

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In a parody of the sports anime genre, Excel and Hyatt infiltrate a bowling alley in order to understand Japan's youth through what Excel mistakenly thinks is their most popular sport.

Things become far too exciting when a bowling-fanatic terrorist organization hijacks the alley and the late-night, low-rated TV show Bowling Girls. This episode has a substantial role for the Excel Girls, an animated rendition of the two female artists who sing the opening theme. She soon joins a pack of helpful strays, who undertake the quest to return Menchi to her former owner.

Little does she know the storm of betrayal and vengeance approaching her and her new friends. This episode is a parody of the Teen Drama genre.

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In order to learn more about the education system, Excel and Hyatt infiltrate Excel's alma materInunabe High School - the school in which Excel has graduated from, which means Excel herself, with Hyatt, is paying a return visit. They next have to save the school baseball team, and to do so Excel tries to recruit the team's legendary dropout, Bean Boy.

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This episode is a parody of the detecive anime genre. At the same time, Hyatt is taken hostage by some extremely incompetent bank-robbers. Prop Memorial" Transcription: " Motto! Ropponmatsu returns, but Iwata is furious to discover that the new Ropponmatsu, Unit 2, is in the shape of a young, annoying and mentally irritating cat-girl. Following in her predecessor Unit's footsteps, Ropponmatsu Unit 2 engages Ilpalazzo's newest bomb-delivery system, a mobile bomb, the T - in reality Excel disguised as a large panda bear to avoid attention and suspicion.

Find love, fun and friendship with our senior dating site Saga Dating, voted 's best dating site by the 50+ Awards. Excel Saga, the anime, constantly suggests that he is a pedophile, but the manga later expands on this to reveal a much more complex back story. Gojo's father, Tenmangu Shiouji, was lauded as one of the world's most foremost scientists, but vanished when Gojo was young. Excel Saga is a total laugh riot, and even though the end of almost every episode insists that "the experiment has failed", it's a solid watch for those with a taste for black comedy with a pinch of satire. It's insane in every sense of the word, from the opening song (where the main characters sing in various locales, from Ginza, to the inside.

Things look bad for little Unit 2, but fortunately Ropponmatsu Unit 1 returns in the nick of time. This episode is a parody of the Yuri genre. Due to a fatal programming error made by Gojo, the two Ropponmatsus fall in love with the ACROSS girls, leading to a robotic crime spree, a para-military showdown, and an indecent assault by Unit 2 on Excel. The title is a reference to the theme song of the Fist of the North Star anime series. In a parody of Americanized anime, Excel and Hyatt are sent by Ilpalazzzo to reconnoiter in the United States of Americabut Excel's poor English starts them on the wrong foot with the locals in the Land of the Free.

Excel Saga

Fortunately, they are rescued by none other than Pedro's son, Sandora, who has run away from home. Later, Excel must marshal the combined powers of American and Japanese animation to confront and conquer the ever growing army of the New York Mafia.

The Department of City Security is outfitted with the latest in Sentai suit technology to contain and eliminate every threat to the city even more effectively.

They now are able to blow up anything with this new technology, and promptly do so - thus resulting in things gone out of hand all around the city, unless they find a way to remove the Daitarn suits. This episode references Rikdo's earlier mangawhich bore the same title.

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This episode is another homage to animal shows. Menchi makes a trip around the world with a young industry heiress, who, when she isn't plugging Alps Electricis being hunted by an evil and bloodthirsty assassin, who has a score to settle with Menchi, too. Meanwhile, Hyatt and her senior are sent by Ilpalazzo on a world-spanning mission to find special objects that would ensure the final victory of ACROSS over all else once and for all.

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This episode recaps all that has happened to Pedro since the Koshi Rikdo Assassination Plan: his death, supernatural affair with the Great Will, discovery of his family's betrayal with Gomez, and his drowning by That Man.

It also advances his subplot by showing just how sinister and powerful That Man is. Nabeshin and Sandora arrive to help, to dubious but comedic effect. He insists on delivering his message via song, even though his heart won't let him perform.

Key stays with the girls, sending Excel's libido into an uncontrollable frenzy. A phallic guitarExcel's visions of yaoi action, and Key's delivery of the instructions all conspire to snap Ilpalazzo directly into action. This episodes involves the main characters finally completing their goal of conquering the city.

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The Puchuu Empire is back againin full force, and led by their Overlord to once and for all erase the Earth of all life as a payback for the destruction of one of their Motherships and the Tunnel Incident.

In a fully armed, firepower-packed parody of Mobile Suit Gundam and the works of Leiji Matsumoto complete with Puchuu versions of Captain Harlock and Char AznableExcel leads Rebel Puchuu forces, led by the Puchuu Rebel captain, in a desperate defense of Earth, resulting in the scenic - and outrageously insane - Puchuu Civil War that, in the end, results in the annihilation of F City, F Prefecture, the colony debris reducing the once tall and prosperous city ACROSS sought to conquer into a wreckaged graveyard of its past glory and life.

A parody of Fist of the North Star : F City hasn't been the same since the Puchuu Civil War have reduced most of the city into nothing more than ruins.

Citizens, fearing the resulting destruction and the coming times, live in scattered villages, and gangs roam the deserted wastelandspillaging and conquering all before them.

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