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Fair warning: This post is long, but I wanted to gather as much advice from people at different points in the dating scene! We met at a Med-Law Malpractice Bowl Flag Football game and our relationship has been all touchdowns and no penalty flags please laugh. I wanted to share advice on how to stay true to yourself while dating in medical school! Make sure your SO understands this in the beginning of the relationship, otherwise they will feel like you are cheating on them with Med School, and that is just a weird concept to wrap your head around. Since he and I are both students, we frequently study together. Though we may be silent for hours at a time, just having someone you love be physically near you is a great source of stress relief.

Dating a Doctor

Marriage affected percent of our decisions of how and where we applied for residency. The couples Match can be a daunting process if you are not prepared or familiar with the process prior to applying. Although it is possible for couples to match to programs that are geographically far from each other, our goal was to be in the same city, if not the same hospital.

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A complicating factor for Alan was that he had one year of preliminary internal medicine prior to his neurology residency, and not all neurology programs have that one year built in.

As a result, we found ourselves potentially trying to match three residencies: pathology, neurology, and preliminary internal medicine. The most influential factors in our decision were geographical location and program strength-it was not easy finding cities that we both wanted to live in that had good programs for both pathology and neurology. Also, I was very specific about which programs I was applying to. As a result, the number of programs I could apply to were limited, thereby limiting the number of programs to which Alan could apply.

I've dated people who aren't in medical school, and other medical students. It's tough either way with ups and downs just like any other relationship. Yes I go on dates. Yes I go places like small trips etc. The hardest part about dating in medical school is maintaining and sharing a schedule. Nov 18,   If you're more worried about everyone in med school already being settled down/unavailable to date, well 1) I can assure you that won't be the case (unless you're going to Utah lol) and 2) many people recommend dating outside of your medical school class anyways because the class sizes are so small. A medical student answers questions about what it was like to get married during medical school. We started talking at a school-wide social that I had organized. At the time, Alan was a second-year student and I was a first year student. We had seen each other during student government meetings (Alan was student body president and I was social.

First, we made individual lists of programs that interested us and then compared the lists to find similarities. This was especially difficult and we found ourselves meeting and splitting up all over the country for three months.


During the interview process, we each took notes and made our own rank lists independently and then compared them after the final interview was done. The deliberation process was very difficult as there were not many locations and programs that we both liked.

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The bottom line is that compromising was key. This was one of the two options we planned for.

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Had I not gotten into a combined program, I would have finished in three years, and we had decided that I would attempt to start a fellowship away from Alan, an option we desperately did NOT want.

As stated above, the couples Match process naturally yields itself to sacrifices from both people.

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We could not imagine starting the stressful experience of residency without the support and love from each other. While we did have to apply to and interview with more programs than a typical med student, all the sacrifices of the interview process were well worth it.

Wellness Wednesday: Romance in Medical School

Luckily, neither of us had to sacrifice much of our career goals for the sake of living in the same city. Living in Philadelphia and the programs we are now a part of are definitely what we wanted.

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Getting married during our last year of medical school while we still had few responsibilities was the best decision for us. We were able to relax, take a lot of time off, and celebrate our special day in blissful ignorance of the demands of our upcoming residencies.

Dating while in medical school

Another important thing to keep in mind is the desired location of the wedding. Regardless of where our residency was going to be, we wanted our wedding to be in Phoenix, our hometown.

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Planning a wedding from long distance and working 80 hours a week can be particularly difficult, but not impossible. However, wedding and residency aside, the most important fact is to always remember why you are marrying that special person.


Residency WILL be filled with stress and anxiety, but it will NOT be permanent-your significant other will be permanent and will always be there to support you.

Even though we are just starting out in residency, this is a fact that helps us through every single day! Sign In.

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Medical School Careers in Medical Research. Applying to Medical School. Preparing for Medical School. Understanding the Process. We all say that word at least once a day. Well, with us both being busy during the day, we decided to take an MMA workout class together in order to hang out and stay on top of our health.

Though sometimes we throw physical punches at each other in that class, it helps relieve our stress with school. And it helps us to be silly yet competitive with each other!

Jun 12,   I pretty much agree with everyone else's comments. I wouldn't let the fear of medical school prevent you from pursuing a relationship with someone you otherwise would have had you not been planning on going to medical school. There were several pe. May 27,   Now, as her boyfriend embarks on his first year of medical school, she is taking the next step in furthering her education. Together they're figuring out how to survive the conflicting schedules, crazy workloads, and future career decisions. Here are Katherine's tips for dealing with a significant other in a rigorous graduate program. 1. I'm an MS2 dating a second-year law student (2L). We met at a Med-Law Malpractice Bowl Flag Football game and our relationship has been all touchdowns and no penalty flags (please laugh). I wanted to share advice on how to stay true to yourself .

C Communicate - Let your significant other KNOW when you have an exam coming up, let them KNOW if something is bothering you even if it might seem irrelevantlet them KNOW how upset it actually made you that they ate the last of the salsa in the fridge. Otherwise you might implode - and no one wants to see that, not even your Momma. G Gut feeling that something is wrong? See above note about dog.

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You want to spend time with your significant other, your family, and your friends, but you also have tons of studying to do, or are working long hours when doing rotations. The most helpful thing for me to do was plan ahead and prioritize.

Oct 04,   Dating a med student is hard and to be honest, I didn't know what I was getting into when I started dating my boyfriend. We started dating before he even decided to go to medical school. Medicine was just a distant thought in . Med School is like highschool all over again, people will date each other in your class, break up, cheat on their SO before medical school with someone in the class, and some will just be sex buddies. The drama is the same as high school too. Jan 06,   Dating in medical school is not impossible. Whether it is looking for that special someone or being in a thriving long-term relationship, you can always find ways to make work. However, medical school is not easy, so you will have to prioritize and sacrifice for the people that really matter to you.

Giving people the heads up about my schedule really helped!! Just having them understand what I was doing on a regular basis made it feel like we were in this together. Making sure your relationship is successful comes down to time management and making sure your SO is a top priority. We plan time for us. We schedule dates and I refuse to reschedule them.

When she has nothing to do but I have to study, she will come study with me but she will watch a movie or something on her computer. I stop studying by 9 pm every night and never study during dinner. When it comes to communication, verbal communication is very important. For me, that communication can be small things like checking in to see how she is, how her day was, and what she is looking forward to. We are planning official dates to visit each other.

It gives us something to be constantly looking forward to. Also, ensuring that we talk to each other very day is very important.

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