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Vienna regulator clock page by David Blackman. Find information about antique Vienna regulator clocks. Styles of Vienna Regulators are discussed here. Philip J. Rasch has allowed me to use copies of his representations of the various styles.

For many people, this is the style that epitomizes Vienna Regulators. It is almost unbelievable that they derived from the simple lines of the earlier Empire and Biedermeier periods.

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The hallmark of the Alt Deutsch clocks is their use of Corinthian Columns on the doors. Typically these are full columns with fluting, though the Austrians, and the German factory of Lenzkirch used some broken columns with hanging finials. Pendulums are zinc-backed in the earlier clocks and steel backed in the later. Nearly all pendulum rods are made of wood, though some elaborate metal rods were seen later on. While the dial bezels were typically spun brass, the dials were porcelain, brass or a combination with a porcelain chapter ring and a brass dial center.

Dial centers were often engraved or embossed-often with matching weights and pendulums.

Vienna Styles

These clocks typically have very elaborate hands. The Baroque, or more correctly Second Baroque style clocks reflect the highly ornate styles of the Baroque period to Generally, if a clock has Corinthian columns it is Alt Deutsch, if it has asymmetrical carvings on the headpiece and tail it is a Baroque piece.

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Both styles are very ornate, but the Alt Deutsch is symmetrical, with rectangular detail accompanying the classical columns, while the Baroque clocks are lavishly carved, with elaborate, asymmetrical head and tail pieces.

Baroque cases were made with walnut, cherry and mahogany veneers. Pendulums are zinc-backed in the earlier clocks, and steel backed in the later. While the dial bezels are typically spun brass, the dial centers were often engraved or embossed brass-often with matching weights and pendulums. Right around the turn of the 20th century, the architectural styles in Vienna changed dramatically.

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The new architects rejected the non-functional decorations of the earlier periods for an efficient functional design. The clocks followed suite. Unnecessary decoration was eliminated, but craftsmanship was not diluted. The Jugendstil style of Vienna regulator became popular.

The Jugendstil style reminds us of the adage - from ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Early Vienna Regulators were simple, boxy, austere designs.

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These developed to the elaborate reality of the Alt Deutsch and the Baroque, and then returned to the very simple box clocks of the last period of Vienna Regulators, the Jugendstil style. This period corresponds to the German Art Nouveau furniture period.

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Jugendstil cases were made of maple, walnut, and various fruit woods. Many are solid wood i. The Jugendstil cases are plain, rectangular with a simple flat design. What they lack in case style they make up with the use of beveled and leaded glass in the doors, and often ornately engraved or embossed dials, weights and bobs. You have to see a Jugendstil clock running to truly appreciate how visually striking the pendulum is, swinging behind the leaded and beveled glass windows.

These clocks tend to have steel-backed pendulum bobs, wood pendulum rods, spun-brass bezels, fairly elaborate dial centers and hands, and often very well-made cases. By World War I, the beautiful Vienna regulators had virtually ceased to be manufactured in favor of the cheaper "Box" clocks.

In addition to the above styles, there are inherent differences between the Vienna Regulators made in Austria and Germany. In part, these are the differences between clocks made by individual makers with their apprentices, and the clocks made in Factories.

As one gets to know Vienna regulators one starts to notice specific features-the detail in the hands, the way the escapement is made, the way the mechanism is mounted to the back board, the use of serial numbers It is these features that can guide one in recognizing the German from the Austrian makers.

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Of course, if there is "Wien" on the dial, this makes it real easy, but beware of "fakes" and "marriages". Please realize that one needs to speak in generalities as one outlines the differences between Viennese and German clocks.

There are exceptions to everything that will be pointed out below.

Dating vienna regulators

There were more Vienna regulators made in Germany than in Austria. But, since the German factories only began producing clocks afternearly all of the true Biedermeier and earlier clocks came from Vienna or other clock-making centers like Prague, Linz, or Budapest. In general the Viennese clocks had hands with finer detail than the corresponding German hands. German clocks tend to be more massive, use stouter hands, rarely use seat boards, favoring instead the four-posted key-hole mounts or the brass seat plate that slot into brass brackets attached to the back board.

Vienna Regulators for SALE

Mechanisms often have adjustable verge pallets. German clocks are typically factory-made pieces, with serial numbers and trademarks on the back plates. On the other hand, with the exception of the "Remember" clocks, very few Austrian clocks have markings on the back plates. The German factories often included subsidiary seconds dials at the top of the dial.

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These "second" dials were typically installed on eighty-beat movements with thirty-tooth escape wheels. The Viennese did not typically do this. In summary, the clocks made in Germany represent mass production that was the direct result of the industrial revolution.

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Gustav Becker copied many of the American methods; Lenzkirch copied many of the French methods. Their combined output dwarfed the output of all of the Austrian makers.

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The Austrian clocks reflect the best the old world apprentice system could produce-clocks made by individual makers who put their names on the dial and their best workmanship and attention to detail into the clocks they produced. Vienna Styles Styles of Vienna Regulators are discussed here. Styles of Vienna Regulators. Link to SN Clocks. Empire Period - to Biedermeier and Piecrust - to Serpentine to Transitional to Alt Deutsch - to Baroque - to Jugendstil - to My name is Dave Blackman.

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Welcome to my Vienna-regulators. I love and collect Vienna Regulators. A Vienna Regulator makes a wonderful addition to your home. The clocks made before tended to be simpler in design than the clocks produced later. The lines of the clocks were finer, casework was narrower, and in general the clocks were more rectilinear than the later, often very ornate styles. As I "upgrade" my collection of antique clocks, I have to part with one now and again.

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This organization promotes the science of watches and clocks. It has regional and local meetings, which usually include an exchange of knowledge lectures and a "Mart".

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E-Mail me if you have something to sell, a question about a clock you may have, or just to "chat" about Vienna Regulators. If you would like to know more about the different styles of antique Vienna Regulator clocks follow the link below. This information is compliments of Dr. Phil Rasch.

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