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Originally posted by sleepy-skywalker. Risk disappointing your precious council? Risk fucking up your mission? His touch is always gentle. Lips soft and pliable at first, one arm tugging you ever closer, while a warm hand cradled your cheek, thumb brushing back and forth over your cheek. He grows more demanding in time, a calloused hand now at the back of your neck - still tender.

These three hynas? Yeah right. I rolled my eyes, not bothering to turn around and see who said it. Least to say, she seemed unamused, not even bothering to defend herself. The way she carried herself, like a boss, got me to thinking. I scrunched my eyebrows in thought and watched her quietly. Why does her name sound so familiar?

I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that Cesar and a few of the men tensed up at the mention of that name.

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She has an intimidating reputation and her gang is a pretty big deal. Especially being an all female gang. Chuckling softly, I looked between her and Sad Eyes. I was aware that Sad Eyes was never one to back down, but this time he did once he heard her name.

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We owe you one. It was no problem. Cesar has my number in case he needs me for anything.

-Spencer would have to date a girl that is understanding of his work situation or the whole dating thing wouldn't work out -Spencer calling you before each flight, letting you know where he's going for a case or that he's finally coming home. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Dating Spencer Reid would include A/N: This is my first time doing headcanons so bare with me. I'm really proud as to how it turned out! I hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.

I looked down, blushing a bit and rolled my eyes. I turned to Cesar. You quickly jumped out of the car once you arrived at the Diaz Residence. Open the door! Who said there was an emergency?

Jun 20, requested: sorry if this isn't great this is 2am ramblings and I haven't watched Criminal Minds for a while Dating Spencer Reid would include: being apart of the BAU; which would strengthen your relationship as you're not always separated ; him being exceptionally over-protective of you. Jan 16, Dating Spencer Reid would include a close friendship with Derek & JJ helping babysit Henry & Michael when JJ & Will go out learning how to play chess . Dating Spencer Reid Would Include him reading to you him rambling a lot about everything and you always listen to him because you love how appasionate he is about it running your fingers.

You rolled your eyes and closed the door. Oscar heard your voice from his room and quickly walked out.

He leaned against the wall, confused about what was taking place right now. He tried to hide the huge smile that came to his face once he laid eyes on you. You smiled at the gift bag and sat down on the couch. You carefully removed the tissue paper, everyone watching you intensely. You felt plastic sleeves and pulled them out. Everyone made ME have to stand in line yesterday for them. You finally took a break from talking and noticed Oscar leaning against the wall.

You quickly began blushing, Did he hear that whole fangirling thing.? Oh god, this is embarrassing. You smiled back at Oscar and looked down briefly, trying to gather your thoughts. You were starting to see Him in a different light. Then you can see that side of me more. Needless to say, you and Oscar began hanging out frequently after that talk. You would even occasionally give each other advice on what was going on with your gangs and how to solve problems.

Dating spencer reid would include

Once, Oscar even called you for back up when it came to the 19 gang. You both worked well together. You had begun to notice little things changing about Oscar. For starters, when you would come over, you noticed now there were comics on the coffee table and they were always up to date. He would usually make up some excuse to change his shirt and then come back with either a DC shirt on or a Marvel shirt on.

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You always smiled to yourself when he did this, because you could tell that he was doing it for your attention. He would even pretend to not notice what shirt he was wearing until you would bring it up.

This often made you laugh and scrunch your nose, which Oscar found adorable. Your favorite thing about Oscar was how hard he would try for you. He seems like a great character! Come on, babe, keep up. You reading comics was never a problem until you started to pay more attention to the comics than to Oscar. Which led you to this moment. He was clearly becoming very annoyed with you. You looked around the living room at Cesar and his friends, plus Kayla, all looking at you with wide eyes.

Read What Dating Spencer Reid Would Include from the story Spencer Reid Images by Danosaurious ( p l a y g i r l ) with 4, reads. fanfic, spencerreid, spe Reviews: Dating Spencer Reid Would Include - it takes a while for him to ask you out - in fact, you probably end up being the one to take the jump and ask him - he really wants to kiss you on the first date, but is too nervous to - ^ rolling your eyes and kissing him yourself. Feb 20, Among those to cross the finish line were Penelope Garcia and Spencer Reid, but you may be wondering why their stories ended the way they did. One that would not include .

You were too angry to process that Oscar just threw you over his shoulder like you weighed nothing. I get that you love them and everything, but come on! He gently cupped your hands into his and gave them a gentle squeeze. You smiled more and kissed his hands before letting them go. Same universe, but still not together. You smiled against his lips and kissed back gently. Oscar shrugged, pulling you closer by your waist.

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But you assure him that you can handle both. Hey, cuties!! I want to try to start writing OMB imagines again! Not right this moment! Jade and I are still catching up on some requests. Keep an eye on our posts because we will be posting when we are opening requests back up! Plus size reader x Spooky Diaz? Hiya, darling!!

This idea works really well with another request that I got, so I am combining them!! Thank you for your patience! Hello, cutie!! But they also signify the strength of bones. They help us stand tall, providing structure should we fall. Looking around, I see all these stories. The brave souls who have bared such violence and betrayal. Those close to us can also be those who scar us. Fear not child! What once was so soul-crushing will be what sets the foundation for the strong being who stands upon it.

She brings good memories and rustling of leaves. And who knows, next Spring could be just as green! Gomez lateraccording to Hollywood Life, but then deleted hers as well. Bieber and Palvin Dwting also on Broadway although the model in an interview with Celebuzz. Wright, G.

Criminal minds - Ried speaks Russian - The new date?

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Dating spencer reid would include - Dating spencer reid would include the midst of rumors that Bieber and Gomez had trouble in paradise, Bieber was reportedly exchanging flirty texts with model. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM.

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You are not right. I am assured. Let's discuss. I think, that you commit an error.

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