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August: back to school time. Circa cough cough enjoying my Freshmen year at Drake University, I found myself not surprisingly making dating criteria list of qualities that I would look for in my perfect man. What started out half as a joke actually turned out to reveal some true thoughts on what I wanted, or at least what I thought I wanted. But looking back, that initial list helped me avoid any guy not suited for me and perhaps hindered me from experiencing the things that most girls experience at college. Points shown in. Nice smile, with good teeth 1 2. Great eyes.

Do I think my criteria is holding me back? I do find myself making assumptions about certain things when looking through online dating sites.

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This is the downside of online dating - you end up judging people on information that would probably be secondary in the real world. My longest relationships were with people who met the value-based criteria.

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That says a lot, right? I realized it was more important to date and see what actually mattered. A man who is successful professionally and driven to always want more. Someone dedicated, genuine, honest, funny, spontaneous, faithful.

A man who can make time for a relationship. Do the men I typically date meet that criteria? I think I tend to go for a man who sparks lust first instead of thinking with common sense.

Sometimes I think the little things can hold us back, like only liking tall men, or men with a certain shape or big muscles. Do I have a list of dating requirements?

Oct 15, † When it comes to dating, everyone has a dating checklist. A set of criteria they look for in a mate. For some people, potential mates must hold up against a laundry list of criteria. For others, the "list" may be a bit more mental - and a little more subtle. Disclaimer: This website contains adult material, all members and persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 18 years of age or Online Dating Criteria List older. If you are a minor, or do Online Dating Criteria List not wish to view adult materials, please leave now! Access and use to this website by minors is strictly forbidden/ Dating Checklist: When You Start a New Relationship Men and women often focus on the wrong questions when choosing their partners. Posted Jul 29,

Fo shizzle, yo. Have you read my blog? Do I think this criteria is helping or hurting me? Because my requirements stop me from going out with drug dealers or Packers fans. Do most men meet this criteria? Has my list evolved over time? But added the non-Packers fan.

Dating list criteria

If I were to write out such a list, it would probably include qualities such as driven, respectful, trustworthy, family-oriented, fun, intelligent, and so on. So in reality I have actually just been creating the list as I go.

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I think that my requirements can hinder me sometimes because I can seem too picky, but I also believe that they are helpful.

I know who I am and what I have to offer which helps me understand what I want from someone I am dating.

Aug 28, † Circa (cough) (cough) enjoying my Freshmen year at Drake University, I found myself (not surprisingly) making dating criteria list of qualities that I would look for in my perfect man. After some late night gab sessions with dorm friends, this lovely 'Perfect Man Checklist' was created.

If I had to list my top five non-negotiable characteristics, I guess they would be trustworthy, respectful, handsome, driven, and family-oriented. Usually, most men I date do meet these requirements. Do I have a list?

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This lighting is just weird. Do I think these requirements are hindering me? Chloe: Yes.

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Laura: Absolutely! I think they may be shorter lists and lists change upon circumstances i. I would hope to be qualified similar to how I qualify men.

How To Make A Dating Checklist That Leads To A Healthy Relationship, According To Experts

Nycole: Men absolutely have lists. Their lists are created by their penises, and women create our list with our hearts. Brittany: Absolutely. You don't need a list to tell you. Pay attention to the feeling you get around them rather than the traits they have.

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What you're not looking for is just as important as what you are looking for. Abusive behavior, disrespecting your family and friends, lying, and cheating may all be on your dealbreaker list, Maryann Karinchauthor of Date Decodertells Bustle. You only hurt yourself if you let them come into your relationship.

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There's a difference between refusing to compromise and being too picky. And, lucky you, your true love soulmate is in the rocker next to you and still in love with you and you've grown old together.

When you think about it, wanting a man who will go clubbing with you this weekend becomes less important than being with a man who was supportive of your dreams, loyal and honest.

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Many women have commented that over time what really mattered in a man was that he was kind, made them laugh, was affectionate, loved his family, spent time with them, and was emotionally available. Other traits that women have said were their "must haves" and minimum requirements for relationship compatibility:.

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Patience - Someone who can handle life's frustration and setbacks with patience. Energetic - Someone who's energy matches my own.

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Uthefoodlumscatering.comejudiced - Someone who considers and treats all people equally. Considerate - Someone who cares about my feelings before doing something.

Self-Confident - Someone with high self esteem.

Sep 12, † On season 7 of The Bachelorette, Ames Brown tells Ashley Hebert he learned to "throw the checklist out" when dating. He later elaborated in an interview with People, "I . Also know that your dating criteria will grow and develop with time. With every failed relationship you learn more about your "must-have" qualities and definite deal breakers. As you develop this list however, it's important to be mindful of being too this article for an explanation Are Your Dating Expectations Too High. Find Love Compatibility. Your "Must Haves", or absolute minimum requirements, are the qualities and traits for relationship, love and marriage compatibility that you will not be able to live without when you are with a partner over the long haul. To best figure out what .

Curious - Someone who is interested in new ideas and knowledge and strives to learn. Organized - Someone who is organized. Open - Someone who shares everything with me.

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Spend a little bit of time and think about the kind of person you'd still want to be with when you're ninety. What are they like? A good rule of thumb is to have about 10 "must haves".

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