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According to our records, Harry Styles is possibly single. Harry Styles is rumoured to have hooked up with Shallon Lester. Harry Styles is a 26 year old British Singer. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. Help us build our profile of Harry Styles! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Harry Edward Styles born 1 February is an English singer, songwriter, and actor.

You spread out, and cursed up at mother nature. Groaning, you pulled yourself out of bed, the large sweatpants of your boyfriends pooling at your ankles, as you sauntered off to the kitchen in your shared apartment.

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You Can't Have Both Of Us. Description: where harry's girlfriend is insecure about his friendship with y/n and makes him choose between them. Author's Note: this was requested so thank you to the lovely anon who requested it! i also didn't want to create a name for harry's girlfriend so that's why i literally just kept calling her harry's girlfriend. xoxo lee. a/n: hi. this is my baby. i love her a lot. pls treat her well. this is also quite long, so I guess save this for later and read during that sweet spot in your life where you have all the time in the world. thank u enjoy. Insensible to how the night will progress, y/n admits that the aftereffects. DATING HARRY WOULD INCLUDE (POC EDITION): Him insisting on wrapping your hair at night. "Jus' want to. Can't do somethin' nice for yeh?" - Making him really good home cooked meals and fattening him up just a little. - Exposing him to lots of old movies and shows. Ex: .

You give him another quick kiss, giggling as you pull away. Quid Pro Quo. You feel a stab of indignation. Did I Break It? In which you and Harry share a glass of wine in the kitchen and enjoy scraps of leftovers from the kids while trying to figure out Year 3 maths homework. Year 3 kids do that now?

You let out a hearty laugh.

FROM NOW ON THE WOULD INVOLVES CAN BE FOUND IN THE TAGS OF THE CHARACTER! Jr Jordan: Living with Jr would involve. - Dating Jr Jordan would involve. John Murphy: Living with Murphy and being his girlfriend would involve. - Being one of the and dating John Murphy would involve. Monty Green: Living with Monty (the ) as his girlfriend would involve. Dating Harry Styles would include constant text messages when he is on tour selfies all through your camera roll when you leave it alone with him him crediting you as his muse for his music . Harry Styles is rumoured to have hooked up with Shallon Lester. About. Harry Styles is a 26 year old British Singer. Born Harry Edward Styles on 1st February, in ch, Worcestershire, England, he is famous for One Direction in a career that spans -thefoodlumscatering.com: Meter.

Do you want to get a divorce? Just say it. Mess Is Mine. So I opted for another version of Anne. Mess Is Mine II.

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All this time? YN giggles again, folding her arms. YN is still in her bathrobe when he steps into the bedroom, smiling through the mirror at his reflection from the door.

Her black lace jumpsuit is ready on the bed, waiting for her.

Harry is still standing by the door, staring at her intensely. He folds his arms across his chest, not a word comes out of his mouth. Plus Harry teaching his little boy to swim. You let out a little chuckle. A boyish grin plastered across his face as he continued.

Half A Heart. Both you and Harry were stubborn and it seemed that your three years old got that gene. She stopped mid-sentence because Harry startled her. He huffed loudly in annoyance and turned to her. His face was stern and it might be the first time in her three years of life that the little girl was scared of her daddy.

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Half A Heart II. You seethed. Harry cut you off. Turning his head only slightly to peer over at her, she noticed a pain-filled expression consume his face.

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Of course, she already knew what he was referring to. However, she forced herself to raise her eyebrows and widen her eyes, hoping that she appeared shocked enough for Harry to believe it. She laughed nervously, uncertain with how to respond now that he had actually said the words out loud.

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And for a brief moment, she and Harry did not say a single word, but stared at each other, for they both knew deep inside that her words were not true. They both knew that there had still been a chance for them, but neither of them would allow themselves to ever say it.

She smiled to herself, for she knew that nothing could ever come between her and Harry. She would always choose him, and she knew that he would always choose her in return. Even more so, she knew that Harry was not a man that would ever choose between two people that he cares about. So when Harry arrived to her home the next morning, wearing a face of exhaustion and a dishevelled hairstyle, she knew that it was done between him and his girlfriend.

thefoodlumscatering.com is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. harry styles harrystyles harrystylesedit lockscreen lockscreens harry styles lockscreen harry styles lyrics one direction myedit lyrics lyrics edit meet me in the hallway carolina from the dining table woman sweet creature kiwi sweet creature lyrics. like dating Pedro Pascal type of thing, like the one you did with Harry? Sorry I forgot to include it in the last ask djksksks thank you lovely!! and I will start a story with the beautiful Harry styles: you can find my account under the name: Franziska Hirsch and my recommendation for a story is. Dating Timothee Chalamet: random like dating Pedro Pascal type of thing, like the one you did with Harry? Sorry I forgot to include it in the last ask djksksks thank you lovely!! and I will start a story with the beautiful Harry styles: you can find my account under the name: Franziska Hirsch and my recommendation for a story is.

He had entered into her home, holding a box in his arms and allowing his eyes to gloss over with tears. She felt her eyebrows furrow in confusion, as she did not realize that Harry had actually liked his girlfriend this much.

In fact, he typically had just complained about her, so she was surprised that he was even upset at all about their breakup.

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She placed her hands on her hips and nodded her head. She watched his bottom lip quiver as he gently lowered the box onto her kitchen counter. It was the blanket that he had bought her so that she would stop stealing his whenever she visited his house; it was her old typewriter that she allowed him to use when writing his songs; it was the countless movies that she had brought over for movie nights; and most importantly, it was her favourite sweater of his that he would always allow her to sleep in whenever she would drunkenly spend her night in his guest bedroom.

Dating harry styles would include tumblr

She tried to say something, but no words were able to escape from her mouth. She did not even realize that the tears had been forming in her eyes before they were already streaming down her cheek. She shook her head, unable to accept that this was actually happening. Harry did not reply. Instead, he simply lowered his head, concealing the single tear that had lingered in the corner of his eye.

It was clear that the decision was hurting him just as much as it was hurting her, but the worst part for her was that he was still deciding to walk away from her.

Harry squeezed his lips together, fighting the tears that were battling to escape.

You Can't Have Both Of Us

Harry opened his mouth to speak, but at the very first word that left his mouth, he slammed his mouth shut again, knowing that he would completely break down if he tried to say anything to her. She nodded her head, realizing that her best friend was choosing his girlfriend over their three-year friendship. She lifted up her shoulders, fixing her posture so that she stood sturdy before him.

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She lifted her hands to her eyes and wiped away the puddle of tears that had gathered beneath them. You are deciding to walk away from me, so the minute that you step out that front door, you and this beautiful friendship of ours is dead to me.

She strived to stand strong and to be firm in her words, but all she wanted in that moment was for Harry to wrap his arms around her and whisper that everything would be okay. She did not need much in the world, but she knew that she needed him. He had become a part of her and she could not imagine living in a world without Harry by her side.

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Harry leaned forward and rested his lips against her ear. He remained there for what seemed like forever, terrified to break away from her, for he knew that it would be their last moment together. And before either of them had been ready, Harry dropped his lips from her forehead. He did not take a final look at her, knowing that one glimpse would cause him to go running back to her. So Harry turned his back to her and exited through the front door of her home.

The moment that he disappeared from her sight, a deafening sob escaped from her mouth as her body sunk to the floor. Her best friend and the man that she loved with every piece of her heart no longer existed to her. He seemed tense and so did I, but I wanted to get it of my chest.


There was something uncomfortable to speak seriously. Harry and I were a perfect couple.

Harry Styles REVEALS Best Part About Dating Him, What Adele Gave Him & MORE

He was perfect. A real prince. I took his hand, trying to make the situation I had created less anxious. We placed us on the bench in the garden. He tried to catch my eyes.

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