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A lot went down in Avengers: Infinity War , yes, but take one moment to think back to that one specific scene, where Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner catch sight of each other for the first time in three years. Okay, so, what, exactly, did he mean by THAT? If you recall, Natasha had spent the entirety of Avengers: Age of Ultron , attempting at a romantic involvement with Bruce. Fast forward to three years. Since the Avengers disassembled in Captain America: Civil War , Nat had been on the run - not with Bruce, but with Steve Rogers - for betraying the government and not handing Steve over as agreed.

It sure looks as if they have. Let me explain. Not only did The Avengers lay the foundation for a work spouse relationship between Nat and Steve, but there were also hints of romantic interest - remember when he tossed her up with his shield?

His eyes were heart-shaped. There was also, when Steve met Nat for the first time - yes, Bruce was there, too, but when Nat looked back at the two men, it was almost foreshadowing that they would each become significant to her in some personal way the two men of her future.

The entire film was filled with magical moments. And they kiss - though, for work-related reasons. Instead, they paired Nat with Bruce, in Age of Ultron. First off, why, of all people, would Steve give his blessing to her and Bruce? When Nat picks her up in her arms, Steve is seen in the shot. Is that foreshadowing? But, you know, platonic. So, how will we know for sure if Natasha and Steve are romantically involved?

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Avengers Psychological Profiles

As a Staff Writer for FanBolt, she pens articles about pop culture films and television programs. Totally agree with you! Excellent point! If they adopt a child, yes. Cause Nat has been sterilized she said that to Bruce in Age of Ultron. Yes and again Yes for Romanogers! Just look at Cap and Widow together! Had my second viewing today, and that stuck out like a sore thumb. Then I read both Scarlett and Chris denying the romance and was bewildered - why would you shoot the scene that way?

But Natasha is the only thing that helps Bruce and the Hulk.

Which Avenger Is The Most Psychologically Screwed Up?

Clint is the only other one who truly knows Nat. I really hope nat and steve become an item cause i have been shipping them since the winter soldier. Also for all the people who are saying that nat cant get pregnant im not trying to be rude or anything but just a reminder that steve isnt a normal person he has serum that could get nat pregnant and thats how james rogers could happen!

Im so excited to see avengers end game i love nats hair and how nat and steve share lots of screentime!! Not knowing that her and Bruce where like yeah. A couple that fights well together will stay together forever.

He isn't done yet, he is barely even hurt, but before he can proceed with smashing, Attuma confronts him, and explains that he has yet to learn the dangers that lie in the depths of the ocean, so he is dragged into darkness by some monster. In the mean time Attuma explains in fury to his subjects, that Limura is just a means to an end, he only uses the magical monsters of the city that there will be no protest from his fellow Atlantians when he tries to force his rule on the them, and despite the fact that Limuarian fleet is still loyal to Attuma, the only thing he requires from them is the weapon the chief wizard has built him.

Banner on the other hand is still coming to his senses, and as he wakes up, he sees a beautiful Atlantian, who seems far more interested in Banner's alter ego, so she asks him to change back.

Banner explains that the change is bit more complicated that one would like to believe, but before she could respond, her love, Canor, warns banner not to do anything with his betrothed, to which Mara replies that she is not interested in this scrawny human and she is most definitely not HIS property.

Canor later takes banner in to a fortress which had been the city itself before Attuma attacked, and the reason for them saving hulk was because they saw him as a powerful ally, which would be useful because Attuma has acquired a very powerful weapon. When Banner sees the plans for this weapon, he says simply " We're screwed", and Attuma's potential danger is seen when he launches the weapon on the Chinese men that came with Banner in the first place, which causes them to burn to the bone.

The rebels start to initiate the attack; and Bruce figures that the fastest way to Hulk out is to kiss Mara, which unsurprisingly works. They ambush Attuma and his minions, and while the other are occupied, the big guns take it out on each other.

In the end, the fight leads to Hulk being consumed by a giant magical monster whose skin cannot be penetrated, but even that is not enough to stop the hulk, and Attuma's terror is defeated.

Mara is ecstatic at the Hulk's power, so she kisses him, but she isn't too happy when Banner returns. The attack was successful, and in the end, Banner is not left empty handed, he managed to smuggle the secret formula to the ancient solvent. Banner and his assistants are working on creating a portal to Jotunheimand while the others are busy with work, banner contemplates about his coworkers.

Steve Rogers Meets Bruce Banner & Natasha Romanoff - The Avengers (2012) Movie CLIP HD

There is a reason Banner had selected these helpers, each of them is hiding a very important secretbut Banner was least suspicious of Patty, but even with her there are signs, suggesting that she is concealing something, considering the fact that Patty was trying to make Banner Hulk out. Banner himself and three of his assistants enter the portal which they open, all with high tech armorand one of them his left to operate the portal itself Banner's mission is to locate Eiderdurma source of liquid that can only exist at sub zero temperature.

The opening of the portal forces Thor to see what had happened, since Mjolnir had picked up some strange energy signature. Thor warns the mortals about the dangers of Frost giants, and Banner is surprised that he is not able to recognize him.

As they are exchanging words, frost giants storm in and attack them, and while Thor fights them, Banner is frozen before he could assist his ally. Thor advises Banner's team to take cover and run as he is attacked from the back, which forces him to drop his hammer.

Hulk then comes out, angrier than ever. He tears through the frost giants and sees Mjolnir laying around, he tries to pick it up, and though it was difficult at first, he raises the hammer and yells " HULK However, it turns out that the reason Hulk was able to lift Mjolnir was because of the fact that Thor had summoned it from far beyond.

Summary: Bruce Bolter is 77 years old and was born on 09/05/ Bruce Bolter lives in New York, NY; previous city include Bronx NY. In the past, Bruce has also been known as Bruce S Bolter. Bruce's ethnicity is Caucasian, whose political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; and religious views are listed as Christian. Read Dating Bruce Banner Includes from the story Avengers Preferences by Andie_AmericanPsycho with 9, reads. preferences, avengers, captainamerica. * Him bl Reviews: May 02,   The Hulk: It probably comes as no surprise that Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner has issues with anger management. "The problem with anger," said Dr.

Hulk and Thor quickly settle things and decide to fight off the frost giants. Before they get there Banner's assistants are trying to survive the assault from the giants. As the Helpers are captured, Thor and Hulk charge in to fight theses monsters off, but one of them discovers the portal from which the humans came from.

Because of this, while Hulk and Thor are fighting, Shield is forced to shut the portal down, and when they activate it again, there are multiple places where the portal could lead, so bringing the team back was completely impossible unless they could locate the specific area in which they had been residing.

During the battle two major things happen, Patty tries to commit suicide by jumping off one of the frost giants arm, but luckily Hulk saves her. Also, one of the frost giants use their powers to trick Banner's team into believing that one of the frost giants is one of the assistants, meaning that they could learn more about the portal. As the others are camping in the lands of Jotunheim, Banner first explains to Dr.

Veteri that he unknowingly created a time machine, which would explain why Thor cannot recognize the hulk. The team manages to set up camp fire and find something to eat, at this time Banner and Patricia Discuss the event that had happened to her a few hours ago, to which Patty confesses that she is committed to S. H- Suicide By Hulk. This matter is discussed further, and Patty tells Banner her story, about how she is her fathers only benefactor, and since she has been diagnosed with a fatal diseaseno one could provide for him.

Suicide wasn't an option eitherbecause Patty's father wouldn't get anything from it, while working in close proximity with Hulk would definitely pay for itself. Banner suggest that maybe there still is hope for a cure, but Patty has lost faith in that. The conversation then re-directs itself about a new topic, which was about Hulk's hammer stunt a few hours back. Patty asks why Hulk could not have lifted Thor's hammer, since Hulk was stronger. To which Banner replies "That's an eternal debate.

Bruce further explains on how the whole concept of being "Worthy" worked by providing a scientific theory : The hammer can emit gravitation particles through nanotechnology, when someone is deemed unworthy the hammer increases it's gravitational pull, making it impossible for someone to lift Mjolnir".

The other theory was that Mjolnir was just pure magic, but patty gets mad since none of this has to do anything with a cure for her disease. At this time Randal, or more specifically the spy was communication with his king distantly, while Thor and Veteri were thinking up a way to get the Eiderdurm.

Veteri purposes that they use Thor's hammer to create an electromagnetic field to channel the fall of absolute zero. And amazingly the plan works, but as soon as the portal to home opens, the spy reveals himselfpunches Thor into the Eiderdurm fall and calls upon his fellow frost giants. The charge toward the portal, so Maria hill summons her agents to fend them off, but they are not alone, because the Hulk does some smashing too.

At some point of the battle Hulk remembers that Thor has to be saved, he jumps in the magic fall, and through Banner's awesome tech and his great durability, Hulk saves Thor, and they Together, pound the ground and turn the Eiderdurm fall into a river by cracking the ground. Thor flies up into the air and releases a huge charge into the cracks, fading away while he does so. Lucky Hulk caught him, but got dosed with Mjolnirs power and was knocked out for 30 seconds.

When Banner awakens, Thor returns with the real Randal and they all go back home. While the Shield field agents are getting ready to stop a weapons exchange, Banner decides to chat with his Insurance "mystery Man", since he is in the neighborhood. This man, is Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, who has been appointed as Hulk's lawyer. As Maria Hill sees Banner talking with someone about a classified shield operation, she starts no doubt yelling.

Banner explains the situation and tells her to chill playfully, which angers Maria. Before they deploy for combat, Maria gives Banner a parachute and tells him that he can just watch from a distance, simply to take a break, of course little did Banner realize that the parachute was fake and it was just Hills way of paying Bruce back because of his constant need to make her angry.

Bruce Hulk's mid-air and starts raiding the Thor-Level ordinance transfer. At this time, with Banner's invitation, Daredevil appears to help out. He jumps in to fight along-side Hulk, but once one of the AIM agents activate a sonic weapon, which would specifically be very harmful for Daredevil due to his enhanced sense, Matt is quickly rendered into one place, which leaves Hulk to power on through, and that he does.

When the action is over, Bruce finds that one of the AIM minion is missing, along with a destructive weapon. So using DD enhances senses, he and Matt track down the agent by following the frequency given of the Kinetic Microgenerator.

When they track him down, they enter the bar, with Daredevil leading. When the thugs see Matt they pull out their guns, ready to shoot him down, that's of course until they see Hulk come smashing through the door.

Daredevil pinpoints the guy they are looking for by listening to his heart beat. But when he does so, the AIM agent activates the weapon to a much stronger level, and Hulk gets really angry and powers on through again, only this time a massive explosion is cased, and the agent escapes.

He goes to a specific address, where he finds Baron Zemo! Who of course isn't pleased that he didn't completely recessive his shipment, he simply got one gun. After asking the AIM henchmen whether he was followed or not, he executed him.

The sound wave of the gun was cough by Daredevil, who had just been saved by Hulk from a charging train after ending up underground after the bar squabble. After Tracking Zemo down, a battle breaks out, and the events lead to the point where Hulk has been blinded.

While Zemo and some of the henchmen escape, Hulk becomes increasingly angry and starts smashing mindlessly, one of the henchmen charge in and due to their own stubbornness die. Daredevil calls Maria for help, which is why she links him with Banner's assistants, they advise him to use the gun which produces sound to stabilize Hulk's condition, unfortunately Daredevil couldn't make out the signs on the gun, meaning that he had to try everything out. The battle leads eventually outside, where they accidentally crack a building, with Daredevil standing under it.

Hulk regains his vision in time to save him, and does so. For sometime now, the Heroes of the Marvel universe has been tampering with time, and as a result ,the Space-Time Continuum had been shattered, and despite Zarrkos Help, No one is durable enough to survive the time-stream Bruce banner, after returning from his mission, was filled in on what had been happening around the world, things have vanished without leaving any trace.

Banner and Maria consult Zarrko since he was the one who produced the theory of time shattering long ago. Zarrko explains that the Hulk is the only one who can save everyone and survive the time-stream, and while Banner is reluctant at first, Zarrko corners Banner into agreeing when he makes him realize that due to the time being tampered with by villains known as T he Chronarchists, Bruce can't even remember Betty's name.

Also, Hulk's personality fluctuates due to his past being changed multiple times, so unless Banner takes action soon, Hulk might become mindless again. The situation is quite complex,Banner cannot complete his mission without the Hulk, and he has to stay as the Hulk at all times considering that he would most likely die if he appears due to the effects of the time-stream and his consciousness is carried over to R.

B to guide the Hulk, therefore having two Banners would result in something seriously bad. Their First traveled to A. The first thing that took place right as they came to this time period was them being ambushed by a dinosaur in the presence of Kid ColtTwo-Gun Ki and Rawhide Kid. After Hulk deals with the dinosaur, Banner explains the situation to the gang and they all agree to do what is right. The Chronarchist in question was Tok Baltusara criminal scientist from the 23rd century.

As Hulk engages Tok's dinosaurs, the cowboy gang is ambushed by a bunch of speed enhanced minions. As the gang is being overwhelmed Hulk dispatches the threat and comes to the rescue while Banner instructs the others on how to take Tok down.

If they trike the glowing panel on his armor, it might destabilize him. There are certain things that Banner found odd in Tok's actions. Why would he come to the with dinosaurs, clearly the people here weren't advanced enough for Tok to need the upper hand? But then It occurred to Banner that the dinosaurs were just a convenient plus to the situation.

Due to the energy readings it was clear that Tok had went back to the prehistoric age to infect the silver vein so it could be over years transformed into alloy, which is used for time-travel. As the team of cowboys dealt with Tok, Banner taunted Hulk into destroying the mines in which this alloy was picked up from.

However due to the high radiation levels, Hulk's armor started to malfunction, therefore teleporting him to Camelot. However it seems that because of his constant interference, one of the Chronarchists had gone back in time to alter the Hulk's origin. This causes a chain of events which forces Hulk to fight many of his previous foes such as Abomination and Sandman while constantly shifting through different incarnations.

As Hulk is transported to the Columbus expedition, he becomes the G reen Scar. Banner, or Rob, tries to analyze the situation, however Fin Fang Foom appears out of nowhere and engages Hulk in combat. But he proves to be a unimpressive adversary to the powerful Green Scar who uses his size, power and speed to immobilize Fin Fang Foom. Meanwhile, the final Chronarchist, Khotto, is altering the Gamma bomb the Original One with temporal components mined by Tok.

This of course, is for the purpose of freeing Zarrko, who is in fact behind all of this. Hulk is then teleported way back to his birthplace, where he encounters Banner himself trying to save Rick Jones. Hulk pushes Banner into the pit and gets dosed with the same gamma radiation which had turned him into the Incredible Hulk.

During this time Banner realized that The constant time acceleration had left his artificial body in a bad state, so he quickly transferred his intelligence to his younger self as a means to save the mission. Lucky Banner's plan worked, but a new problems arose.

The radiation effects from the double gamma bomb dosage had altered the Hulk in many ways. The result of the Gamma Radiation was the Hulk had become much more monstrous,mindless and strong. Banner bathes in his moment of freedom but upon coming to the realization that Betty has been erased from time, he understands that in his selfish moment he forgot that currently there are no properly groomed heroes to stop this new uber powerful Hulk.

Banner searches for some residual gamma radiation to regain his power and stop the atrocity trashing the soldier when he comes across Khotto. It turns out that the Chronarchists had been working for Zarrko all this time, and they had purposefully created a new Hulk so he'd be strong enough to dig Zarrko out of a very specific and impenetrable prison. Banner looses his cool and charges towards Khotto and activates the time armor. They then travel back in time to the gamma bomb blast, however due to the time component added to the gamma bomb, time starts to move very slowly, therefore the transformation takes some time to kick in.

Banner dukes it out with the final Chronarchist until he sees the new Hulk Squared come charging for him through the time-stream. Banner manages to Hulk out and shatter the time barrier, which is how he manages to grab Zarrko and pull him into the time-stream.

The Uber Hulk however is lost in time. They fly around until some mysterious force consumes both Khotto and Zarrko while hulk is actually saved by Red She Hulk. Everything seems to work out for the best Banner feels that something has changed about his past, he just can't put his finger on it. After Banner was repeatedly shot in the back of the skull by a then unknown assassin, his brain was subjected to Arno Stark's Extremis Virus.

This particular incarnation of the Hulk neither recognizes himself as either Dr. He has thus made it his mission to eliminate all gamma-based weapons and threats from the planet. Realizing that Doc Green is becoming increasingly violent and ruthless, Banner eventually allows him to fade away by refusing to take more Extremis injections. During a meltdown on Kiber Islan the Hulk tries to siphon off dangerous reactor radiation by absorbing it.

These energies overload the Hulk, nearly causing an even bigger explosion. Amadeus Cho ultimately saves the day by using nanites to drain the excess radiation from Banner, which accidentally causes Cho to absorb Banner's gamma energy and transform into the new Hulk.

Now cured of his condition, Banner continues his gamma research. Unfortunately, Profiler receives a vision of the Hulk returning and killing the Avengers, which causes Captain Marvel to attempt to detain Banner to make sure he isn't trying to transform himself back into the Hulk.

Though Banner pleads his innocence, the tensions escalate until Hawkeye kills him with an arrow, claiming that he thought Bruce was going to transform. The Hulk's gamma irradiated physiology allows Hulk to survive in space. The growth of Hulk's gamma ray-fueled transmutation gives him potentially limitless strength extending to unparalleled abilities of regenerative healing, stamina, and durability.

Hulk is physically one of the strongest and most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. His limitless strength usually depends on his emotions, especially his rage. Hulk has the potential to truly be "The strongest one there is". It is well known that the angrier Hulk gets, the more stronger and powerful he becomes. It is a well known fact that Bruce Banner has always suppressed the Hulk and his power, if only out of fear of harming others But there has been a few times that neither Banner or Hulk could control their fury, thus the result have been quite devastating to say the least.

Hulk has always been noted to have great superhuman speed despite his size due to the power of his gamma-charged body. Hulk can easily exceed the speed of sound with his punches as it's made evident with the air-shock waves he produces and super-leaps. He's also caught fighter jets and missiles through the use of super-leaps or reaching out to them with his bare hands. Hulk usually jumps rather than runs to travel because once he reaches a certain anger level he is unable to run because he breaks apart the ground underneath him, giving him no friction to run on.

While the Likes of Iron Man, Wasp and Thor lay pinned to the ground, Hulk was moving despite Graviton putting tons of extra weight on him on top of the containers he was throwing to stop Hulk from moving.

This is the most likely reason why Hulk is incredibly fast. He can defy gravity. Hulk's skin is extremely durable, his skin can easily resist a Ground Zero explosion, Human Torch's Nova Blast, planet-Shattering impacts, and a blast from Galactus. Hulks durability also increases with his rage. Hulk has also been able to take a blast which Ultron used to soften and manipulate adamantium.

Hulk's healing factor is superior to that of Wolverine's because it is not limited in the energy necessary to maintain this core foundation.

Hulk is capable of adapting to inhospitable environments when ever it becomes necessary. There were many occasions where Hulk not only survived in airless areas, but has also spoken in them. Same as his healing factor and strength, the angrier hulk gets, the faster he adapts. In the early comics, Hulk also had the ability of flight. Hulk's physiology allows him to survive for a long period of time without food, water or air after he has adapted. The Hulk has the unique ability of being able to see "astral forms"-or ghosts.

Hulk is able to see Dr strange astral form when no one can, which comes in handy when working with his fellow defender strange. The reason for hulk developing this ability could be because of the fact that banner feared his fathers ghost would come back and hunt him.

Hulks stamina is also very high, in a normal calm state, he can go on for several days before he even begins to feel tired. Hulk's stamina increase with his anger.

Oct 16,   Avengers Dating Would Include Masterpost. It did 'Dating Would Include' for the avengers, all of these will have a smut fic accompanying/inspired by it at some point. # bruce banner x reader # steve rogers imagine # bucky barnes imagine # tony stark imagine # clint barton imagine # natasha romanoff imagine. Dating Steve Rogers would include: black coffee lazy mornings vintage songs and vinyls internet slang "i literally can't." "can't what?" morning sex bathtub sex late night snacks because fast metabolism you giving him back massages steamy foreplay afterwards "old man." teasing steve with tony stark running around your. dating Bruce Banner would include calling you "honey" or "darling" waking you up with kisses on your nose making you (healthy) breakfast sometimes you sit on his lap while he's working .

When sufficiently enraged The Hulk emits omnidirectional bursts of Gamma rays, to hugely destructive effect. The Hulk's body soaks in radiation like a sponge, using it to empower himself. Increasing not just his usual abilities but also on occasion his size.

Despite the fact that there have been many incarnations of the hulk, the one thing that almost never changes is that hatred hulk and banner have for each other. Hyde 's. The main difference is that Hulk is not a bad guy, he is not the villain, he is misunderstood, and in fact, when given the chance, he has done the right thing many numerous occasions.

Hulks hatred for banner was manifested when banners mother died at that hand of their father, Brain Banner. Hulk acknowledges the fact that he and Banner are one and the same, hence he blames banner for being weak and not being able to defend their dear "mommy", and as any kid would traditionally do, Hulk blames a part of the incident on himself, and so he takes his anger out on Bruce, same way his father did to him out of Fear.

Their relationship can also be considered ironic, seeing as how a small frail intelligent man gets turned into a green behemoths who is potentially one of the strongest beings on earth. But there are more to banner that meats the eye, banner represents will, because he is charge of controlling a very powerful being. Hulk on the other hand is not banners dark side that would be devil hulkhe represents many cts of Bruce, the traditional Savage hulk represents banners angry child self who was abused by his father, he is very strong due to the fact that most kids view themselves sometime as an unstoppable forcewhile the grey hulk represents the wild teenager banner never got to be.

Banner and Hulk have cooperated before, but no matter how hard they try the still seem to hate each other. Over the years banner has learned to use hulk sometimes as a weapon, in fact most recently, banner has joined shield because he has some unknown plans of his own, so instead of a gamma bomb, Hulk will be more like a targeted UMD. They seemed to learn to accept each other in a series that's not too old, after they had been separated completely. Banner turned insane without the Hulk, and they both later learned that they both need each other.

Banner himself, along with some Hulk incarnations, possesses a genius level scientific intellect. Banner is one of the 8 smartest people on Earth. No one knows gamma radiation better than he does. In his main form, hulk has the brain of a child, however, he is by no means stupid, he can learn new things and had used some bizarre tactics to best his enemies before.

We can conclude that Hulk also has a very interesting homing ability, since he has been able to return to New Mexico where he fist became the Hulk on many occasions, However later Maestro's image explained that Bruce was only able to do this because of his spirit, who was calling for him. However this proved to be false since the hulk was still able locate his birth place and use this homing ability after Maestro was revived.

This homing ability has also been used to find people on many occasions. For exampleHulk was able to locate Rick Jones, Betty and The Abomination without knowing anything about their prior whereabouts. The hulk is able to manipulate gamma energy, he has done it many times. Armageddon once tried to use the hulks emitting gamma energy to bring his son back to life. On the Planet Sakaar, his blood has been shown to transmit its regenerative abilities to making the alien flora germinate and grow at a rapid pace.

Amadeus Cho also postulated that Banner's persona and intellect influence the Hulk to a greater degree than previously thought. He deduced that the Hulk is like him in many ways, able to calculate the effects of his actions to a degree so fine that he can use the maximum amount of force in any given time, and yet not kill anyone. Cho backed up his theory with the fact that despite the Hulk unleashing more power than he had ever shown before in the World War Hulk event, no one died at his hands, whether directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, it was seen that during the time when Hiro-Kala was trying to destroy earth, Hulk and Banner were now working together strategically to subdue their enemy, which makes the hulk a much more formidable foe. Because of his healing factor that regenerates his cells, and the gamma energy he has absorbed that empowers him, the Hulk can live longer then is normal.

A possible future persona, the Maestro, was in physical prime in spite of being more than one hundred years old. In another alternate future it is implied that the Hulk's body effectively lasts forever but there is much question if that is true. Hulk's skin can be harmed by materials such as Adamantium and Vibranium. The Hulk can also be knocked out with gas, and is susceptible to mental attacks, but when extremely angry Hulk usually overpowers them.

Arguably, when Hulk sees that he is being manipulated, he can overpower them. Like when Amora was manipulating the Hulk. After being manipulated initially, the spell broke when he sqashed the wasp between his hands.

Afterwards when Amora tried to manipulate him again, Hulk broke through. After Banner was deprived of the Hulk, at the hand of Red Hulk, he showed just how smart he is.

His inventions include:. Bruce Banner's psyche is fragmented and fractured due to years of repression, made worse by the altered genetics he was born with as well as the irradiation from the gamma bomb accident. The incarnation that are listed below only show thous Hulks who psychically manifested or appeared in banners mind long enough for one to know there identities, there are a lot of other Hulk that have appeared frozen in banners mind a place which resembles a cave, however we don't know what they represent or who they are.

Banners personality usually fluctuates over time, considering that he leads a very strange life style. Whether he likes it or not, Bruce has been influenced by the jade Giant countless times. At one point Banner even believed that the hulk was nothing more than a mindless monster.

Dating bruce banner would include

This didn't stop him from perusing happiness and for a time he did manage to be at peace with himself, but eventually he was forced to technically commit suicide by giving his personality up to the incredible Hulk when he had realized that no matter how hard he tried, he could never really achieve happiness. This lead to the creation of The Mindless version of the green skin. When Banner eventually came back his personality had changed drastically.

Despite the fact that this was the time where a more sinister hulk had emerged joe FixitBanner still remained hopeful for the future. Banner, as a man of science, and as a man who had suffered a lot, believed that all of his pain had meaning, meaning that he would never stop resisting his urge to finely end it all. This was proven when Mercy, an alien who granted suicidal people death, had senses Banners depression and had attempted to kill him, believing that she was doing him a favor.

Bruce however, stood his ground and didn't give in. This new attitude had allowed Bruce to confront the Hulk on many occasions, and had eventually given birth to a dynamic team where Hulk and Banner would work together.

Quite recently however, after rethinking king his way of lifeBruce Banner came to the conclusion that the hulk is indestructible ,meaning that he cannot be cured, therefore, he decided that it would be for the best if he stopped trying to rid himself of the jade giant and focus his energies on leaving a mark on the world with his intellect.

Therefore, he joined shield with a much more confident and happy attitude. He still has episodes of anger, most notably when he is outclassed by other prominent scientists. It's possible that Bruce may have developed an inferiority complex due to the fact that he has been overshadowed by his alter ego for so long, which would explain his indignation when other egg-heads manage to stay one step ahead of him. This is the 'traditional' Hulk personality.

He has been compared to a child and resembles sometimes the intellect of a person with a really low IQ, talking of himself in the 3rd person, mostly in fragmented sentences, however, most people neglect the fact that the SAVAGE version can learn from his experiences, same as any normal human being.

This Hulk typically only wants to be left alone. This is one of the most powerful incarnations of the hulk. The savage Hulks strength is near-limitless, but at a calm state he can lift up to tons.

In appearance, The savage Hulk is a giant heavily muscled ape like creature. The Savage Hulk represents the anger of the abused child when banner was a little kid. Later, thinking the Hulk dead, this incarnation of Hulk was able to escape to Las Vegas, working as a 'leg-breaker' for a casino owner.

He remained free of Banner for months and developed a life all his own until the transformations returned and he was fired from his job. He is capable of lifting 70 tons. The Grey Hulk is cunning, intelligent, arrogant, crafty, hedonistic, and distant with a hidden conscience. The Leader once stated that the Grey Hulk was strongest during the night of the new moon and weakest during full moon.

However, this was removed when the Hulks night based transformation was removed. The Grey Hulk represents the wild teenage side of Bruce Banner, which might explain his perverted and deviant personality.

The new Gravage Hulk had the cunning intellect of Bruce Banner, the personality of the grey Hulk, and the raw power and physical appearance of the green Savage Hulk. At first believed to be a merged version of the Hulk, it was later revealed that this was the professor, a completely different, fourth personality that represented Banner's good side.

Thought this Hulk was physically the largest, he was not the strongest even though he could lift tons with ease, because Banner had made a safety protocol subconsciously, that if this Hulk get's angryhe becomes weaker and eventually turns into Banner with the mind of the savage Hulk, the savage Banner if you will.

The professor represents Bruce Banner's good and forgiving side. This Hulk has a more human appearance unlike his Savage counterpart. This Hulk originated when Nightmare broke in Banner's mind and his worst visions and fears of the Hulk merged into another being.

This is one of the most powerful incarnations there has ever been, because Banner cannot hold the mindless Hulk back, he can lift tons at a calm state. At this time the Hulk was being controlled by banner but he still feared that the savage monster would break free once again.

Nightmare increased his influence until this hulk finely emerged in the surface. In time, This hulk learned to speak in full sentences thanks to three creatures which he created with his subconscious, since then this personality has not been seen, it has also been suggested that he is no longer a part of Banner's mind.

However, with the help of doctor strange, a similar incarnation to the mindless Hulk entered nightmares dimension, and threatened to kill him. Hulk was destroying the whole domain so nightmare asked Spider-man for his aid.

Spider-man managed to push he hulk into another dimension but before he still managed to grab nightmare and pull him in. Nightmare has appeared since that, but this Hulk still remains to be seen. While the Hulk spent time in the Microverse, he remained intelligent and even married. He was made king and in his wake even left the people of K'ai worshiping him. This Hulk is the incarnation of Banner's regret. This Hulk has never physically manifested. The Guilt Hulk fist appeared in Banner's mind as he was tormented by his father to relieve memories of his childhood, but Banner himself managed to defeat the Guilt Hulk.

But, the Guilt Hulk late appeared after Betty's death and he was stronger than ever, very similar to the Devil Hulk in appearance, the Guilt Hulk almost manifested but was stopped by the Savage Hulk, Joe Fixit, and the professor within Banner's mind. Due to Banner's guilt this Hulk was also very powerful and could probably list more than tons.

Origin Bruce Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk. Robert Bruce Banner was born to atomic scientist Dr. Brian Banner and his wife, thefoodlumscatering.comgh deeply loved by his mother, Bruce. Him always buying you gifts Telling him to stop buying you things but he is stubborn Spending time in the Batcave together Raising the Robins together The Robins looking up to you as a mother You and Bruce talking about having kids all the time Him loving you wearing black Tending his wounds when he gets back from saving Gotham Alfred having a soft spot. Dating Bucky Would Include. Tony Stark. Dating Tony Would Include. Tony Stark Playlist. Bruce Banner. Being Bruce's Daughter Would Include. Sam Wilson. Dating Sam Would Include. DAREDEVIL. Matt Murdock. Dating Matt Would Include. STAR WARS. Poe Dameron. Tears on Jakku Part 2. Dating Poe Would Include. Kylo Ren. Dating Kylo Would Include.

The Guilt Hulk had claws, sharp teeth and spikes all over him body. The beast Hulk represents Bruce Banners abusive Father. The beast Hulk easily dominated Both The grey and Green Hulk, and has even spit fire from his mouth during the battle.

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He was only defeated By Bruce Banner's strong mind. We have not seen him since. He was able to feed on The Hulks hate and shoot flames out of his mouth. The imperfect future version of the hulk, who was driven mad by the energies and radiation caused by the Nuclear war and became the Tyrant of what was left of earth. Though Maestro may be an alternate personality of Bruce banner form a different reality, there is a chance that Hulk could become maestro. This was demonstrated when Hulk stared referring to himself as the maestro because a shrapnel was stuck in Hulk's head, however he immediately snapped out when the shrapnel was removed during a fight with Thor.

The personification of Banner's resentment against the world. He wishes to destroy all of humanity once he gains control of Banner's body. Once chained in Banner's mind, he roams free form his imprisonment. He was able to feed on The Hulk's hate and shoot flames out of his mouth.

We could make an assumption that the devil hulks strength increases with his hate, but that is till yet to be revealed. We can assume that the Devil Hulk can lift tons, since it took the Savage and the Grey Hulk to hold him down.

This version of the Hulk was a combination of efforts between Banner and the more intelligent of the green personalities. Working with Banner's intelligence and cooperation, Hulk took control of the planet Sakaar, bringing peace to the land, marrying and even conceiving two children, Skaar and Hiro-Kala.

After his kingdom was demolished, he returned to Earth to wage war on the Illuminati. The Green Scar is a very skilled fighter since on Sakaar he used various weapons as a gladiator in the arena. This particular version of the hulk also works with banner, and they use many strategies to bring down his opponents, which makes him a much more formidable foe and a great leader.

When this Hulk reaches a certain level of anger, he enters world breaker mode.

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In this state, the Hulk emits mass amounts of gamma radiation and becomes very, very strong. The World Breaker Hulk's power was deployed during his war against the earth, he became so mad that he caused multiple earthquakes in North America and almost completely destroyed the eastern seaboard along with the earth with a single footstep.

We saw the return of the World Breaker Hulk in Vegas, when he was fighting against Armageddon, but fortunately the Hulk was able to hold back his power. Without holding back, Hulk was easily able to destroy the planet in the dark dimension and absorb gamma radiation to the point where he became 80 feet for a short period of time.

Reed Richards later states that Banner is actively suppressing the ct of himself dubbed the Green Scar later renamed by the Green Scar persona himself as the World-Breaker. Troy Hector. Chopper Chopper. The Time Traveler's Wife Henry. The Dry post-production Aaron Falk. John Meehan. Show all 8 episodes. Joe Sabatini. Show all episodes. Rob Biletsky. Various Characters. Show all 9 episodes.

Dating Bruce Banner Would Include Dating Clint Barton Would Include Dating Steve Rogers Would Include Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include Parent/Child Trouble Outfit They Love You In Outfit They Love You In Pregnancy Series: Tony Stark 1Reviews: 5. Dating Thor would include: preferences the avengers imagines thor captain america imagines steve rogers imagines steve rogers black widow natasha romanoff bruce banner imagines pietro maximoff imagines pietro maximoff wanda maximoff quicksilver tony stark imagines tony stark iron man clint barton clint barton imagines hawkeye age of ultron. General Ross makes one last attempt to get his hands on Bruce Banner. When the successful kidnapping takes his team into the sewers to escape the eyes of the Avengers, he inadvertently gets his hands on someone else. Alternately: Bruce Banner and Raphael get put through hell, and the repercussions of that are going to change a whole lot of.

Guest Performer. Show all 88 episodes. Show all 28 episodes. Show all 6 episodes. Self - Guest. Self - Special Guest. She Goes She Just Goes

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