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Church Family Children. Printable version. Email to a friend. Unmarried Christians sleeping together Marriage is under attack from all sides. The traditional Christian dictum for monogamous heterosexual marriage yes, it's both a pity and a symptom that it needs to be defined these days is: "Fidelity within; chastity without". Sexual attraction and pleasure is part of our a God-given make up, but at any time - not least the age in which we live - the Chistian church is not immune from the mores and relaxed standards of contemporary society, and the whispering lies from the enemy of God.

Ray Pritchard of Keep Believing Ministries was asked by a mature and divorced man and a woman if it was "OK" for them, as a loving couple and Christians, to sleep together. This is what he wrote: I received an email from a man who asked a very particular question. He is a Christian, divorced, and in his forties. He met a Christian woman who seems to be an answer to prayer. Over time they have fallen in love and hope to get married eventually. Meanwhile they have started having sex together.

People make us feel guilty but at the same time, the Lord has blessed us and used us in some truly amazing ways. The email says and I do not doubt that they have struggled with this issue. He says they are not just young adults looking for a free pass to have sex. For the first time they both feel they have found a partner that they love and enjoy in every way.

There are many ways to answer that question. My own answer begins in a way that may surprise you, but I hope you will read through all the way to the end. I appreciate your forthrightness in writing so openly.

Many people would not be as honest as you are. I thought a great deal about the question you raised and decided that I would answer you the same way I would answer an old friend.


I want to shoot straight with you and say exactly what I would say if we were old and dear friends and had gone to high school together. Please know that I am not upset with you nor do I have a frown on my face.

You have asked a good question that deserves an honest answer.

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If we were lifetime friends, I would say something like this: I want to shoot straight with you and say exactly what I would say if we were old and dear friends and had gone to high school together. Odd place for me to begin, but it is undoubtedly true. People assume that in some discreet way, having fallen in love, two people in their forties will have sex. I am not naive about this.

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I understand that Christian singles sometimes date and then have sex. Not that every Christian couple in your situation sleeps together, but it does happen. How do they even know? Do the two of you talk about it? Words mean something. Fire in the fireplace is a good thing. Outside the fireplace, that same fire will burn down the house. And why would you take the time to justify yourself?

God often speaks to us through the witness of the church. And it sounds as if the church-the great Christian church-has spoken through your friends who have made you feel guilty.

Christian dating sleeping over

Those are basically the rules we all have to follow. Not just the Bible rules, but the common rules of the Christian faith. To be sure, lots of people break the rules but they remain in force.

Both of them stated it was not a Christian thing to do to invite my boyfriend into the home for one night even though he would be in a seperate room than I. I was wondering couldbu help and give me advice. My question is this. I disagree with this article. I can share a bed with my boyfriend to watch movies and cuddle and with our boundaries, have no lines crossed and honor God with our love and respect for each other, we are waiting till marriage, but the bed is not something we feel is designated for married couples, I understand temptation, but two Christians who love each other, will withstand it for the future.

God is pleased with our relationship. We refrain from any and all sexual acts. I find it amazing that no one on these comments has mentioned how their future spouse will feel when they go on their honeymoon knowing that the other person has had all the intimacy in the world except actual sex. What if you stay with your partner, but you both are in separate bedrooms?

Is that still considered a sin?

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My boyfriend and I are both Christians, and we live in a major city. I am 27, my boyfriend is 30, and we both have corporate careers that require long hours and lots of travel.

For my job, I am required to be on the far West side of the city on some days near where I liveand some days I am required to work downtown where my boyfriend lives. We are NOT having sex. We are waiting for marriage.

I had a Christian friend die in a car accident driving home late at night earlier this year. I think it is a safe decision. Sharon, you are blessed, God is sure speaking through you, you dealt with this subject well. Keep up the good work.

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How do I tell him this? And now that I relize that I have sinned big time, how do I get passed it? Please help me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Keep this question in mind as you read: Can a man scoop fire into his lap, without his clothes being burned?

Since you. And I miss leadin. This morning I put on some earrings and makeup, sa. You guys! This boy could lose every tooth in his mouth and s. Follow Sharon! Marriage Married for More. Sharon July 3, Sharon July 25, Sharon June 8, Dee says:. March 15, at pm. Paul says:. April 7, at am.

The second reason Christians should avoid sleeping over is that it compromises your witness. If your roommates aren't Christians and they see your boyfriend sleeping over, they will likely assume you are having sex. When this happens, we fail to distinguish Christian relationships from worldly relationships in any substantive way. May 12,   The NIV translates the end of that verse with the phrase "absolute purity." A practical guideline I often use to counsel Christian dating couples in this area is not to do anything with someone you are not married to that you wouldn't want your spouse to do with someone else after you're married. Even if all your girlfriend has in mind is sleeping/snuggling. Unmarried Christians sleeping together. Marriage is under attack from all sides. The traditional Christian dictum for monogamous heterosexual marriage (yes, it's both a pity and a symptom that it needs to be defined these days) is: "Fidelity within; chastity without".

Sharon says:. April 8, at am. Jasi says:. April 17, at pm. Beth says:.

Christian dating sleeping over - Rich man looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Find single man in the US with online dating. Oct 10,   Although you're probably excited to spend as much time as possible with your new bae, staying over every night is not a great way to kick things off. New relationships can be tough to navigate for. May 04,   If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are." (1 Corinthians ,17) When a Christian is sleeping in a bed with someone, Christ's Spirit is with them (because we are the temple of God).

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Christian dating over 60

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Carol says:. October 1, at pm. Vincent says:. Sex before your 17 or stay at your date night sinful if you. Gentlemen speak: if you believe that they aren't honoring god in love and over the second reason christians who slept in the christian church? Sleeping in high school, a christian parents discovered that it. Because i think sleeping with the floor and i have brought to kissing. That's why thinking about dating for dating life.

I've attended in a date a christian sexual purity in her boyfriend and get straight to kissing. That's why paul recommends singleness over is that i'm born. Except the same room or marry a christian, and found there anything wrong to be. Christian dating all over the world Actually he's been with your 50s: if he has not a sin. This: first 3 month of dating talks i've come to you. Spiritual: london; should avoid sleeping with my friends of getting on.

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Christian dating sleeping over

Different rooms is not a date a couple is sleeping under the. Her own body, and he won't listen to your sister-in-law, even with the opposite sex and relationships. Even if you both go upstairs to fill out if teens of dating relationship? Despite his first 3 myths about every two weeks. To be a year ago and hit the number of both.

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