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I cannot believe you chose your God over me! I was born to a Christian father and a Taoist mother. I did not know what I was doing at the time-I simply followed my mother and held joss sticks to pray. Thankfully, my grandmother showed me the way. Every night without fail, she would teach me how to pray to Jesus.

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Christian dating non christian reddit

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Enter your email address Dont mix religion things into love, it would not work. Learn how to accept different things. Yea what he said could be senstitive to you since u are one strong believer.

For example, i cant believe u choose god over me. Thats a bit mean tho. But again, if u felt that u are wayyyy more comfortable being with a strong believer, then by all means only choose guys who are also the same believer as you.

I think you are a great person lots of strong believers arebut this became an obstacle in your love life. Not everything can be agreed on topics like homo or transgender. Every person has a different opinion about it. Discuss freely, dont turn it into a heated arguement. Its such a small matter. When it comes to this kind of topics, please do consider both side of perspective you are a strong believer, he is not.

God is great, believing in Him. Just dont mix it into family. He may not like kids, BUT hey he might change just like your mom. In future, you might never know. He may say things that hurt you in religious perspective, but you should know that people tend to say mean things when they are angry. Being a strong believer, u gotta accept somethings in life is not perfect.

Talk about the happy stuff. Dont let religion block your choices of being with someone. Accept who he is, and he will accept you for who you are. You may accept my talks or not, its up to you. I am a half believer and half non. But i have friends who are like you. I am super comfortable with them because they dont force this stuff to me.

I did not even tell them about it too. But i also get who you are. If u have your view, please do share it with me. I am glad to hear it from you. Lets keep this an open discussion where no one is right or wrong.

She is clearly very confused. She has yet to understand that love is patient and that love is kind. It is impossible for a believer to marry a non-believer.

Gods commands are in 2 Corinthians as mentioned above. If you profess to love God, please do not lead others to do otherwise. With that being said, my partner should without a doubt, loves God as much as I do. Christ is all I need, everything I have right now or am blessed with, they are all granted by Him. For Christians, marriage is about more than just companionship. Marriage is a glorious display of Christ and the Church-of sacrifice, and the laying down of our lives for one another.

I doubt so. Ofcourse, if I so happen to like a non christian guy, I would bring him to church before dating him, to allow him to understand and know more about Jesus my saviour. At the end of the day, it is up to him to believe or not. I believe you broke up because your lifestyles were not in sync and perhaps you could not accept a non-believer as part of your life.

I have seen countless Chritians marry non-believers and they made it work. I wish you all the best in finding the one for you. Hi, how can you be so sure when you two broke up that you will be satisfied with Christ and he will placed a godly man to you? I was thinking that too. I have been at crossroads before. Turning down decent non-Christian guys believing a Godly man was right around the corner.

I waited in God and lost my ability to have children. I have not been on a date in years and I am growing tired of being alone. How can God be good when there are SO many single woman and not enough single men in the church? God placed desires in my heart for marriage and kids and denied me those things. It almost seems cruel and it makes me doubt Gods goodness. But did he deny me? Or have I just created this image of the perfect Godly man in my head and missed out on many opportunities with moral non-believers.

How can I know for certain that my path is not to lead a non-believer to Christ while in a relationship. I am at that crossroads again. Or do I give this guy a shot.

Bad choice. Intolerant of other religion. Why must you convert him into Christianity? Why not love him for whom he is and respect his religion?

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I concur. I have an European bf who is a free thinker with an Islamic family background, he does not force me to convert neither do I. Thank you for the encouraging post. Thanks for the courage to write this article. I have just recently gone through an almost identical situation, except the obvious difference of me being a guy and my ex-girlfriend being the non-christian.

Indeed, God gave many red flags to me, but I persisted, hoping that God would answer my prayer of softening her heart and revealing himself to her.

It has been a hard time trying to move on and I have the exact same fear as you, that I will not have anybody to love me. It has become all about control with her. I simply love her and just want to be loved in return. I waited on this woman for 10 years only to be abused for living a Godly lifestyle. I mean no body is better or worse than anybody else, we all poop and pee, everyone is equal and deserves equal respect so why do I get disrespected and called every bad thing in the book for simply wanting to live my faith out?

Why would somebody seek to put you down and erode your reality simply because your a Christian? I know she says and does all that because my lifestyle with Christ makes her feel uncomfortable, but why is someone dictating my life because they feel bad?

Do you people get it? How do you keep loving them? When is it ever going to be enough love for her to quit hurting me?

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My death? The world will never stop saying that Christians are unloving until we give our very lives to prove it all the while they fail to understand that Christ is the way, not us. We are hear to simply show the way because we are not the way, Jesus is. Leave Gid out of what could be your own doubts, choices, intolerance or insecurities whatever it may be.

In my opinion, based on your own narration, Duncan have tried, going so far to try to make it work, meeting your preconceptions with reason, listening to your point of view, and putting himself in your shoes by giving Church going a try.

It is my belief the root cause that of this failled relationship lies in you. Someone that fits into your narrow narrative of life. Therein lies the roota of your failed relationship. Reflect and figure it out. The statement : I cannot believe you chose your God over me!

Race, skin color nor religion never break each other apart. Humanity is like fingers on a han each one is different but we are all connected as ONE.

You made the right decision. I have a non christian GF for 5 years and never face such issue because is not worth anything should such debate happen. I believe every relationship should keep what their believes if force someone to believe something they do not understand, wont God himself will be displeased? Blind understanding leads to any break-ups. Behold, though many will question your decision, not to worry, as you are in good hand of God.

He is real and may you find comfort in Him. Matthew 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Each day has enough trouble of its own. She is sharing out of courage and exposing vulnerability but people are just focused on critiquing her and missing her whole point entirely.

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All these people, are judging based on their own beliefs and misconceptions. And she chose to follow God. Haha what if i were to talk about islam? They arent even allowed to marry a non-islamic individual.

Would you also critise their choices? Their spouses would also be forced to be converted into islam.

Your who all are short-sighted, do not implement your own justice upon others.

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Yes God tells us to love and accept one another regardless of race, language or religion, but devoting your whole life, committing is another thing. Do not put things out of context. I DID. I broke up with my boyfriend just after 1 year of dating.

Cuz i thought the church wasnt good but i was so stupid and naive to let my relationship get in my way of my belief. Jesus have comforted me yet time and time again, i rejected Him. Yet He still holds me, actually anyone dear, even those you guys who reject and even persecute Him. He allowed me to follow religion. But because i chose to follow him that i strayed away from God. My non christian boyfriend isnt the problem. I was. And i wanted to be married into a christian relationship.

And i saw that he wasnt keen into converting. And for you christians out there with non christian partners, do your ever fully closely follow the bible anymore? If your do your wouldnt even consider dating a non christian. Dont mislead the non christian. Because one believes in God and one doesnt. Hey there! Well, I really wanna take this time to really encourage you. And in the beginning, the person who is the perfect example of love is God.

Q&A: Dating a non-Christian? Tim Keller

And if we say that God is sovereign, are we believing in His sovereignty that he will provide? QT etc. For the thing about the breakup, I know that it is definitely not easy. But even during this season are you going to rely on Him? And finally, something I felt to tell you.

At the end of the day, as much as what people might say, are you still believing in what God says instead His Word? Yeah, because it must be a bad thing to accept people for who they are, as opposed to expecting them to BE to believe in your god. But,I feel that God want you to break up with Him. Because,your dad has different testimony. And you are different. Your testimony will be different and your purpose will be different from others.

Stay strong and have faith in God.

May 05,   How to Date a Christian Girl. Religious beliefs are of the utmost importance to many people and set a standard for the values one should live in accordance with-this is just as true when it comes to dating. If the girl you like is a devout 89%(62). I live in a small town that isn't very religious, and even the neighboring towns as well are pretty non-religious. I'd never want to date someone with the hopes of converting them because that feels non-genuine. Just wondering what peoples thoughts here were on dating outside your religion, if it is worth holding out for, etc. In pretty much every situation (including my own), the Christian is much more influenced by the non-Christian in terms of how they conduct themselves. Almost all the time there is a feeling of being torn between honouring God and honouring your non-Christian boy/girlfriend.

Stay strong. Follow His Words instead of others opinion.

Spiritual Connection

Trust and believe Him. I feel so sad when I read comments of people lashing back at the writer. I think the writer has done a good job at sharing her side of the story but it seems so many christians here have much to judge and criticise.

As much as many of you have shared that she was too pushy in trying to bring Duncan to church, you should also understand that she was also trying to make things work. Where its translation has been translated countless of times and it has been twisted into the words of humans.

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A long-time friend of mine is dating a girl who is into the occult, and I can tell how much her influence is pulling him further from God. It affects a lot. That unequally yoked example reminds me of a recent canoe outing I was on. We were both doing all the right things as far as we could tell, but any attempt at steering put us spinning in circles!

Most boys that I meet call me stuck up and picky when I explain this too them. However, if I am going to be in a relationship with someone I want to feel comfortable and at peace. Why does that make me a bad person?

This is a topic that I have been interested in for a very long time. But for some reason, every attempt by Christians to address it has been variations on the same arguments. Nobody seems to realise that, in sharing the details of your faith with someone else, you can come to understand your own belief far more.

Our views clash constantly and it leaves me feeling uncomfortable. Sign up to receive our blog posts via e-mail and get a copy of our free e-book: Reaching Beyond Myself 30 Day Devotional.

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These Texas gals are passionate about God's beautiful design for womanhood and love sharing this message through blogging, speaking, and mentoring young women.

Personal Struggles.

SingleRoots Team. There's a lot of information on the web about the best Christian dating sites, but as Christian singles ourselves, we haven't found much of it to be truly helpful in our decision-making wanted to hear from other Christian singles about what was working for them, so we figured instead of complaining about it, we'd try to help solve that problem. Christian Mingle is unlike any other faith-based dating site. Our only focus is on helping Christian men and women find a loving, God-centered relationship built on mutual faith and love. Discover why so many Christian singles find love here. With so many Christian singles active on Christian Mingle, we make it easy to find your special. Dec 09,   And since dating is the first step toward marriage, it follows that Christians should not date non-Christians either. But many people think this is the ideal rather than the norm. I have met so many believers who-when times got tough or lonely-ditched that rule and started a relationship with an unbeliever.

That marked the beginning and end of my Walmart romance. As Christian girls, we are called to live for a greater purpose than our personal happiness.

Yes, you will definitely have more options to choose from if you date non-Christians. Potential for sharing the gospel. Conflict in raising future kids. So there you have it.

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The pros and cons of dating a non-Christian guy. Now I want to hear from you on the topic of dating a non-Christian. Have you experienced or seen the negative effects of someone dating a non-Christian? What happened? How to Have Godly Friendships with Guys. May 13, at am. Mikayla says:. Anastasis Faith says:. Rebekah says:. Diana says:. Bethany says:.

Kristen Paulson says:. Sophie Wilkinson says:. Katirose MacDougall says:. Madison says:. Julie says:. May 13, at pm. Annalysa says:. Maggie Fipps says:. Estela says:.

Why Is Dating a Non-Christian Such a Big Deal?

Marlene says:. Olivia W. Tashia Nicole says:. Beth says:. Nadine says:. May 14, at am. Kristen S. Macenzie says:. May 14, at pm. A con would be that when dating a non-chrsitian guy, they wont have the same values on purity!

May 13,   In order to give you the bird's eye view, let's take an honest look at the pro's and cons of dating (and potentially marrying) a non-Christian Guy. The PROS of Dating a Non-Christian Guy: 1. Expands your "pool" of options. Yes, you will definitely have more options to choose from if you date non-Christians. 2. Potential for sharing. I never would have considered dating a non-Christian. Not in a million years. In fact, "loves God and puts Him first" was always on the top of the list of what I was looking for. But then the frustration set in. It started as impatience, but it soon developed into a rampaging beast of unbelief, doubt, and worst of all, hopelessness. May 31,   I Kissed Dating a Non-Christian Goodbye - "I don't understand why we can break up over something that I cannot understand I cannot believe you chose your God over me!" Those were his final words to .

Aunti Katiti says:. Hannah H says:. Carrie says:. May 16, at am. GirlDefined says:. A says:. Celtic Princess says:.

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