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Ben from Below Deck made serious waves on the hit show , tussling with chief stew Kate Chastain and cultivating a romance with co-star Emily Warburton-Adams. Robinson, who was born in Oxford, England, was already a major talent before Bravo came calling, of course, having studied under Italian master chefs in Florence and even apprenticing at three-time Michelin Star-winning restaurant The Fat Duck. He's worked as a head chef on yachts for over a decade, including on the largest sailing yacht in the world. There's more to him than chopping and dicing, but Robinson's heart will always belong to food. This is the untold truth of Below Deck 's inimitable Ben.

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For most of us, the idea of seeing ourselves on TV some day is very exciting. Ben Robinson was no different, at least initially.

Love on the sidelines

Nowadays, he's more chill about seeing himself on-screen. I just feel like I'm getting a little older now and I'm a little more mature.

I think honestly it would be tough for me to do a whole season," he argued. As Ben from Below Deck explained to Peoplehe "took a couple of years off and really built a career for myself on land, specifically a private catering business for private events.

The world-renowned chef caters exclusive parties all over the United States. He explained, "I've been running that successful company on land for many years now, so I've really been sinking my teeth into that business.

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A chef should be working towards his own abilities and try to reach for the stars with his own food. I needed time for that.

Apr 20,   Ben, who is originally from England, currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, while Emily is "definitely a London girl," according to the Below Deck chef. "You know, Emily and . Aug 26,   A Twitter commenter who goes by the name @FalkenburgJen wrote, "Yay! I've missed Chef Ben. Wonder if he is still with Emily. #BelowDeckMed." The Emily mentioned in the tweet is a Author: Lauren Weigle. Apr 03,   On the fourth season of Bravo's seafaring reality series Below Deck, two crew members found love in a beef cheek-less place. And that beef cheek-less Author: Kristie Rohwedder.

I was privileged to be able to go back and boost my prowess, which was dwindling. He explained with more than a hint of self-deprecation, "I got into the industry when I was 22, I was a young buck.

You can do anything when you're Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean carried me through into my mids.

Traveller Meets Traveller

I don't know how Roger Federer does it, to be honest! However, if the opportunity to do another Bravo show, one built specifically around cooking, presented itself, Ben from Below Deck would be more than willing to participate. When asked whether he'd appear on Top Chefthe Brit opined, "I would definitely consider that!

The door is definitely open. Tell whomever is in charge of that door, it is not closed. I try not to close any doors and remain open-minded.

Dec 06,   Ben and Emily on Below Deck are still dating, still together But tonight Ben and Emily get engaged as Chef Ben Robinson proposes to Emily during the season finale. Kate Chastain earlier this season said of the pair "I actually think they have a better shot than anyone Ben has dated - but that's not really saying much.". Mar 18,   Ben Robinson Biography/ Wiki. Ben Robinson is an English Certified Health Coach, specializing in weight loss, cancer and thefoodlumscatering.com is the master chef and reality television star on Bravo TV hit series, Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean. Mar 19,   Ben Robinson Dating At Age 37! Girlfriend Also A Traveller - Recipe To Happiness The celebrity chef Ben Robinson is no less than his father Patrick Robinson, the New York Times best-selling author, regarding fame and is recognized for presenting the Bravo TV series Below Deck. He had been leading a solitary life re-emerged into the limelight after a year due to news of link up with his latest.

It's unsurprising Ben Robinson thinks his days on Below Deck are over, considering, as far as he's concerned, it's the most demanding job in the world. Elaborating on manning the kitchen aboard one of the show's luxury yachts, the British chef said, "You're on your own, you're in charge of provisioning, budgeting, it's a tiny little space, you have no help. I don't think it's possible for a human to work that hard since I worked about 20 hours a day for six weeks straight," he revealed.

It made him very nervous to return, all things considered, with Ben from Below Deck admitting, "I was obviously a little scared Can I handle it?

Below Deck's Emily Warburton-Adams lifts lid on antics aboard Valor

I knew I could mentally handle it, but physically - am I physically able? Aside from making mouth-watering meals and tussling with his chief stew, Ben Robinson made an impression on Below Deck thanks to his sweet relationship with stewardess Emily Warburton-Adams.

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The two left the show with their new love blossoming, only for the chef to confirm back in October that they'd sadly called it quits.

They frequently pop up on each other's social media feeds, however, leading many to speculate they'd rekindled things. Ben from Below Deck set the record straight with Peopleexplaining, "We're friends.

Our romance ended, and on good terms. We've maintained a great friendship She does fly out to see me and I saw her in London a few months ago - actually, on the tail end of my Below Deck Mediterranean trip. And in turn, I want to find a viable partner who I can maybe marry and have a kid and everything. Although she received top grades at boarding school, she passed on the opportunity to go to university and 'chose the "school of life" route' instead.

She was introduced to the yachting industry by a close friend, named Harriet.

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You also have to be able to pass a medical assessment test. But the hard work is all worth it for the big pay day and lavish lifestyle. The London-born reality star, pictured in a bathroom of a cabin, says she was introduced to the yachting industry by a close friend and spent four years catering to the rich and famous. Emily says hour work days are the norm at sea, and at times, the crew is too busy to even leave the yacht to see the islands.

Captains Lee Rosbach and Sandy Yawn have been seen on the show huddling in the crew mess after their wealthy guests have left to divvy up the deck and interior staff tips. The yacht crew collects a regular base salary, but the cash tips are tax free and the real reward for all that hard work, Emily reveals, can be in the tens of thousands of dollars for one week, if you're extremely lucky.

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Bravo pays its recurring yacht workers like Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain and Chef Ben Robinson more than those who are only there for one season. And while she won't disclose her salary, Emily says, 'I can tell you this, I did not make enough. But for whatever the money comes a lot of hard work, where hour days can be the norm.

There are times, Emily says, a yacht may pull up to an exotic port in the likes of Corsica, and the crew is too busy working to even go outside and see it. A-list celebs such as Beyonce and Jay Z, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kourtney Kardashian have been known to enjoy lounging on the sundeck of a super yacht in some exotic locale.

Below Deck only scratches the surface of what life is like working with the glitterati on a super yacht, she says. The decadent hedonistic lifestyle onboard can revolve around the hot tub orgies and cocaine-fueled nights without-but sometimes with the guests. Emily says she has kept in touch with most of her fellow crew members, but revealed Chief Stew Kate Chastain far left 'hurt' her post filming and has blocked her on social media.

Chef ben dating emily

Emily had a romantic fling with co-star Chef Ben Robinson after their charter season ended, and the two remain good friends, she says.

It's not difficult if you have the discipline to manage to conduct yourself, but temptation is always only a port away.

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When asked what's the strangest thing she's found in a guest's cabin after they've left she says: 'Oh, I've seen a lot. Sex toys, used condoms, [number two] in the shower, [pee] in the sink'. She also tells how one wealthy male guest once suggested she pour the cocktail he was being served down her leg and 'make it look sexy' while he watched.

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This same attentive rich fellow later offered Emily a very high paying job with his company back in the UK. I suppose I'm happy that I have quite good instincts. There are sometimes benefits of having crazy rich and very drunk guests, they are easily tricked when the crew has to cut corners. Below Deck cameras are placed all over the boat, including the rooms that house the crew and their tiny bunk beds.

On the show, male and female crew members share tiny quarters with bunk beds, out of necessity Emily says. Believe me, by the end of a charter you're either like brother and sister, or you're dating!

Sep 05,   Ben and Emily's social media pages show that Emily is back living in England while Ben remains in Florida. They are both staying busy with work while keeping their long-distance relationship alive, Ben as a private chef and health consultant and Emily . Aug 20,   Ben recently told PEOPLE that he and Emily had trouble making a long distance relationship work. "We're friends. Our romance ended, and . Sep 10,   Emily began dating co-star Chef Ben Robinson after filming, but she reveals the two are now close friends and she is no longer friends with Chief Stew Kate By Jill Ishkanian For thefoodlumscatering.com

Besides the financial perks, the ability to see exotic ports of call is what lured Emily to a life at sea. Emily says a Below Deck casting director found her via her LinkedIn profile, where she had shared her yachting experience along with other work.

Mostly spending his time exploring the vast seas and oceans, Ben shares memories of his tours on his Instagram.

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But, guess what? Ben shared a picture through his Instagram where the couple sat on a swing enjoying the beautiful view. It seems the couple has found the perfect companion in each other due to their mutual interest in adventures. The lovers are yet to reveal plans for their next vacation together, but hopefully, they're on the schedule for their next romantic tour.

Keep Visiting for the emerging ates on the love life of Ben Robinson!

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