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It is a place that still offers many mysteries for those willing to sacrifice western modernity for a journey into the past. Much of life in Yangon revolves around religion. Early mornings are a time for monks and novices to go on alms while people line up to offer food to them. Evenings and mornings are times when people of any denomination go to their respective places of worship to pray. Calls to prayer from mosques and sermons from temples are heard on loudspeakers all over the city.

Wutke et al.

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To date, this approach has been applied to visible tephras in proximal settings, giving considerable insight into landscape development, archaeological change and geomorphological processes such as cryoturbation and soil erosion Streeter and Dugmore, ab. A multitude of stratigraphic sections, including those that are poorly developed, are required to optimize this large-scale approach.

Whether cryptotephra studies can offer such detailed insight into landscape-scale processes remains to be seen, but processes at this scale should not be overlooked or decoupled from the micro-scale features of a cryptotephra deposit.

As well as extending the geographical distribution of tephra fall-out, cryptotephra investigations have also identified several new, previously unknown tephra deposits in distal settings.

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