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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Hi, Im a sophomore in a BSN program and I was just wondering if there are any benefits of being a male in nursing versus being a female in nursing such as job outlook, pay rate etc. Mike A. Anyone denying there is some minor advantage when it comes to getting hired is ignoring reality

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Facebook Twitter RSS. Nursing schools understand the perceptions and the raw reality concerning male nurses in the profession. Medical facilities actively recruit and encourage the hiring of male nurses.

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After all, in their profession, they have to take on crazy amounts of vital information all day. Nurses pretty much can get stains out of anything.

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I mean think about it. Sure, we all have a lot of stress on our plates in our jobs, no matter where we work. Nurses can take on just about anything that comes their way.

Mar 10,   Nurse who are male make up almost 10 percent of the workforce and that number is growing steadily. There are some specific benefits that males receive related to the nursing profession. These benefits include: Many patients welcome having a male nurse who can understand the male side of medical conditions personally. Jul 09,   There are plenty of careers out there that often get labelled a nice "bonus" in dating, but few can compete with nursing. Dating a nurse is like winning the lottery - sure, you won't get rich, but you'll find that the myriad bonuses that come with. Now-a-days "most" people don't really see the stereotype of male nurse = gay. Are there gay male nurses, yeah, just the same as there are gay doc's and military members. Most people, like what GuestGAV said, are happy to be spending time with someone who is intelligent, has an interesting job and are financially stable.

Therefore, you know that dating or marrying a nurse means they can overcome just about any challenge with a smile on their face. Plus, nurses will never tell you something is too gross so you probably always have someone willing to smash their own spiders. But, you do know when you get with a nurse that they are going to be able to gainfully be employed and bring home a more than respectable living.

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In an inner city hospital, you're slightly less likely to get attacked by a patient. Then again, as a male, you're regarded as a challenge by some combative ETOH patients, whereas a woman they wouldn't challenge This site uses cookies.

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Jun 30, by Mike A. Fungin RN.

Jan 23,   If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of dating a nurse, keep reading! We outline the top 10 benefits of dating a male nurse or female nurse. Photo credit: Steven Zwerink. 1: Nurses are really smart. Nurses have lots of training and education to get to where they are. It takes years of school to become a nurse. May 11,   In more recent history, male battlefield nurses in the American Civil War outnumbered female ones. The founder of the International Red Cross and Nobel laureate, Jean Henry Dunant, worked as a nurse in his early life, though many online biographies of Dunant characterize his nursing as "aide work" or "medical assistance.". Jun 29,   Hi, Im a sophomore in a BSN program and I was just wondering if there are any benefits of being a male in nursing versus being a female in nursing such as job outlook, pay rate etc.

Jul 1, by groovy jeff, RN. Jul 7, by SunSurfRN. It's easier when you need to pee.

Jul 9, by Sean

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