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Floyd Mayweather 's girlfriend Doralie Medina offered her support to her beau as he prepared to take on Manny Pacquiao in the match of his life. The blonde beauty posted a video of her man stepping out to cheers, as she stands ringside to shout her support for her man. She wrote: "This man has put in so much hard work dedication this training camp and Now that has lead up to this moment. It's the big day!! I'll be cheering you on, on this historic event. She posed just hours before in a tight light pink dress for her partner's weigh in, so it's anyone's guess what she's got lined up to wear later on this evening.

She grew up in San Fernando Valley, California, with four siblings.

Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend, Bad Medina, posted a sad item on Instagram after news hit about him getting a new side chick, who is one of several women. For years Bad Medina played the side chick to the world's richest boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Doralie 'Bad' Medina Is Victor Anichebe's New Girlfriend (Photos) - Sports - Nairaland. Turns out he's dating Doralie 'Bad' Medina - an ex girlfriend of Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. She also posted a photo with Anichebe on social media a day ago but made sure to cover up his face too. Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Doralie Medina owns 'Bad Medina' cosmetics line Shiena Bernardino Sun 14 Sep BST Doralie Medina, the year-old ex-massage therapist, is now dating the world's greatest pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When she reached the age of six, her parents separated and she was raised by her mom who worked three different jobs. When Medina graduated from high school, she had a short stint as a lifeguard before studying to become a nurse, then later on became a massage therapist.

Jul 20,   Floyd Mayweather Jr., Get Your Girls: Bad Medina Shades Melissa Brim And Jennifer Duran. Ever wonder what happened to Floyd Mayweather's ex-GF Bad Medina?She quietly exited their concubine-like courtship over a year . Dec 13,   Nikki posted a pic and Floyd commented: "You know you miss me." Nikki responded, "I sure do." Last year, Floyd and Nikki were spotted together and it looks like they've recently been spending time together. Nikki and Bad Medina were recently beefing and according to rumors, Floyd is no longer dating Bad Medina. Floyd Mayweather Expecting A New Baby, Former Girlfriend Bad Medina Shades His Baby Mamas. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is allegedly expecting his 5th child, his latest girl made the announcement on social media. Floyd introduced his new girl Jenn Duran to to the world back in thefoodlumscatering.com two have posted photos of each other on social media and even commented on .

Medina immediately took it. Before working for Mayweather, the girl, also known as Bad Medina, had a lot of private clients as a massage therapist for several years. Not only has stunning Doralie, 30, moved into his salubrious Sh1.

Floyd Mayweather has a girlfriend and it's Doralie "Bad" Medina from "The Money Team." Medina posted on Instagram to show she's ready for the fight. Floyd Dating Bad Medina County, satavaptan fdating, murtz show shane and danielle dating, sugar daddy dating site instant chat Sexy Barbara Parklands Escort. Hey guys, I'm Barbara, Welcome to the beginning of your newest addiction.!!! You have been warned! Jul 20,   Bad Medina is in a romantic relationship with Floyd Mayweather. The duo started dating in and up till present the couples have manage to keep their relationship stronger and away from the social media speculations.

Well, her Instagram followers. Doralie, who is known as Bad Medina on social media Mayweather gave her the namesaid: "Floyd has a huge heart, he is very loving and very caring.

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Well, we do actually. Doralie, who grew up in the San Fernando valley region of Los Angeles shares daily ates of what it's like to be the partner of Mayweather, who is arguably the most extrovert, colourful, extravagant sportsmen in the world.

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Meet Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend Doralie Medina who endlessly cheered him towards his victory International News Their friendship had eventually turned around. Right before Iyanna was born, Floyd and I stopped talking because of a situation with the mother of his other children, Josie Harris.

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I did what I had to do. He goes in the ring and takes those punches. What do I look like trying to take the money he made by risking his life in the ring?

Mar 05,   Doralie "Bad" Medina and Floyd Mayweather Of course, Mayweather has been having sex with Medina, among others. Floyd has a fleet of hoes (sorry, there's no polite way to put it and what he's doing is dangerous to his health). Jul 12,   From approximately May to March , Bad Medina LLC ordered $, in products and services from World Wide Packaging but only made $, in . So no wonder she's eager to reveal that Floyd has a heart of gold. Doralie, who is known as Bad Medina on social media (Mayweather gave her the name), said: "Floyd has a huge heart, he is very.

I worked jobs everywhere so I could have my own money while he became the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. I had to find my own way.


He was always there for his daughter though.

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