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No matter what happens, these are the 3 things that the members and company abide to, and it is also the promise between us members. If you cannot even keep a small promise to yourselves, how are you going to keep the many promises you make to the public? One of the perils of being a K-pop fan is the possibility of betrayal by people we trust. We come to know idols, and sometimes the staff behind them, through performances, interviews, and variety shows; the more time we spend with information about them, the more we believe we understand about their selves and their lived realities. Yet even as we cheer for our favorites, watching them soar to new heights of popularity and performance ability, we are aware of and occasionally confront the fact that the industry exists for one reason, and that reason is not the growth and wellbeing of the young people who are its face. The K-pop industry is fundamentally a capitalist enterprise, and it exists to generate profit. We quickly learn that people in the industry will do whatever it takes to keep their idols relevant and moving products off the shelves.

The scandal begins and ends with the charts: Hanteo and Gaon provide performance metrics for both physical and digital sales of Korean artists K-pop and beyond.

B1A4 discuss their dating experiences, ideal types, and current status

In both cases, the numbers provided are aggregates of reporting done by outlets registered with the charts, including chain stores such as Hottracks, Synnara, and M2U, as well as wholesalers.

The numbers do not show any breakdown of who bought how many albums; they reflect the sum of reported sales only. B1A4 released their album on January 13 and saw moderately good physical sales during the first part of the week. However, a sudden ballooning in sales toward the end of the week raised suspicions.

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Depending on the account consulted, there was a jump of 8, sales in two hours Netizenbuzzor 14, in 3. However, other participants offered rebuttals that exposed the assumptions behind the accusations. To explore these claims and counterclaims, we begin with a diagram that shows the path physical albums must take to get from producer to consumer. The agency WM would then report that number of albums to Hanteo as sold. However, as OneHallyu chart tracker dragonfly explainsHanteo only accepts aggregate numbers of sales from its registered retailers, not the agency.

Furthermore, the barcodes on all albums are the same, so there would be no point in replacing and scanning the barcodes.

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Thus, the initial proposed method of sajaegi does not work given the constraints of the system. There are two possible opportunities for WM to buy back its own albums and have those reported as legitimate sales to Hanteo.

In the first instance, a representative of WM could conduct a bulk-buy from a wholesaler, purchasing thousands of albums at a time.

10 Girls The Members Of BTS Are Supposedly Dating

In theory, the company could later sell these albums directly to fans as a condition of attending fan meetings or other events, and thereby recoup the money lost. In the second instance, Hanteo charts could reflect bought-back albums if WM purchased those albums at the retail level, since the individual merchants report aggregated sales to Hanteo.

Consider, the effort it would take to do this: given that most individual outlets probably carry no more than a few thousand albums at any given time, representatives of WM would need to physically go to various locations and purchase albums.

Mar 30,   Im really confused by the so called JYP dating ban is it real or is it not, for starters you have Jackson and Nayeon on the A look at myself show saying theyre NOT allowed to date for 3 years and Jackson even said if youre dating you have to break up. But then in . Aug 27,   [Park Ji Yoon's FM date]Thursday,Sandeul-Parisianromance ??,??-????? [???? FM???] - Duration: MBCkpop 54, views. Apr 28,   With the recent news about actor Lee Minho and Miss A's Suzy's relationship, there became speculations that JYP Entertainment artists indeed do not have a dating ban after during an interview, Mr. JYP himself, Park Jinyoung said there was no dating ban in regards to Suzy's relationship. Hearing wind of this, JYP cleared this all up through his Twitter on the Officially Kmusic.

Given that it would be possible, though difficult, for WM to conduct sajaegi, what other evidence remains to suggest that sajaegi did in fact happen?

Claim 1: B1A4 sold 67, albums in week 1, yet they had only 1, fans attend their fansign event. In addition, the fansign was lotteried, meaning that only 1, fans could attend, but many more may have bought multiple albums to increase their chances of being allowed in.

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B1A4 held three fansigns over the week of January 20 thwith applications opening at the end of the previous week. Claim 2: The random spike in sales 8, or 14, reported after business hours on Sunday, January 19th, is highly suspicious. Hanteo ates itself every half-hour, but this does not reflect when sales are actually made.

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It is possible that retail staff waited until the end of the day to convey their data to Hanteo. This is unrealistic for a group that is relatively unknown. Some netizens commented that B1A4 could barely sell 5, seats at a concert, but both of their solo concerts have sold out - a total of 10, seats each in under five minutes.

In addition, the unique packaging provided an incentive to purchase more than one album at a time. This could be a significant reason why album sales tripled. Thus, B1A4 is not really selling at their level.

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In all cases, the fandoms are growing in numbers, which could account for the ballooning sales. The last time was in high school.

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Posted by alim17 77 pts Friday, July 25, Share this article. Netizens argue over whether Hong Suk Chun should give a statement regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in Itaewon's gay clubs.

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BTS's Jin transfers ownership of his 4. Big Hit Entertainment announces executive restructuring. Lovelyz's Soojung rocks lavender hair in teaser schedule for solo album 'Tiger Eyes'.

B1a4 dating ban

Netizens speculate GFriend is gearing up for a comeback after members are spotted with new hair colors. Roy Kim to enlist to the marines this year.

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I'm not saying they do have a dating ban, I'm just curious, do you think Bighit has enacted a dating ban? They seem really really strict on Bangtan; not letting them leave the house often except for schedules and all. I'm curious, Bangtan doesn't seem to talk about in-house matters unlike GOT7 who has previously talked about the dating ban openly. B1A4 Official YouTube Channel. ??(SANDEUL) 2nd Mini Album [?? ?? ?(ONE FINE DAY)] HIGHLIGHT MEDLEY - Duration: 6 minutes, 32 seconds. Members of the K-pop boy band B1A4 said that they are not allowed to date women on a radio program on Friday. Asked whether there is any rule that prevents the idols from dating someone, they said.

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Jul 13,   Choose one of the five doors and see who's hiding behind it! If I made a mistake with one of the pictures please forgive me, I have a hard time telling some of them apart. Good luck! Song is. Apr 02,   = THE DATING BAN IS A FACT = 1. Definitely debut groups must sign it for 3 years 2. Some famous groups like SuJu, SNSD, Infinite or Wonder Girls, . TVXQ, whose album was released the week prior to B1A4's, saw similar spikes during their first week. The sales pattern - a bulge at the end of the day Sunday as well as other days - is the same as B1A4's, suggesting that retailer reporting is similar across the board and reflects increased purchases due to .

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