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His birth name was Zhang Jishuai. In a show he participated in when he was 6 years old, his credits come out as Zhang Jiashuai. He changed his legal name to Yixing because his original name seemed ridiculous to him. His situation is very different from most other K idols which is why he has had to keep such a low profile for the past two years. For more detailed information, feel free to respectfully ask Layshands on Twitter. Kris became the leader instead of Lay due to language barrier issues.

Ezra tells her that he would remember that name, and relenting, Emily says that she knows, but she promised Hanna she would help her and finding Varjak is their only hope as they have nothing else to go on.

Songs of Innocence Ezra and Aria bump into each other at the Brew. Songs of Experience On her way to school Aria stops by the Brew.

15 Men Compete for 5 Women

Ezra: Mr. Do you have something to add to the conversation, aside from phlegm.

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