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A Libra man is born between 23 September- 22 October. A Libra male is an absolutely balanced person of all the zodiac signs. He has Libra personality traits like equality and justice. When a libra man falls in love with a Libra woman, he will passionately love her. There are many Libra characteristics and Libra traits.

They are group lovers and socially active people. Life of the party and usually in the Lime light, you will be having a delightful time with a Libra when you are in a group. There is an inward charm in them that draws people towards them.

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It is impossible for a Libra to cope with imperfection. They will work really hard to design the perfect bedroom, workplace or study area.

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Even if it is about finding the perfect outfit, they will spend hours in looking their best. Libras are considered to be the charmers if the zodiac.

Outgoing and adventurous by Nature, your Libra partner will be delight to your crazy and fun side. Here is a list of 15 things that you must know before you date a Libra! Be prepared to be spoilt with generosity! Perhaps one of the best things about a . 11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Libra Libras have the best social skills in the thefoodlumscatering.comly, Libras are total suckers for can also be incredibly hard on you're having a dispute with someone, have a Libra mediate.A Libra will be the star of your relationship, whether you're in agreement or love love and they spend a lot of their young life focused on finding a items. Mar 14,   A Libra male is an absolutely balanced person of all the zodiac signs. He has Libra personality traits like equality and justice. When a libra man falls in love with a Libra woman, he will passionately love her. There are many Libra characteristics and Libra traits. Here are 10 such things you must know about a Libra man-.

People are attracted to Libras owing to their friendly, humorous and outgoing nature. One of the greatest qualities of Libras is that they are good listeners. Have something that you need to let out of your system? You can always count on your Libra partner!

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Their high level of intelligence is yet another factor that draws people towards this zodiac. With their warm hugs, affectionate touch and soothing words, Libra will calm down the greatest of storms inside you. Despite of possessing great diplomatic skills and an overwhelming intelligence, Libras are not devoid of emotions. They can be really sensitive at times as they sympathize greatly with others. This may often lead them to offer help to others even if it means putting themselves in jeopardy.

15 Things you need to know before Dating a Libra

If you are thinking to date a Libra, be sure to warn them of the consequences of their actions. It is natural for a Libra to love attention.

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They have this undying need of attention, time and love from their partners. If you want to keep the fire burning, you will have to continuously pamper them with sweet, kind words, occasional compliments and constant attention.

Reinforcement is needed by a Libra in order to make sure that their love is still desired.

Libra Woman Likes or Loves You? Tips on How to Tell

Having a long fight with a Libra is hard, not because of the fact that most the times they will be correct, but because they like to keep relationships healthy and calm. Since they are born diplomats, Libras will do more than they ought to in order to prevent unnecessary fights and hard feelings. When it comes to a relationship, loyalty is a priority for Libras.

They are very unlikely to cheat on you since their faithfulness is almost unlimited and unshakeable.

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You hate someone? And jealousy. They both boil down to the same thing: We want to have the inside scoop on everything, all the time.

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Chances are, the deciding factor to go will be FOMO. What if Amy Poehler is randomly in town and heard about the event and happens to stop by and I miss it? Those questions will eat away at us until the end of time. And the jealousy?

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That has nothing to do with our level of trust in you. What can I say? We Libras are a smooth bunch. Sure, we like our downtime but only to recharge us for success, fun, and adventure to come. So if that means staying in on a Friday night or taking a mid-afternoon nap on a Sunday, deal with it.

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Our uncanny ability to understand every side of every situation confuses people because we're seemingly incapable of making a definite decision about anything. Sometimes, in our quest to spread ourselves as evenly as possible, we try to be everything to everyone.

People are naturally drawn to us, and we thrive off other people's energy. We love self-disclosure. We achieve reinforcement and strength through our connections with those around us, both in work and in our personal life.

10 things you need to know about dating a libra

At work, we're natural leaders and team organizers. We spearhead teams, and we get jobs done with very little conflict or error to spare. In our personal life, we work well with love interests.

We're great in relationships in which we can bring out the best in someone and in which we can be our fully energetic, loyal and romantic selves.

We have idealized notions of love and are always willing to try something new to make relationships work.

Because we constantly try to maintain harmony, we avoid conflict and hesitate to ever rock the boat. We'll do anything we can to maintain a peaceful environment. Understanding every side of every equation is a skill we'll utilize when we're trying to keep the peace. We never jump to rash responses.

We mull everything over in our heads before speaking in a calm, rational tone of voice. We love nothing more than the opportunity to learn about people in our surroundings and become experts on their lives.

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We're also very sympathetic - we're constantly aware of other people's needs, and desires and are always asking ourselves how we can make something fair for others. Libras are associated with the air element, so we constantly strive to reach higher levels, specifically with our minds. Because of this, we enjoy putting our minds to good use - we'll always find a way to rationalize, to think deeply and to intellectualize a situation.

We never operate in extremes or absolutes. In fact, any kind of extreme opinion or point of view makes us uncomfortable.

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