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AfterNazi proponents of " Aryan physics ," led by the Nobel Prize-winners Johannes Stark and Philipp Lenar attacked Einstein's theory of relativity as a degenerate example of Jewish materialism in the realm of science. Many scientists and humanists emigrated; Einstein moved permanently to the U. Hermann von Helmholtz - The Nazi regime restored economic prosperity and ended mass unemployment using heavy spending on the military, while suppressing labor unions and strikes. The return of prosperity gave the Nazi Party enormous popularity, with only minor, isolated and subsequently unsuccessful cases of resistance among the German population over the 12 years of rule. The Gestapo secret police under Heinrich Himmler destroyed the political opposition and persecuted the Jews, trying to force them into exile, while taking their property.

Nature. Heinrich H.

12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them

Origin and conseque nces of cyclic ice.

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