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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. So i'm the type of person who is quite shy when meeting new people and i find this make people loose interest in me quickly. I don't have any friends from childhood because coming from an airforce family i was at a different school every two years. I also seem to think differently from most people, so im not interested in most social fads twitter, instagram etc, , i have a completely different sense of humour from most people and i hate public events and crowds. I'm part of a trivia team and a dragon boat team, i walk around sydney most weekends with a walking group but all i ever seem to make are acquaintences. I try my best to make friendships but i often find myself with no one to hang out with or feeling alone in a crowd. I'm not the kind of person people invite to an event or the kind of person people contact on a rainy sunday to hang out with.

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Online forums Sheltered, na. I have need to be the one teaching a chick how much the world sucks and how I wont make her fairy tale ending. My best friends wife was like that when they met took him 7 guys to get her to a point he was ok with wifing her up. Im not about to spend that kinda time molding a person unless its my own kid. Misc Brotherhood Crew Your mental health and happiness friends to me! If you need help, please reach out via personal message. CheekyChris23 crew.

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