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I was very Skeptical to begin with. I have always wanted to meet an American Lady. I thought I would give it a go. I signed straight up to Premium as Standard is very basic and within 1 week I was chatting to 2 ladies. I have gone on to exchange numbers with 1 Lady due to a great connection between us.

She said she wrote a relatively boring - not sexy or crazy - personal ad, and when she checked her messages 10 days later, she had more than replies. Rochelle and her editor were blown away. She decided to arbitrarily listen to every third reply and start accepting dates to see who these guys were.

I always meet them at the restaurant so nothing could go wrong. That research opened her eyes to the dating scene and gave her valuable insights into the mind of daters.

That inspired her to start ILoveYourAccent. She worked with a website developer to create the site and then devoted much of her time to growing its membership.

She started by asking every single person she knew - both in the US and the UK - to sign up. As a result of that measured approach to growth, the site is populated by genuine profiles and fosters a strong sense of community. Registering a profile with a couple of pictures and audio or video of your accent is free, as are instant messages with other site members.

Members range in age from 30 to around 55, and, while most are from the US and the UK, the site attracts users from Canada, Australia, and a few countries in the Caribbean.

Creating a profile is free, and users can upgrade to premium membership for more features. Along with improvements to the site, she said she is also developing a television show that will follow singles from the US and the UK who are looking for love - and sexy accents.

Have a date in mind when you can be together.

I love your accent dating site

Keep up with him on Twitter here. I feel especially bad for anyone who had their credit card information attached to their account. I love your accent does not and will never have access to people card info.

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All handled my merchant services. You might look at the date of the clever persons post. The site is and continues to be be very successful. Listen to spammed above. The site was hacked.

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ILYA is not a free site and will never be. If thats what you want, lots out there. Free sites attract free people and of course the scammers.

Premium members can communicate back and forward with ease, its just the free people who dont want to pay for anything that object. If we make it free, you will be bombarded with emails from every Nigerian scammer in the world confessing undying love for you although he has never net you. If we are doing something wrong, i suggest you check out the success stories page. Some people just expect everything for nothing, they should stick to Facebook.

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If people are not willing to spend the cost of a glass of wine a month for the chance of meeting someone in another county, what hope id there for a long distance relationship. Usually complaints come from ex employees having a wind up. Worst customer service ever! I cancelled my account and ILYA still charged me! I am convinced that the site attempts to lure you back with fake messages.

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I think that's wrong. So, I have cut ties with the site, asked for my profile to be deleted and will never sign up again. I will also take every opportunity to post a review like this so other people know.

I have a major problem when a company tries to create revenue by lying to or misleading customers, and I refuse to stand by and do nothing about it.

I Love Your Accent is a new dating site for transalantic lovers. It's pretty straightforward as far as a dating site goes - not that I would know - with plenty of pictures and user profiles and a way to connect with men and woman across the pond. The site is also useful the other way around for Brits looking for Americans. Meet, Love Your Accent Dating and fuck instantly at a moment's notice - Not all members find Sex but some of them want serious relationships. The adult dating site is one the oldest way to search guys near your Love Your Accent Dating local area. Start your first hookup and get laid with our members and make your night romantic/ Love Your Accent Dating to Hookup and get laid tonight. Girls for Fuck, and FuckBuddy Finder apps. This app Love Your Accent Dating only provides an Love Your Accent Dating online girl's image that helps to select a partner. Share your picture by way of upload a new or pasting in an Image URL that is already online and Share with other members/

Comment Thank you Share Helpful 6. Hi we have no idea who you are, would like to rectify any issues, can you message us directly please? All I can say is that it has worked for us I was on there 4 months and he was on there only 1 month.

We Talked for about 8 weeks on there and whats app and when we knew we had that connection we decided to meet. It was not easy doing the LDR but we persevered and now we are together.

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I cant say enough good things about iloveyouraccent. We are so happy for you both and wish you the very best. Thank you for letting us know your wonderful news. Please check your PM.

I married my sweetheart, a man I would never had met if this site did not exist. I was thetravelgrrl on this site. And he was tall and tallandbritish. Love this site.

Thank you thank you thank you! We remember you from the story in your local news. Congratulations to you both and thanks for taking time to write your review. We wish you the very best.

We have no idea who you are and are not affiliated with DBG. Unlike almost everyone else, I had used other dating sites. To anyone who loves Brits like I do and wondered if it was possible to truly find love online It happened for me. My name and email are available if anyone wants to ask me anything.

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Good luck to all and happy holidays. We love to hear great newsthank you for letting us know. I have sent you a PM. Didn't find anyone. But their website is horrible and unintuitive.

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There's no way to cancel. Now I have to go through my bank and Paypal to get my money back from this shady company.

EDIT: When cancelling, make sure to call Paypal because they just keep charging you autodraft through Paypal guest checkout. They just tell you to delete your bank info, but that doesn't stop the charges. Paypal has to stop it, so call them. Worst run website I've ever seen. Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 1. Such a shame you chose to make outrageous claims. You did not cancel and continued to use our service and was therefore charged accordingly. It is fraud when you use a service and then lie to get your money back.

I have forwarded your recent usage so you can see just who is telling untruths here. As we never see any members financial infohow can we charge you if you cancel? We cannot, simple as thatyour review is false? Could you show us or anyone where we told you to remove your bank account?

I have been on love your accent for at I have been on love your accent for at least 4 months and I have found it to be a total scam people contact you with great enthusiasm then suddenly vanish with no further communication. I was recently told that the company is using old profiles to send fake messages to people to keep them. reviews for ILoveYourAccent, stars: 'Short and sweet is my review, came to this site after a friend told me about it, It took 4 months to really find someone I connected with and that was back in , We are now married and I have moved from Bristol in England to Georgia and I am very happy. First baby on the way, Thank you I love Your Accent team'/5. gives you the opportunity to socialize with like minded people across the pond, but also in the next City or State.

It did not happen and this review is beyond false. I met and fell in love with an amazing woman from this site. Grace and I got engaged last week and I couldn't be happier. Who would have thought a 58 year old man could find love on the internet?


All the best to everyone looking for love. Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to let us know. I have PM you. I found exactly who I was looking for. My perfect guitar with an accent and she loves Man U lol Now I just need her to get the Yorkshures to rise and I will be on cloud 9 cheers to iloveyouraccent as its worked great for me and thee lol.

Thanks for letting us know our site worked for you both. Please check you inbox. I've been a paid subscription member for several months now and am very discouraged at the negative reviews here but they have confirmed my suspicions that there are many fake profiles on the site.

I have no issues getting flirts and first messages. I respond and the messages never get opened. Dozens upon dozens of unopened messages on my sent messages. How does one explain that? Comments 1 Thank you Share Helpful 3. Hello Monica, I am afraid we do not know who you are, can you email us directly please so we can assist you? We still have not heard from you Monica 3 weeks later. It seems impossible to unsubscribe to the website.

I Love Your Accent, Say It Again - Part 4

My emails are constantly ignored. I had 1 reply once and they said they cancelled my subscription; they did not. I eventually just blocked their future attempts via PayPal AND my bank, and also am pursuing a legal case regarding refunds for the past year.

It's also worth noting that everyone I spoke to contacted me first, and really liked my profile then vanished. They were all unable to hold a conversation, missing most of my questions and forgetting what I had said previously i. Their chat rooms are as empty as the wild west.

The unique dating site is designed to connect those who love foreign accents with those who have them. allows singles to upload audio or video of their voice, join groups, and chat with other singles to make lasting international connections. James was Author: Suzanne Wentley. I Love Your Accent Connects Americans With British Singles. So, when a reputable publication dating in, it added to the credibility. She said she wrote a relatively boring - not sexy or crazy - personal ad, and when she checked her messages 10 days later, she had more than replies. Rochelle and her editor were blown away. Nov 08,   The Scoop: I Love Your Accent (ILYA) is a borderless dating site where singles can explore a world of romantic possibilities. The site currently has over 55, members, all of whom have been verified as authentic, and its organic growth is all thanks to the undeniable appeal of a foreign accent and an international romance.

Terrible customer support non existent and bad website design. Comments 2 Thank you Share Helpful 2. Hi Damien You did not cancel your account, PayPal informed us this morning that you asked them to cancel for you. At no point did you make us aware of fake profiles.

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