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Hey DatingAdvice. Try it now and meet local singles in just a few minutes! Here are the sites:. What are you waiting for? One mouse click could be all that stands between you and your next romance! Well basically I met this guy in November through a person we both know and I found out that he did a work placement in the company I want to apply for so I decided to ask him for advice.

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I was glad that we were both physically and mentally closer, and we talked openly about our concerns, I was distant because I was so upset that she reinforced to me that she was seeing other people, and when she saw me with someone, she got upset she later admitted she was a little jealous, which I can't be totally upset about, I want her to like me after all. Anyway tonight she told me she was into me, and she was upset that we hadn't even had sex. We finally made up tonight, when she saw me while I was at work tonightshe'd grab my butt, kiss me, or grab my crotch, you know, show signs of affection with some 'liquid courage' lol.

Well that put a nice smile on my face, then I as a bouncer walked around the bar, to inspect people make sure everyone was having a good time. Totally cool, I understand she wasn't there for me, and she was out enjoying herself investing her time with other people.

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Well things elevated with Amanda and her dance mate, I ended up seeing her making out with that guy big time at my workplace right in front of me, and I was super jealous, and tried to keep my cool, but it was uncomfortable for me to watch. I mean when she's spending time with other guys, that's totally cool, but it was right in front of me, I tried to create some space for both our comforts lol probably just mineby moving to another part of the bar, but I was working I did have to inspect every part of the bar-i felt obligated to work meaning float around the bar and make sure everyone was okay.

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Her girlfriends were there with her, and said to me they didn't know what to think because they knew we were seeing each other. Man, I feel like crap right now, that guy she was making out with is a nice guy that's the worst part of all this, he's an awesome guyI know him, he's a really built guy, I'll admit he was very good looking, anyone could have easily been interested in him, he didn't have to do much work, especially at a bar.

Like I mentioned before, I'm new to the dating game, but I guess I'm asking, is it okay what she did with that guy right in front of me? It is my workplace, but it is a very fun bar to go to, I understand I have to accept her with other people.

It's not fair for her to have to comprimise her feelings for that guy just because I'm there, or am I wrong? Anyway I just want to know how to handle this, I felt uncomfortable.

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One could relate this to the time I took Brianne out and saw Amanda there, but I went out not knowing she'd be there an art gallery. Its different when she knows I was going to be there, flirting with me, making out with me, and then trading tongues with some other guy.

Girl im dating kissed another guy

Anyway, I hope I get some responses, from you guys. Thanks for reading this lengthy blabber.

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I would walk away from this, too. Is this someone you would really want to be in a relationship with eventually? Man, if she's doing this in a place where she knows you work, she's probably just trying to piss you off.

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Don't stand for it, you can do much better. For example, maybe with Brianne.

May 15,   *Girl im Dating kissed another guy at a party*? Iv been on 3 dates with this girl and she really likes me honestly, (im her first ever boyfriend) If she was that drunk she wouldn't of remember that she made out with another guy 4 days ago and hidding it. Apr 15,   Hi enotalone, thanks for a lot for helping me understand some things about myself and being purely honest, I can count on some of the people here for that, which is why I use this as a channel for advice. Anyway, I put a link to my thread up from a previous situation, I feel like this is a part two of it, because there has been a new development of the previous issue that I . My girlfriend kissed another guy. Im not saying let her off the hook completely just tell her excatly how this made u feel and tell her shes gonna have to work at it to get ur trust back. now if it happens again, hopefully it doesnt but if it does let her go, not worth it. even tho we have been dating almost 3 years. I would never be.

I think, you need to re-evaluate your relationship with her. However, you don't own her. Even if you are dating, you still don't own her.

So swallow that pride and think If yes, then you need to move past the kiss and forget about it She did it, you forgive her, then never mention it again. If you can't do that, if you think you're still going to let it bother you, then move you. You aren't doing either of you any good staying in a relationship.


You have No room to be that upset. She must like you if she got emotional abt it.

I had a "thing" with this girl and she kissed another guy?

You need to talk to her about why she did it behind your back. You also need to ask her if she really likes you or not.

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If you have feelings for her tell her about them and ask her on a date. If you don't feel that she can be trusted enough to be your girlfriend then that's up to you.

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Well did you guys make it clear that you guys were exclusive and you guys can't hook up with anyone else? If not, then it's not her fault. But because she lied and went behind your back, she probably will do it again and I don't think it's worth it. Iv been on 3 dates with this girl and she really likes me honestly, im her first ever boyfriend but about 2 hours ago she told me she made out with some guy at a party about 4 days ago She didnt want to tell me but i kept pusshing her and eventually she told me So the question is, What do i do?

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What would YOU do in this situation seriously Thank you. Answer Save.

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We're y'all exclusive? If not, proceed to 3.

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If you were, proceed to 2. Ignore her. Look for someone else.

Girl (20) i'm dating kissed another guy in front of me(24) After a while she replied that she did not remember at all that she kissed another guy and that she was very sorry for what had happened. She also mentioned that she is not interested in the guy she kissed at all, she has been best friends with him for a long time and sees him as a. Nov 04,   First off I've been talking to this girl for a little over a thefoodlumscatering.com hit it off right away, and hung out a late. We've admitted to liking each other and have kissed, held hands, ect. Anyways last weekend she went over to this guys house to get tutored for "geometry"thefoodlumscatering.coms she knew he liked her and I wasn't ok with this and told her I didn't.

Good for you for pushing her, I assume you went on a gut feeling that she was hidding something. The Prophet Lv 4.

Apr 04,   the guy I like kissed another girl in front of me. Well basically I met this guy in November through a person we both know and I found out that he did a work placement in the company I want to apply for so I decided to ask him for advice. Apr 29,   The fat guy then says "Oh she must just be a player then" and hangs up. After this, I ignore her for two days in which she texts me incessantly and tries to call me many times. On the second night I finally answer her texts, asking her to admit she kissed the guy. She says she really cannot remember anything and begs to see me. I have been dating this man for just over a month and will soon be going on a fourth date. I want us to be exclusive/in a relationship but not sure if he feels the same. Last night I kissed another guy and exchanged numbers, should I tell him? He is on vacation at the moment and I'm kind of.

You have to understand the difference between dating and an actual relationship. How do you think about the answers?

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