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I've never really understood culture clashes in relationships too much before. I suppose I thought you'd have to get used to little quirks, such as eating a different cuisine than the one you were used to, or somebody's manner seeming a little abrupt, or jokes and sayings getting lost in translation. I didn't have too many problems when I was in Dubai though I only dated an Australian and a Greek , or in Cambodia when I didn't go anywhere near any of the men there - apart from a few language barriers. But here in Thailand I think I have integrated a little more than I found possible in Dubai and more than I had time for during my brief stint in Cambodia. In Thailand, I work with Thai people, I go out with them and I can attempt to communicate with them in their own language. The point has inevitably come where I've started to think about and would like to attempt to date a Thai man. I say attempt because that's where I've found my troubles with cultural differences begin.

Far better to just compliment.

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Don't compare your country favorably to Thailand. Such comments would be rude in any country; they seem particularly boorish in Thailand. In general, don't boast, brag, or act superior about anything.

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Dress well. Dress reflects status. Long pants, and clean, pressed clothes, are expected of someone in your position. Be generous.

Dating thai guy

This, like dressing neatly, is expected of someone of your status. Make way for little differences.

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Your new boyfriend may use your toothbrush, leave pools of water on the floor after a shower, wear your clothes without asking, or leave footprints on the toilet seat.

None of these acts is unusual by Thai standards, and there's no reason to object to them. After that kiss, you think it's unsanitary to share a toothbrush!?

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Be prepared to be sniffed! Sniffing someone's cheek shows intimacy.

Notes to self: Dating a Thai guy

Don't be surprised by unannounced visits. He may turn you down the first few times you invite him into your bedroom.

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This is part of Thai culture, and his way of showing respect for you. Embrace it - how cute is that!?

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They may inexplicably not call, or ignore you for a while, and then turn up all lovey-dovey. On the other hand, they could become overzealous and call you five or more times a day.

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He may call you fat. This is an obvious no-no in the West, but in Thailand, calling someone fat is not seen as offensive.

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Most Thai women are around 40 kilograms, so compared to that, most Western women are quite a bit bigger. Many Western women have told stories of their Thai boyfriends getting insanely jealous and possessive.

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Some even threatening rival men with bodily harm. If you really like him and want to keep him, show copious amounts of respect for his family - he respects them much more than he lets on. Kiss up to his mum like a fiend.

Phuket: The secrets to dating a Thai guy PHUKET: For foreign girls, dating a Thai man can be an enchanting, fun, exciting part of your Thailand experience. This cheat sheet to successful cross. Related pages: From here, continue on to Gay dating in Thailand, Gay life and customs. Thailand's social hierarchy. Thai customs. Basic travel facts. The Thai language. Making yourself understood. Mai pen rai: a slogan and a philosophy Gay Thailand tour. Dating Thai Guys: Thoughts from a Western Woman A young American expat living in northern Thailand who's dated a few Thai guys and stuck with one for several years before calling it quits. While her experience may not be indicative of all relationships, everything she says we've heard before when it comes to Western female/Thai male.

His grandma will not appreciate your stellar cleavage. Speaking of which, in general try not to wear clothes that are too revealing around him.


Plus, a foreign woman who can speak some Thai is a total turn-on for many Thai guys. Incorporate the best parts of Thainess to your actions, without losing your personality.

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This is why a some Thai women say they have no interest in dating Thai men or having a Thai husband. Some western women say however, if you can keep your Thai guy happy and challenged, they tend not to stray.

Be warned. Dating Thai men, for most western women, is still a mostly positive experience. Skip to content.

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