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Can men have female friends? My boyfriend has a lot of female friends. If I were sixteen I'd be in a perpetual panic about the sea of hot, smart, funny women he calls his friends. But I'm not. I'm And while I can be a crippling ball of insecurity when it comes to my boyfriend, there is nothing but trust between us.

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Are you afraid your boyfriend might violate the terms of your relationship agreement? Are you worried that the women he is friends with might have their sites set on him?

Before you fall victim to a girl on girl crime, stop and get to know the women in his life. It can be tempting to view them as the enemy and see them as competition for your guy's time, but you need to remember that you are the woman he decided to make his girlfriend and not them. We already know your boyfriend has great taste in women.

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He picked you, after all, didn't he? Rather than waste your time trying to figure out their true intentions, why not spend some time trying to get to know them? If you are suspicious of your boyfriend's relationship with his female friends and he has a history of cheating, you have every right to be skeptical about his relationships with members of the opposite sex, friendly or otherwise.

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When your partner cheats, the hardest thing to get back is trust. We're just friends. What's wrong with you?

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Belittling, gaslighting and patronizing are not things a man who is truly committed to rebuilding a healthy relationship with you would try. You know what's really bad?

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When you catch yourself getting jealous of his female friends and say to yourself, "Oh my goodness. He's my man.

I urge you to remember that just because one bad boyfriend did this to you once, that doesn't mean every man out there is going to do it. In fact, frankly, in the long run, you want to have a boyfriend who gets along well enough with women to call them friends.

I've recently started seeing a guy with a lot of female friends and his best friend is female too. now I've never actually dated a guy like that, sad I know. And my male best friends are mostly gay so I don't have that experience as you do. Since he has so many female friends, I imagine that he'd be tuned in to how women think, so he should be able to get it through his noggin of his. Probably not, though - he's still a guy. Boyfriend Dating Female Friends Gender Girlfriend Male Men Platonic Relationships Sexes Women. May 09,   One year-old man, who has assembled a large cohort of female friends through work, says that when he broke up with his girlfriend recently, he .

This demonstrates a dude with a healthy and positive relationship with the women in his world, and that's the kind of dude you want on your arm in the long run. Because I, tragically, am not a man, I asked a group of anonymous men to chime in and share their thoughts on the subject of female friends and how a girlfriend fits into the equation.

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Can My BF Be Friends With Women?

Join YourTango Experts. He displays our relationship for the world to see and I love him more each and every day. But why do they flock to him?

Dec 09,   As long as his female friends are actually just friends and you get along with them, there is probably nothing to worry about. The good news is that a guy who has a lot of female friends already has a good idea about what women like. He is used to talking to women, so he will be a good listener once he becomes comfortable around you. Aug 25,   I know this is an old questioned, but I really wanted to answer it because I see that most people agreed that it doesn't mean anything. Yes, it's true that it could not mean anything, but the opposite could also be true. There's certainly a lot of. Nov 10,   Dating a guy who has many female friends is not the easiest thing you can put yourself through. Him double-dating or taking interest in other women are a few things that you're always subconsciously worried about. But, ladies, not every guy is the same. There are gems out there too! Before you jump to conclusions, we urge you to think it thefoodlumscatering.com: Sharon Alphonso.

Most of these girls go to him to help them figure out their mundane life problems, but enough is enough. Especially when you have a stubborn boyfriend like I do. I was always a believer in platonic relationships between the two sexes and I still am.

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Hell, it has the potential to give healthy insight, but I have an inkling that my boyfriend takes it too seriously. They seem pretty cool and most of them seem to respect our relationship. Operative word being most. Go back to your little mediocre life and keep my boyfriend out of yours.

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And if some of you say that I need to put my foot down, trust me I have. The show wraps up with a conversation about what we shouldn't take away from romantic comedies.

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