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The relationship between Blair and Chuck , also known as Chair , refers to the partnership and relationship between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Throughout seasons four and five , the two go back and forth with their relationship. In the season five finale The Return of the Ring , Blair chooses to be with Chuck and they make a pact to ensure they end up together. In the time jump, they have bought a townhouse in the city together and have a son, Henry Bass. Blair and Chuck have no real relationship other than acquaintances; as Chuck is a minor character in the books.

As a result, she informs Chuck that he no longer has her heart and she enters into a relationship with Dan. She angrily confronts him about attempting to buy her back but he insists he only did so to get her her freedom. They successfully track down a party thrown by Diana which might hold the answers; and they all attend, where they find out it's really a revolving brothel. While there, Blair realizes that scheming with Chuck is bringing up her old feelings for him.

At the end of the night, Blair discovers that Bart is still alive and well; and she informs Chuck, who is shocked at the discovery. The next day, they team up to bring Bart out of hiding; which they successfully do The Fugitives. At the same time, Gossip Girl has begun releasing pages from her diary and Dan quickly assumes where Blair's heart truly lies.

As a result, he tells her to come to the Sheperd's Divorce Party with him if she ever cared about him as an ultimatum. However, Blair chooses to be with Chuck and attends Bart's press conference instead. She then witnesses Bart publicly cut Chuck out of Bass Industries. Afterwards, she tells him that she is still in love with him and will do anything to make it work; including taking care of them with Waldorf Designs, as Eleanor previously asked her to take over as CEO.

However, Chuck rejects her, saying that she's played too many games and he can't live in her shadow. A few weeks later, Chuck travels to Monte Carlo with Jack in an attempt to win enough money to fight against Bart. Blair shows up at the casino they're at and again proclaims her love for Chuck, saying she's all in.

Chuck: In the face of true love, you don't just give up.

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Even if the object of your affection is begging you to. Chuck: Look, I never should have abandoned you. I know I made the wrong decision as soon as your plane took off.

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Distracted myself all summer, hoping I wouldn't feel it. Chuck: I was scared. Scared that if we spent the whole summer together, just us, then you'd see. Blair: The true reason I should stay right where I am and not get in the car. Three words.

Eight letters. Say it. Chuck: Well, maybe I want to raise the stakes. Are you ready to play that game? I chased you for long enough. Now it's time you chased me. Chuck: The reason we can't say those three words to each other isn't because they aren't true.

Chuck: I think we both know that the moment we do, it won't be the start of something. It will be the end. Think about it. Chuck and Blair, going to the movies. Chuck and Blair, holding hands. Chuck: Without it, I'm not sure how long we'd last. It'd just be a matter of time before we messed it up. Look, I'd rather wait Blair: No. You don't.

Nov 21,   which episode do chuck and blair officially hook up?:))? hey please answer this question.:)) right after she had left nate and her and Chuck were in the limo. It wasn't episode 9 because that was when she hooked up with Nate. You can watch it at thefoodlumscatering.com 0 0 0. Login to reply the answers Post;. Jan 24,   Chuck and Blair / first kiss and sex - Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episode 7: ' Victor Victrola ' Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music, INgrooves (on behalf of A&G Records); LatinAutor - Warner. Nov 28,   Blair and Chuck Nickname Chair First Met Before Pilot Started Dating Relationship began Season 1 Episode Victor Victrola, on and off relationship through seasons 1 & 2. Officially started dating in Season 2 Episode The Goodbye Gossip Girl and broke up Season 3 Episode Inglourious Bassterds. On and off relationship in Season 4 & 5. Got married at the First Met: Before Pilot.

You don't appreciate anything today. But I don't care. Whatever you're going through, I want to be there for you. Blair: But I am me. And you're you. We're Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. The worst thing you've ever done, the darkest thought you've ever had.

I will stand by you through anything.

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Blair: I do! Don't you understand? I'll always be here. I don't want you going anywhere. I couldn't bear it.

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So whatever you want to do to yourself, please don't do that to me. Blair: Last fall, you said we couldn't be together and I believed you. But every time I try to move on, you're right there, acting like. Blair: Then look down deep, into the soul I know you have, and tell me if what you feel for me is real. If it's real, we'll figure it out.

All of us. But if it's not, then please, Chuck, just let me go. Blair: Last year, you told Nate. This year, you told Serena. You tell everyone but me. Why can't you tell me?

You can't run, you have to stay here and hear it this time. Chuck Bass, I love you. I love you so much it consumes me. I love you and I know you love me too. Tell me you love me and everything we've done, all the gossip and the lies and the hurt, will have been for something.

Tell me it was for something. Chuck: You were right. I was a coward running away again, but everywhere I went, you caught up with me. So I had to come back. Chuck: It's not destiny if you have to barter your way in. You're special enough on your own, you don't need some group to say you are.

Blair: And what about you? Since when does Chuck Bass pay for a partner? The Chuck I knew bribed no one but me. Chuck: I've been meeting with the board of Bass Industries all morning. I told them I want to cash my shares out. Risk it all. They think I've lost my mind. They don't care about Constance or the social hierarchy, they don't care that I'm Blair Waldorf! It's over. And I told you I love you. You're saying that I'm easier to win over than a bunch of pseudo-intellectual homesick malcontents?

You'd really insult me like this? Do you really think I've never kissed a guy before? You and I both know you'll never be completely trustworthy. I admit it's not my strong suit either, but it keeps things interesting between us. And in the moment that mattered most, I was. I couldn't be there when he I left. Ran away. I've been pushing myself to prove him wrong and I think it's because you couldn't handle feelings. But you aren't like that anymore. You're strong.

You carry people. You carry me. You're becoming a man in a way that your father never was. Let's say goodbye. It was misguided to let one of my father's girlfriends allow me to question that.

TO hope things may be different. Because I thought it was the only way to save your hotel. I would've done anything to help you.

Gossip Girl CHUCK SAYS 'I LOVE YOU' TO BLAIR 2x25 SEASON FINALE HQ "The Goodbye Gossip Girl"

All you had to do was ask. You would have been too willing when Jack came to you, and he would have known we were working together.

I did what I had to to win. The darkest thought I ever had. You said you would stand by me through anything.

This, Blair, is anything. I love you. Saying it was hard, but I did and I've never looked back. So now I'm asking you: please do this for me. Please forgive me. We do belong together. We're both sick and twisted. If you think about it, we're incredibly fortunate to have even found each other. But we've hit it together. At least we won't be lonely in hell. I would do anything for you, Chuck, but what if that's wrong? I never thought it was possible to love someone too much but maybe it is.

I don't like who I've become with you. I was resolve not to. Every bone in my body tried to slow me, every voice in my head screamed don't.

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I followed my heart because I love you. I can't deny that our path has been complicated but in the end love makes everything simple. Blair: I have. Many times. In my dreams.

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The good ones. But if you were really hurt, I would want to know. Nobody knew who I was, nobody was coming to look for me. I realized I might be alive but Chuck Bass doesn't have to be. A chance to live simply, earn people's respect. Blair uncovers scandalous information about Serena; Dan sets his sights on impressing the Dartmouth representative. Director: J. Serena and Dan finally acknowledge they are crazy about each other; Jenny discovers a secret about her parents; Blair is once again devastated by Nate's actions.

Blair puts on a happy face for her 17th birthday party and attempts to hide the truth from her friends. As 'Gossip Girl' posts news of the annual Cotillion Ball to take place on the approaching weekend, Blair decides not to go with Nate, but she finds herself being featured in The New York Director: Patrick R.

Gossip Girl takes pleasure in reporting that Serena has been spotted buying a pregnancy test, and word spreads like wildfire.

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With Serena's reputation on the line, Blair takes matters into her own hands to deal with manipulative Georgina. Gossip Girl heads to the Hamptons as summer comes to a close; Serena and Nate fake a relationship as a cover for Nate's affair with a married woman.

Season 2 episode 1 Blair spent her summer in Europe and when she comes back, Chuck cannot say "I Love you" so she leaves him. Serena and Dan must deal with their problems while trapped in an elevator; Blair and Chuck question the lack of passion in their relationships.

Blair seeks revenge by enticing Chuck to seduce Vanessa; Serena rebels at a party of Lily's; Dan and Jenny find out a secret Nate has been hiding. Jenny befriends a model, and is encouraged to explore her wild side; Serena is attracted to an artist, Aaron Rose. Serena realizes Aaron has kept a secret from her; Jenny and Agnes plan a guerilla fashion show; Blair baby-sits the daughter of a Yale donor.

The teens prepare for the annual Snowflake Ball, a charity event for prep school seniors. A sudden and tragic event impacts the lives of everyone on the Upper East Side, especially Chuck and the van der Woodsens. Chuck's uncle, Jack Bass, arrives on the scene; Jenny returns to school and takes on the mean girls. Bart's will is read and everyone learns the fate of the Bass empire; Dan discovers the secret between Rufus and Lily.

Devastated by the recent plot twist in her life, Blair turns her back on her predictable existence in favor of a wilder lifestyle. Serena throws Jenny a party for her 16th birthday, but things get out of control when Poppy Lifton turns the small gathering into a huge social event. Serena returns from her trip to Spain with Poppy and Gabriel; Blair makes a secret deal with Nate's grandfather; Dan gets a job.

Georgina returns; Chuck and Nate are at a crossroads in their friendship - a result of their mutual interest in Blair. Blair pressures Georgina to help her in a scheme; Nate and Chuck's rivalry over Blair comes to a head; Lily hatches a secret plan to help Rufus.

Gossip Girl livens things up at graduation by sending out a shocking email blast during the ceremony.

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Blair and Chuck adjust to their new status as a couple; Serena returns from Europe with many secrets and a complicated relationship with Carter. It's Blair versus Chuck as they both set their sights on a particular item up for bid at Sotheby's; Georgina takes an interest in Dan.

Lily and Rufus move up their wedding, but complications threaten to tear them apart; Chuck discovers a secret Carter has been keeping from Serena; Dan and Vanessa are pulled into one of Georgina's schemes. Dan invites Olivia to meet Rufus and Lily, which leads to all sorts of problems for the new couple; Serena and Nate team up to help Carter Baizen. Serena helps Chuck open his club, but Blair feels left out; Dan is unnerved watching one of Olivia's sex scenes with a former co-star.

Chuck wrestles with a past issue; A serious car accident rocks the Upper East Side; Dan and Vanessa try to navigate their complicated friendship.

After finding out she's back to scheming with Chuck, he lies to her that he lost the fellowship to someone else. However, she finds out that isn't true and encourages him to take it.

Dan-Blair relationship

She agrees to go with him to Italy, despite Dan wondering why she hasn't said she loves him back yet The Fugitives. In the finale The Return of the Ringpages from Blair's diary are released, in those pages Blair admits she is afraid of her never being able to love someone as much as she loves Chuck even though the relationship with Dan was good and she felt intellectually stimulated.

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This statement upsets Dan. She steals his phone to keep him from seeing, but he sees anyway. He tells her that if she cares about him, she'll meet him at the Shepherds' divorce party to tell him. She debates whether to go, but ultimately chooses to end their relationship to be with Chuck. Meanwhile Serena meets Dan at the Sheperd's and tells him that his love for "Blair" was based on the character he created but not on the real Blair, she tells Dan that the "real Blair" has always loved scheming and that it will always be a part of her nature.

Dan does not trust Blair and finally decides to hook up with Serena after she confesses her love for him.

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Serena kisses Dan and records everything on her cellphone. Blair is reluctant whether not to pursue Chuck, but she comes to realize she has always loved Chuck and goes to Monaco to tell Chuck she's ready to be with him.

Dan is angry that she left him to maybe be with Chuck, and informs her that she and Chuck have excuses but not a great love. After becoming homeless, Dan asks Blair if he can stay with her for awhile. She agrees to let him stay Portrait of a Lady Alexanderand he decides he wants to win her back.

When do blair and chuck first hook up

He offers to escort her to Cotillion, but she kicks him out of her apartment and ends their struggling friendship after his sex tape with Serena airs at the ball Monstrous Ball.

Blair confronts Dan for cheating on her with Serena During Thanksgiving Dinner, Blair tries to convince Serena not to get back together with Dan because he's bad news. Serena doesn't believe her, until his serial pinning her as a golden shell comes out.

Afterwards, Blair and everyone else begins to ice him out It's Really Complicated. This continues until Dan helps Chuck defeat a newly resurrected Bart Bass. Blair thanks him for doing the right thing, but takes it back after she learns Serena may move to Los Angeles after Dan's article on her The Revengers.

Maybe not my type but you're not terrible. And whatever it is that happened between you and Chuck, I'm sure you can fix it because if there's a pair meant for one another, it's you two.

Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. But but- then you think, what if these signs are here for a reason? And ignoring them just makes me a coward? I don't believe in them and neither should you. Townie, you're from Brooklyn, so check. And giving up everything to become Serena van der Woodsen's stalker, check. Face it Humphrey, you are one knitted tie away from Mr.

Donovan territory. You used to send girls home crying from Constance for wearing tights as pants. It was for the greater good. Just like I suggest you take off that tie and shove it in your pocket. Why deny that just because it's what your mother does? This was supposed to be the best day of my life and now it's a big mess and now you don't need to be yelling at me on top of it! Alright, now I'm yelling too but you're the one who started it! You remember the day my book came out?

You blamed me for creating all your problems with Louis, AND you never even read it! At least I ended up with the right person.

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Chuck will never be finished fighting with his father and that ring around your neck will never be on your finger. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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