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WTDC represented a unique opportunity for the international community to gather together and discuss the future of the telecommunication and information and communication technologies sector and its contribution to social and economic development. Page Content Busan, and to Academia in accordance with Resolution Rev. Busan, This invitation was sent in July

The World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) convened in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 9 to 20 October following the kind invitation of the Government of Argentina and the approval by the Council with the concurrence of a majority of the Member States of ITU. WTDC represented a unique opportunity for the international community to gather together . The ITU Telecom World Awards recognize the most innovative, promising SMEs and initiatives using ICTs for social impact - and offer global recognition, visibility on an international stage and the prestige of a major UN award. Results from the Sarasota ITU Triathlon World Cup 07 - 08 Oct, Sarasota, FL - Nathan Benderson Park, Nathan Benderson Circle, Sarasota, FL , United States.

If your entity does not have a focal point, please contact our delegate's registration service at: RegistrationWTDC itu. Onsite registration and badging at the Hilton Hotel, Buenos Aires, will start three days prior to the opening of the conference.

Itu match making 2017

Priority will be given to fellowship applicants from LDCs. Either one full or two partial fellowships per eligible Member State will be awarded based on available funding. Upon acceptance of the registration, an electronic fellowship request form will be sent to the participant.

The fellowship request form should be filled out, signed and approved by a duly authorized officer of the administration who should also sign it and stamp it with the official stamp of the administration. It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure that the form, duly completed, signed and approved, is scanned and e-mailed to fellowships itu.

Terms of reference : in accordance with No. At this meeting, the heads of delegation shall prepare the agenda for the first plenary meeting and make proposals for the organization, chairmanships and vice-chairmanships of the conference, its committees and, as appropriate, working group s of the Plenary. During WTDC, the heads of delegation shall meet to consider the proposals concerning the work programme and the constitution of study groups in particular, and to draw up proposals concerning the designation of chairmen and vice-chairmen of study groups, TDAG and any other groups established by WTDC.

Terms of reference : to coordinate all matters connected with the smooth execution of work and to plan the order and number of meetings, avoiding overlapping wherever possible in view of the limited number of members of some delegations.

This committee is composed of the Chairman, and the Vice-Chairmen of the conference and the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the committees and working group s of the Plenary. Terms of reference : to determine the organization and facilities available to the delegates, to examine and approve the accounts for expenditure incurred throughout the duration of the conference and to report to the plenary meeting on the estimated total expenses of the conference, and the estimated financial needs of ITU Telecommunication Development Sector ITU-D up to the next World Telecommunication Development Conference WTDC and the costs entailed by the execution of the decisions taken by the Conference.

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Terms of reference : to review and approve the agenda and make proposals for the organization of work; to review and approve the outputs and outcomes for the objectives; to review and agree on the related study group questions and related regional initiatives and establish appropriate guidelines for their implementation; to review and agree on relevant resolutions; and to ensure that the output is in accordance with a results-based management approach aiming to improve management effectiveness and accountability.

Terms of reference : to perfect the wording of texts arising from WTDC deliberations, such as resolutions, without altering the sense and substance, and align the texts in the official languages of the Union, with a view to their submission for approval to the plenary meetings. In accordance with No. The High-Level Segment at the World Telecommunication Development Conference WTDCto be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 9 to 20 October will provide a special platform for high-ranking officials from ITU Member States, for the most part ministers or deputy ministers, to express their views on emerging trends and on matters of strategic importance to the development of the telecommunication and information and communication technology sector.

Monday, 9 October: hh and hh Tuesday, 10 October: hh and hh. Because of time constraints, each speaker will be limited to three 3 minutes. However, the full text of the statement will be posted on the conference website.

To request for a slot to deliver a policy statement, please use the following link: www. Guidelines regarding general policy statements are given below.

ITU Multisport Festival Wrap The inaugural ITU Multisport World Championships Festival completed on August 27 after a successful ten-day event in Penticton, Canada that drew in over 3, athletes from all over the world to compete in five different multisport over two years of preparation and planning, the success of the first-ever event was evident as . Board meetings in Board meetings in Board meetings in Board meetings in Board meetings in Board meetings in Board meetings in Board meetings in (opens in the Danish version of Board meetings in (opens in the Danish version of Board meetings in (opens in the Danish version of IT Match Making Om eventen. Hvornar 1. marts - Hvor Atrium. IT Match Making er IT-Universitetets karrieremesse, hvor virksomheder har mulighed for at fa en snak med studerende, som er pa udkig efter deres kommende arbejdsplads - bade studiejobs, projektsamarbejde og fuldtidsjobs.

Note 1: If no changes are made to the advance copy, please inform the ITU focal point immediately after delivery to go live with the statement. Note 2: If there are changes to the statement, please send the final version of the statement soon after delivery by e-mail to wtdc-hls itu. This final version will be posted on the conference website within 15 minutes following receipt in the language s in which it is submitted. They will be used on the conference website and by Media covering this event.

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For this purpose, please submit the official photograph of your High-LeveL Segment speaker to wtdc-hls itu. Simply put, all images should be one-megabyte heavy or above.

World Telecommunication Development Conference

Photographs that do not meet these specifications are not technically suitable for projection on a large screen or for print media. We look forward to welcoming you to the High-Level Segment. Each participant will be encouraged to upload a sync application that will automatically synchronize with the ITU FTP document server to allow participants to have at hand at any time all published documents of the conference in any of the six official ITU languages that are available.

In addition, a local document server will be set up at the venue to allow for immediate access to all published documents of the conference in any of the six official ITU languages that are available.

Participants are therefore requested to bring their laptops. To allow for thorough consideration by delegations, contributions should be submitted preferably two months before the opening of WTDC i.

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Dubai,contributions should be submitted not later than 30 calendar days i. In line with this Resolution and Resolution Guadalajara,the firm submission deadline for all contributions to WTDC shall be no later than 14 calendar days before the opening of the conference i. Contributions should be submitted by electronic means using the system indicated below.

Should you require any clarification or guidance, please contact the WTDC secretariat at: wtdc.

Oct 25,   JUST before the dexterity of Nigeria's Super Eagles saw them being the first African country to qualify for the World Cup, in a match played in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, against a desperate. IT Match Making Om eventen. Hvornar 4. oktober - Hvor Atrium. Meet with companies that are looking for future employees with your profile and competencies. Learn about what they are looking for, when recruiting and how to increase your chances of landing a (student) job at their company. Would your company like to be part of. Oct 04,   IT Match Making About the event. When October 4, AM - PM. Where Atrium. Meet with companies that are looking for future employees with your profile and competencies. Learn about what they are looking for, when recruiting and how to increase your chances of landing a (student) job at their company.

Member States and Sector Members are urged to give careful attention to the initial preparation of contributions so as to avoid revisions to documents. A User Guide along with Guidelines for the preparation of proposals are also available at this link.

In addition to providing a common approach to submitting contributions, CPI will also provide a fast-track to the processing of the input documents by reducing the reformatting of the contributions.

Contributions not submitted through CPI may result in delays in their processing and posting. The secretariat will annotate each proposal with index numbers composed as follows:. The three-letter code and document number will be included by the secretariat.

However, the numbering of each proposal will be assigned by the online system when submitting each proposal. On the basis of the contributions received by the deadline, BDT will allocate the documents based on the topics identified by the submitting administration in order to facilitate discussion at WTDC Owing to the limited duration of the conference, substantive debate should take precedence over the systematic presentation of individual proposals.

For ease of referencing during the discussions, the secretariat will prepare a temporary document listing all the contributions with cross-references to the different items on the agenda. Member States are strongly encouraged not to submit new contributions during the conference. In the spirit of Resolution Rev. Busan,it is encouraged to limit the length of contributions.

In this regard, a contribution should not exceed five 5 pages, and should be submitted to the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau. In the case of a more detailed contribution that significantly exceeds the length limit, an executive summary should be submitted. Only the executive summary will be translated if submitted within the time limit. The detailed version of the contribution will only be available in the original language.

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This new policy entered into force on a provisional basis on 1 January pending final approval by the Plenipotentiary Conference in Submitters of information to ITU conferences, assemblies and meetings have the responsibility to notify the ITU secretariat if a document, or portion thereof, contains information falling into any of the categories listed in the policy or is otherwise sensitive.

In those cases, submitters are encouraged to provide a redacted version for public access whenever possible. Restricted information shall remain restricted until it no longer meets the criteria listed in the policy, or until the submitter notifies ITU that it may be made publicly available.

Member States and Sector Members are kindly requested to give careful attention to the initial preparation of contributions so as to avoid revisions to documents. All participants requiring a visa to enter Argentina are requested to apply for a visa before 22 September All participants are advised to check on the following link to find out if they require a visa or not:.

If you require a visa, you should contact the Argentinian Representation in your country. All countries are listed on this link in Spanish.

Please click on your country to find the Argentinian Representation that you need to contact to obtain a visa. The e-mail address to use in submitting your visa request is also provided on this link.

If your country does not have an Argentinian Representation, you have to contact the Representation given for your country or any other Argentinian Representation on the following link so that you can be issued an electronic visa:. A duly completed visa application form provided by the Argentinian Representation.

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A letter from your administration or entity confirming your accreditation to WTDC signed by a duly authorized officer. Any other documentation requested by the Argentinian Representation.

Note: Please note that a visa cannot be obtained through the ITU secretariat. However, ITU can assist by transmitting your passport number to the Argentinian Authorities to facilitate the visa process.

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This information will then be communicated to the Argentinian Authorities. If you have already registered and did not complete this section, please send your passport number directly to the following e-mail address: RegistrationWTDC itu. Buenos Aires is a pulsating cosmopolitan city and a place of many passions.

The combination of rich architectural and cultural heritage, modern creative energy, unique traditions, a vibrant arts scene, extensive parks and open spaces, and warm, friendly people makes it one of the world's most exciting capitals.

Buenos Aires is a safe city, but like with any large metropolis, petty crime and theft do exist, and visitors should always take precautions, particularly in tourist hot spots and crowded places.

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We recommend that you keep your belongings with you at all times, take licensed taxis, make sure your bags or rucksacks are kept closed, stick to well-lit streets in the evenings and keep bling to a minimum. Special rates have been negotiated for WTDC participants with the hotels listed in the table below.

Participants should book their own accommodation directly using the e-mail addresses provided in this table. Please remember to include the code WTDC in your reservation in order to obtain the special rates. All reservations require a credit card number. You will get a confirmation message once your reservation has been accepted by the hotel.

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In case you are unable to attend the conference, the reservation must be cancelled well in advance. Reservations: Paula. Reservations: reservas esplendorbuenosaires. Reservations: reservas dazzlermaipu. Reservations: reservas dazzlersanmartin.

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Reservations: reservas. Reservations: reservas panamericano.


Reservations: reservas execolon. Reservations: reservas nogarohotel. Reservations: reservas dazzlersantelmo.

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You can read more about how to disable cookies in your browser, and about the IT University's use of cookies here. Accept cookies. Please note that the documents from before are only available in Danish. However, the National Broad Plan, which sets the target of 30 per cent penetration by next year, would always feature in the event, as it requires a massive injection of capital.

And in this plan, there is important role assigned to the Nigerian Communications Commission again to ensure deployment of broadband infrastructure. The attraction of the provisions of this plan is that, you have incentives for investors including 30 percent reduction in company income tax plus a list of other incentive waivers of import duty for the importation of infrastructure equipment and so on and so forth.

Speaking further, the EVC said as soon as they arrived at Asian country, he and other notable delegations hit the ground running, spreading the glad tidings about the remarkable change taking place in Nigeria.

But investors want to be assured about the safety of their investment. And this was what dominated the discussion at the investment forum session of the country. Banks are not competent to run telecom companies, they should concentrate their efforts on making the financial sector more robust, which I believe they are doing.

I have no doubt about it. Nigerians are on the payroll of the company.

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