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Kensi refuses to let Deeks shut her out after his rescue leading them to a relationship. Will feature the entire team and some original characters. Authors notes. I was asked to write this story by a very good friend of mine who is fighting a very serious illness. To keep her mind off things she is giving my prompts, ideas and events she wants to see. I in turn get to turn her idea into a story.

It is said that he eventually Left her without even telling Her.

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She is even shown Crying in the Interrogation Room to the Suspect. Kensi asks Hetty if she can stay with Deeks in the Hospital rather than assist in the Investigation of his Shooting, as she didn't want to risk not seeing him alive again, as had happened with Dom.

Deeks is also a flirter and he has demonstrated some interest in Kensi on a Personal Level. Deeks showed Jealousy, as Noted by Callen and Sam. During some Episodes, though, Kensi appears slightly Jealous when Deeks flirts with other women or when they come across someone he once had feelings for while Undercover.

Over time it becomes obvious that Kensi is Developing feelings for Deeksthough she often hides them. This Event appears to have Scarred her Emotionally, although she has never gone into details as to the Events that took place while on the Streets. In Episode: Blye, K. She was 24 Years Old at the time. Kensi also has an Affinity for Dubstep and Techno Music.

Anyway The Wind Blows "Come on Kensi, it's one drink. Take a chance for once, live a little!" Deeks was pushing her buttons a little at a time. The smirk on his face let her know that he was out to get her. "Fine, Deeks. Fine. I will go have a drink with you." Kensi brought herself to her feet and threw her brown leather bag over her shoulder. Feb 09,   In exploring a new side of Kensi, Ruah says she drew from her own experience with her now-husband, David Olsen (Eric's older brother, who sometimes acts as a stunt double on the set of NCIS: LA. - | unleash TV Shows NCIS: Los Angeles. Follow/Fav Changes. By: Lexa Kenzie. Kensi and Deeks deal with the aftermath of his torture while realizing thier thing is more important to them then they ever realized. Will have the entire team as well as an oc. Written for a very good friend of mine. That night Kensi talked Deeks into.

Deeks mentions it early on in Season Three and she is found listening to it while undercover in Season Three the Episode: Neighborhood Watch. Kensi seems uptight and tries to avoid Answering the Question. Monica then goes on to tell her that he can't be Trusted; Kensi Defends Deeks by saying "I trust him with everything".

Later Kensi goes to talk to Deeks and he asks her if she is good. She replies by saying she is good and asks Deeks the Same Question.

Ncis la fanfiction kensi and deeks dating

He replies by saying "I'm good if you're good". Three by rk reviews Three times that Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye hit the sheets and the resulting fall-out.

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Non-graphic adult situations and language. Will be a three-parter.

Kensi Blye

Interrupted by ssu04 reviews Deeks tries to help Kensi deal with their last case, as they begin to grow closer during a new one. Truth by gf7 reviews Post 2X12 - Kensi and Deeks go out for drinks after the case wraps up, and end up having to deal with the unique nature of their partnership. Closer by annaliesegrace reviews A series of events that bring Kensi and Deeks closer.

"It's the heart that really matters in the end." Stuck on the USS Van Buren for Christmas, Kensi surprises Deeks by not being depressed, and Deeks surprises himself by not being bothered as she dances with other men. And both Kensi and Deeks learn a thing or two about enjoying the good things in life, including a night sky and each other. After years of being NCIS partners, Kensi and Deeks finally admitted their true feelings for each other. Check out the best Densi moments. NCIS: Los Angeles: Deeks and Kensi Author: Carla Day. A/N: I know I said that I was writing a Neric story, which I am, but this popped into my head and wouldn't go away, which believe me was annoying when I was writing my other thefoodlumscatering.coms, this is a story about Kensi and Deeks! I hope you enjoy it.-Lily. Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS:LA or the characters, but I do own the plot.

Rated for themes, nothing explicit. Chapter 8 is rated M. Missing scene for 2x New Traditions by Jessica reviews They could both use some new Christmas traditions. Post 2x The space beside me was empty. Sleep by gf7 reviews Post 2x11 Disorder: In the aftermath of Kensi's head injury, Deeks doesn't want her to be alone.

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Bonds by ds9jullian reviews My take on what could possibly happen post 02x I Trust You by fanatic reviews Deeks goes to see Kensi the night of the explosion. How have things changed? Fairly fluffy, but please review!

Kensi Blye

And then all of a sudden, they threw us this curveball. I'm very curious to see where they're going to take this and what obstacles they're going to throw in our way, because they have to.

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They have to throw some sort of obstacle, because it can't just be smooth from now on. It can't. Even I'm excited to see where this is going to go.

NCIS: Los Angeles 7x18 Densi Scenes - Deeks in the Shower

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Wined and Dined. Summary: Something Deeks said as he was saying 'good-bye' to the team. NCIS: LA is not mine, but I love them anyway. It was a week before Kensi realized something. The team was looking over cold cases for awhile as they dealt with all the things stirred up by the undercover op, when she piped up. "You guys really think.

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