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Clarke and Bellamy had been dating for three weeks now and decided to tell Abby. Clarke smiled forcedly and patted her mom's back as she pulled away. She went to her quarters and found Bellamy. They're relationship however was fake. They were just friends but Abby, her homophobic mother had been nagging her to get a boyfriend. So she and Bellamy had come up with a cover plan.

They sat on the ground, leaning against a rock, Lexa's arms around Clarke and Clarke's head on Lexa's shoulder, both of them looking into the flames.

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I think the Sky People trust me more and Raven seems to like me now. Abby and I didn't argue once" Lexa answered. None of them told I didn't belong there". Lexa kissed the top of Clarkes head, prompting Clarke to turn in Lexa's embrace, wrap her arms around Lexa's neck and kiss her softly on the lips for several minutes, before they had to part for air.

It makes me happy, you make me happy" Lexa told her. Clarke leaned in and kissed her again, pushing her down on her back as she did. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows A series of one-shots for the The Femslash February Challenge. Clarke and Lexa get locked in a cell in the exodus because they've been fighting. I will not be ating this story, at least not any time soon, as I am currently working on a multi-chapter Clarklexa fic.

Indra left the tent again. Clarke and Lexa Swap Roles 2.

relationship: clarke and lexa

When the Xamalts Invaded 3. Soulmates Reunite 4. So Much for My Happy Ending 5. Who Are You? Every teenager has had ups and downs.

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Relationships are hard. Family is hard. With a whole life ahead of her, Clarke thought she was starting to figure it out, doing what her mom wanted with her dad's support.

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But her Junior Year throws her more than one curve ball that she wasn't prepared for. She loses some, wins some, but has to find a way to always carry on. Hope you guys like the story. Planning for this to be a long one so buckle up! She wanders alone in the woods, facing her demons. She doesn't deserve to live, but she not ready to die. At least, not yet.

However, fate has different plans. Roan kom Azgeda captures her, and brings her before the one person that she had never wanted to see again. She sits on her throne, commanding an army she did not ask for, worrying over problems that should have never existed in the first place.


She decides to take the matters into her own hands. No longer will fate control her. She will find Clarke one way or another, even if she cannot leave Polis. It takes Clarke and Lexa far too long to realize that under the light of dawn, red and black aren't so different. Lexa just wants to relax on her off-day.

After dealing with fans and the press, she deserve a break. Of course, a fucking strange creature won't allow that. Even Clarke has to get invovled. Story starts after 2x Klark defeats the mountain and returns home to Arkadia.

Clarke and lexa fake dating fanfiction

She becomes the leader of the Skaikru. When trouble arises Klark needs to put the needs of her people once again before her own. When it becomes clear that the only way to save her people is to bond with the person she was hoping would stay far away.

They manage to make peace by sacrificing Finn and having a funeral pyre in the village.

Lexa and Clarke headed in the opposite direction to their bunker and stayed there for the night, catching up with each other. The next day Clarke went back to Camp Jaha with Lexa and they told Clarke's friends about them. Lexa got to know Clarke's friends better but was slightly uncomfortable around them. relationship: clarke and lexa Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. clexa clexa - clexa fanart inspiration Clarke and Lexa love clarke griffin commander lexa pencil drawing my art Ok so maybe I've read too many clexa fanfics with a happy ending for Clarke and Lexa. Clarke Griffin/Lexa (The ) Clexa relationship - Relationship. Lincoln (The ) Indra (The ) Charlotte (The ) others - Character. Long Distance Relationship. Clarke is the sweetest to Lexa. Lexa is just so busy all the time. Sofia is the best. Clarke and Lincoln are best bros. Lexa and Echo are best friends. Not really though.

As the two leaders got to know each other through the alliance of clans, they agreed to start meeting up everyday alone in the woods. The first time they did, they met up in the middle of nowhere just out in the trees.

Dating lexa - Join the leader in online dating services and find a date today. Join and search! If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. The Clarke/Lexa - - The missile has destroyed ton Dc what will Clarke and lexa do now that their is even more blood on their hands? This will lead into clexa #abby #bellamy #clarke #griffin #grounders #jaha #lexa #marcus #men #mountain #mountweather #raven #theseason2 #the47 #tondcReviews: 9. - | unleash Clarke and Lexa were sitting in Lexa's throne tent early in the morning, before the sunrise and were trying to think of a way to get their people to trust the other's leader. "I think your people would trust me more if l knew what it's like to be a Sky person" Lexa said.

Clarke sat on a log and waited for Lexa to arrive. Suddenly hands covered her eyes and a deep voice asked, "Guess who? They laughed together feeling the weight of leadership leaving their shoulders.

Clarke & Lexa - Living on a fault line - Divorce AU

They enjoyed their peacefull surroundings and took comfort in each other's presence. They walked off in a random direction neither of them knowing where they were going. They eventually found an underground bunker no one had found before and claimed it as theirs. They went inside to investigate and found bunk beds and supplies. There was even paper and art supplies, games and cards and magazines. They sat down on a bed with some paper and a pencil.

They stared at each other while drawing and only looked at their drawings when they were done. Both of the drawings looked ridiculous and they laughed together again. They lay back on the bed, still giggling softly until they made eye contact and the atmosphere changed.

They slowly leaned in, giving the other time to move away if they wanted, and pressed their lips together in a chaste kiss. When they parted they were both blushing. Clarke smiled back at her. They leaned in for another kiss, Lexa's hand coming up to caress Clarke's cheek. Clarke licked Lexas bottom lip begging for entrance and was granted it. They explored each other's mouths and entangled their tongues together moaning at the friction. They parted when they needed oxygen and rested their foreheads together.

Meeting up in secret had been a great plan. They kissed again more hungrily this time hands exploring bodies and moans sounding out between them. They stayed there until Clarke's radio crackled to life and Bellamy's voice came through it. Clarke pulled away from lexa with a disappointed groan. She doesn't accept gay people" Clarke explained.

Fan Fiction Friday: 7 Clarke/Lexa Stories To Force You Into The Clarke/Lexa Plot: It's a Neighbors fake-dating AU! If Clarke and Lexa end up in an AU Coffeeshop, it is often called. Fake dating you. by Hawkkitty44 "I am assuming you did not get in the text that l would be a woman too?" of course this seemed to annoy Lexa as she turned to the man. "Lincoln l thought you would have let her know this fact". a series of moments between clarke and lexa over their time as roommates aka " ways to say 'i love you'" clexa style. told in the form of a story but most can probably also be read as a .

I want to tell the whole world that I like this really amazing woman and she likes me back but I don't know what she'd do if I did". I get why you haven't told her, you don't want to dissapoint your mom or have her hate you. But I don't get how she can be against it. No one in my clan is like that" Lexa told her a sad smile gracing her lips. They just are" Clarke replied kissing Lexa one last time before getting up and leaving the bunker. Every day for the next six months they met up at that bunker and spent time together, really getting to know each other outside of their leadership roles.

It was good and they were happy, but one day without knowing it Clarke was followed out to the bunker. When she got there Lexa was already waiting by the entrance. As soon as Clarke got close enough she kissed Lexa lovingly. Clarke and Lexa separated instantly and Clarke looked upset and scared at the interruption. She was worried about what her mom would do. Lexa went for the dagger at her hip, but Clarke stopped her with a hand on her arm. It'll just make the situation worse" Clarke told Lexa.

Abby grabbed Clarke painfully tight by the wrist, causing her to wince. Abby sighed and moved away a few feet to let them have their goodbye. Clarke turned to Lexa and kissed her passionately.

Clarke shook her head, eyes filling with tears. This isn't a goodbye forever. Keep this radio with you, I'll contact you when I can" Clarke told her, giving her the radio she normally used to know when she had to leave. Clarke hugged Lexa to her tightly. They kissed one last time before Clarke turned away from her lover and walked to her mom. Clarke cried all the way back to Camp Jaha, it hurt her so much leaving Lexa there in the woods but she had to.

Her mom was furious. Abby led her to Clarke's quarters and Clarke sat on her bed.

Before Lexa cared about Clarke, there was Costia, the determined warrior from Tondc. Follow her adventure as she faces jealous rivals, the dreaded Ice Nation, and the struggle that comes with earning Lexa's respect and eventually, her heart. (I do not own any of .

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