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You can find her name and contact info on the community's website. You can also contact the Vocations Office in your diocese. They have tons of info to help you discern and find a community that "fits" for you. To find your diocese's vocation office, consult the U. Catholic Bishops' directory of dioceses. They also have a very innovative and helpful online Vocation Match feature.

The Vocation Director is a member of the community that you are considering joining.

Mar 30,   Why Giving Up On Dating Is Actually The Best Way To Improve Your Love Life. "give zero f*cks" about our dating lives, meeting men and . It's an exciting time that's rife with self-discovery. But let's be serious - it just doesn't cater well to dating. And that's okay. We have our whole lives. We may need to give the whole search-for-a-serious-relationship thing a break for the next couple years. Apr 27,   15 reasons to give up on dating and become a nun Yvette Caster Monday 27 Apr pm Share this article via facebook Share .

Her job is to help you get to know the community and to help the community get to know you. She'll be the one that leads you through all the formal steps of becoming a nun within that particular religious community.

While you are relating with the vocation director, you are not under any obligation to stay with that community. You may decide to look into other communities or to date someone. Don't be afraid to do this.


Explore and experience the things you need to in order to find out if religious life with a particular community is for you. Vocation directors are very understanding of this and know that it is a normal part of discerning. As you come to your own sense of commitment to becoming a nun, you'll grow in your own sense of wanting to be committed to this particular community.

That's when you move toward "breaking up" with other communities you've looked into or with the person you've been dating. You'll know when the time is right.

When you and the vocation director are ready to officially move forward with your desire to join the community, you'll probably move more into working on the formal steps for joining the community:. The vocation director will lead you through all of these things and is there as your advocate. She's there to encourage you, challenge you, and pray with you.

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Although she is the official link to the community, you are encouraged to befriend others in the community. Once you and the community have discerned that yes, in fact, God is calling you to one another, you go through the formal steps of joining. These include:. If you are not Catholic, there are other forms of religious life in Christian communities that are not exclusively Catholic e.

15 reasons to give up on dating and become a nun

If you wish to become a Catholic, talk with a pastor at a local Catholic parish. You cannot be currently married in the eyes of the Church.

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If you are, you must obtain an annulment in order to consider becoming a nun. Widows may validly become nuns. There are many women who have children who become nuns.

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The children, however, must no longer be dependent. Novitiate is usually a year or two into the formal process of becoming a nun. If you do have debts, work to eliminate them. Don't stop looking into a religious community because of a student loan or something similar.

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Talk with the vocation director about how to proceed. It's important that you be physically and psychologically able to engage in the mission of the religious community. However "healthy" is a relative term and doesn't automatically exclude people with managed illnesses or disabilities.

This is an important thing to discuss with the vocation director. Although the age limit used to be confined tocommunities accept women up to age 40, and many accept women beyond their 40s and into their 50s.

If you are in the higher range of age, don't be discouraged from pursuing religious life. Often this is addressed on a person-by-person basis. A college degree is not an absolute prerequisite; however, many religious communities do encourage that you have at least a bachelor's degree prior to entering. Professional experience not necessarily a full-fledged career, though that is welcomed too is also encouraged prior to entering.

No gift is too small. Please donate today! Thank You! View the discussion thread. How to Become a Nun. Pray The most important place to begin is to pray or continue praying about this call you sense. How would you respond? What words is God speaking to you? Meet Nuns Do you know any real nuns?

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What are some ways you can do nun surveillance or interact with nuns? Talk with a Mentor There's nothing like saying something out loud to make it really real! Contact a Religious Community You'll know when it's the right time for you to move from learning about nuns and religious life to formally exploring religious life with a specific community.

Some things that you might do as you work with a vocation director: meet regularly in person or by phone attend a vocation retreat with other women that the vocation director is working with go to the sisters' community events such as Mass, particular meetings or workshops just for the sisters, etc.

10 Reasons To Give Up Dating And Become A Nun

Join the Community Once you and the community have discerned that yes, in fact, God is calling you to one another, you go through the formal steps of joining. You must be a Catholic woman. You must be single. You must not have any dependent children.

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You must not have any debts upon entrance to the novitiate. You must be healthy. Yet, by golly, it does. After some major resisting, running, and denial, I was able to freely choose this life, knowing that it is the best way I can be me and serve God and the world. No gift is too small. Please donate today! Thank You!

This is one of the main reasons why men often express the idea that you shouldn't ask women for dating advice, because there are so many variables. If you come across a woman you're interested in you have to make a decision for yourself whether or not it's worth the risk, and many times it is (except maybe at the gym. Mar 22,   How to Become a Nun. The decision to join the religious life as a nun, or sister, requires prayer, research and discerning if God is calling you to this extraordinary vocation. Nuns make up an incredibly respectable and admirable group of 88%. Gave up dating many years ago., but FB /FWB continues, no emotional involvement with any woman. I focus on myself, my career and saving money. If you have money & big bank account, no woman will.

I am kind of in the running, resisting and denial stage How did you handle telling your family and friends? Hi Katie, Thanks for the question. For me, I waited a bit until I was more sure about becoming a nun. I knew family and friends would have a lot of questions and random comments and I wanted to feel more grounded myself so I could respond.

Being a nun is more of a way of life than it is a career. I think of a career as something that at the end of the day or week, I can come home and do my ordinary stuff. I'm "off duty" so to speak. Just like being married is not a career, being a nun is not . As you move towards checking out a religious community, check in with vocation director who can give you specifics about how that particular community goes about the steps for becoming a nun. Also, be sure to check out the "Prerequisites for Becoming a Catholic Sister .

It helped thought to have someone to talk to - my spiritual director, friends in my prayer group. BTW check out Ask Sister episode which included telling people that you want to become a nun. Hope it helps! Although I am not a sister yetI totally understand your situation. From what I have experienced, it is different for every woman who discerns religious life and also for every man who discerns the priesthood.

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However, my family is not so supportive. To them, being Catholic means to be baptized, attend church most Sundays as well as Christmas and Easter, have a Catholic wedding to another Catholic, and have a Catholic funeral when you die. No more, no less. My mom does know, and at first thought it was just a phase I was going through. Cecilia who I am called to join. With more time and prayer, I know she will have a change of heart. After all, imagine how the families and friends of the Apostles felt when they gave up their lives to wander around with a homeless carpenter who was perceived as a Jewish heretic.

Our Blessed Mother understands better than anyone else what it means to be in this situation. When she conceived of Jesus, she was in danger of death if anyone discovered her pregnancy, but she remained faithful and accepted her role as a servant of the Lord.

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If you ask her to intercede for you, she will bless you and lead you even closer to her Son. Hi Marissa! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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